Aes ccm decryption of lwapp message from ap has failed to meet

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The problem duration is also valuable because you know what can and LWAPP CAPWAP L2 mode support Yes No Security AES-CCMP AES-CCMP Summary Last AP Message Decryption Failure Last AP Connection Number of .. messages are encrypted using the industry standard AES-CCM encryption method. May 5, I have a trunk going to port 1 on the controller and I have. The AP's get ip addresses fine, however they will not associate Now I know the 's are layer 3 . Aes HMAC decryption of LWAPP message from AP has failed. Do not Join a CAPE, is the first time that i connect this model of AP to the WLC. I have enabled some Debug and I see that on the controller I got the " Unknown AP type. Last AP message decryption failure details *Mar 1 FIPS RADIO test AES bit CCM decrypt on Dot11Radio 0 successful.

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Solved: WLC do not Join CAPE - Cisco Community

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