6 boys meet their baby sister

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6 boys meet their baby sister

Our 3-year-old Miles couldn't have been more excited to meet his baby sister Vivian. He wanted We love when a new sibling enters the family. –Colette Mosio. 6 of 54 Our year-old little boy Taedum, meeting his baby brother, Beckham!. But it can be an emotionally rough road to become a big brother or sister If she whines that she wants you to pick her up but you're nursing the baby, tell a toddler who sees Mommy off to the hospital, meets the baby for the first time, . Tina Fey's daughter Alice was almost 6 when the family welcomed baby Penelope. Cher and Stephen Lair had six boys until now - and the brothers' reaction to their new sister will melt your heart.

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To help your child adjust to her new daily life, plan ahead while you're pregnant. And Daddy should be sure to say how excited he is to have a turn with morning time. If the baby will be sleeping in your older child's cribget him a toddler bed months before the baby arrives or get another crib. It's also important to avoid blaming the baby for any negative changes in the house -- that's a recipe for resentment. A comforting mom makes sure that there is enough room on her lap for Michael, his beloved toys, and -- when she cries -- his new sister.

This lift-the-flap book teaches future big brothers and sisters about all that babies are capable of and how older siblings should be proud of their own accomplishments.

Lair Gender Reveal & Lair Brothers Meet Sister - video dailymotion

Pinterest Big Kid Age: So if the baby spits up on her, it's easier to explain that he didn't do it on purpose.

And if the baby gets into her toys, you can help her put away her favorites so the baby can't reach them. Toys that are a choking hazard must always be kept out of reach. Kids in this age group have better coping skills, not to mention the ability to take turns or wait longer for a snack or a story. They also have more of a life of their own, between school, playdates, and activities. Your child's world is widening and she isn't so reliant on you to be her everything.

Helping Your Firstborn Adjust to New Siblings

That said, you're still the person to whom she's most attached; if she's not getting the attention she needs from you, she may fear she's being left behind and act up. How to handle it "One-on-one time with your older child is the best antidote to her fear of abandonment," says Dr. Even if it's just a trip to the grocery store, invite her to join you and leave the baby home with your partner if possible.

And when the baby does things that might drive your older child nuts, be her advocate: Replace her torn book; let her shut out the wailing by listening to a soothing song on your phone.

6 boys meet their baby sister

Say, "I know this is hard. Let's take a deep breath together. A charming, straightforward book that covers "wacky" baby hair, hospital bracelets, and the bottom line that eating pizza is a privilege that's only for older kids.

6 boys meet their baby sister

Julius, the Baby of the World, by Kevin Henkes. Lilly doesn't try to hide her jealousy as she tells her baby brother, Julius, that if he were a food he'd be a raisin and if he were a number he'd be 0. But Lilly's loyalty awakens when a cousin insults the baby. The challenge is to get them to express any jealousy that may lead to obnoxious behavior such as defiance, back talk, or an overt disregard of the baby.

How to handle it When my children were this age, my secret weapon for getting them to open up was a ten-minute snuggle before bed. While my kids told me basically nothing in the car on the ride home from school starting in first grade, they'd tell me a whole lot at 8: Walfish recommends asking your child to remember what it was like to be the only child in the family and what's different about life now.

Big-Sibling Blues

You might ask what's hard and what's fun about the baby. If he lets on that he's feeling jealous, reassure him of your love and ask if there's something you can do to help. How much detail do you provide about the pregnancy without overwhelming the child? People want to know when they should tell their child that they are going to be having a new baby brother or sister.

You want to be careful not to build up the ability of the new baby to be a playmate and to satisfy the needs of the other child. There is another thing that parents would benefit from doing. If dad and the first-born have already carved out extra time and have some special things that they are doing together on a regular basis, it will lessen the shock when baby number two is born. What are some ways to defuse jealousy and rivalry once the baby has arrived home?

First of all, every child is different and jealousy is different amongst children. For some children, the jealousy will be immediate. In fact, sometimes the jealousy is toward the unborn child and the older child will make it very clear that she is not looking forward to the baby at all, she wants it to go away.

Sometimes jealousy rears its head when the baby starts to smile and becomes more interactive and the adults are cooing and making nice over the baby. Some children will not exhibit signs of insecurity or jealousy for several months because the new baby is sleeping or being quiet. The best thing is for mom and dad to make special one-on-one time everyday, maybe even twice a day, for the oldest child that is sacrosanct, especially if that child is exhibiting insecurity early on.

They need to ensure that those special times continue after the new baby arrives.

6 boys meet their baby sister

This is especially true if there are no grandparents in the picture. They want to be recognized for who they were before the baby arrived. Another simple thing you can do is if you intend to move the first child out of the crib into a bed, you want to do that a good couple of months ahead of time before the baby arrives.

You want the child to understand that the new bed is a great place to be and that they are not being shoved out of their favourite spot to a big, strange bed. They need time to adjust. How do you deal with a child who act outs with a new baby in the family regresses, throws tantrums, etc.

This is the way I look at tantrums: They need to be taken to a quiet place and allowed to calm down. There should be no discipline during the tantrum.

What they need from you is to be calm and offer comfort and understanding. At some point, it may not be for awhile, you can talk to her — if she is old enough — about what she was feeling at the time of the tantrum.