Alameda swap meet la ca

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alameda swap meet la ca

Since , El Faro Plaza has become Los Angeles's premiere indoor market, featuring over vendors, crafters, artists from all over the world, a true mix of. 3) I recommend bringing at least $20 in CA$H in case you want to buy any items in According to LA Weekly, Alameda Swap Meet serves the best churros in. El Diablo - S Alameda St, Los Angeles, California - Rated here from the unofficial Page: EN EL SWAPMEET DE LA ALAMEDASwap Meet Alameda - El Diablo Restaurante #ElDiablo #Mexican #Food #LosAngeles.

The entrance at el Swapmeet. Most Mexican candies are dried fruits seasoned with chile and salt.

Why I Long for El Swapmeet de la Alameda | Glimpses | Zócalo Public Square

Others are cajeta lollipops, coco bars in traditional Mexican flag colors, and more. A vendor in el Swapmeet removes the prick from a nopal, the prickly pear fruit. A vendor prepares the churros by adding cinnamon sugar.

Alameda swap meet

A banda plays next to the Virgin de Guadalupe. Agua fresca is popular in el Swapmeet. From left to right, the flavors are: A crowd eats seafood under a tiki-style canopy.

alameda swap meet la ca

A wall next to el Swapmeet has been tagged, a major issue for local property owners. I miss how the smell of churros—cinnamon, brown sugar, and baked dough—used to make my mouth water as we passed by the lady who sold them three for a dollar. I loved how the Spanish music mixed with the booming sounds of voices speaking more Spanish deep in my eardrums.

Alameda Swap Meet

These candies were at the level of my head when I was a little kid. And when we would go to the area where my father bought ingredients for the tamales he made and sold, I appreciated the smell of fresh fruits and vegetables, and the look of stands filled with greens from nopales, green peppers, cilantro. El Swapmeet is less than two miles from downtown L. During the weekend, it fills with people from the afternoon to the evening.

Street vendors sell food outside, and vendors sell more food inside to locals and to people of all backgrounds who come from different parts of Los Angeles. Bandas play rancheras, baladas, and cumbias onstage outside in the sun, and crowds form to listen and dance. Food stalls offer all types of prepared foods from Mexican to Salvadorian dishes and one of the best ways to end a meal here is with churros from Churros Jalisco. These freshly fried curved gems are warm and newly coated in a mixture of sugar and cinnamon.

These churros are light and crisp and the sugar dust adds just a touch of sweetness to the freshly fried sticks. There are plenty To see and do which makes a trip to Alameda Swap Meet a great adventure for the entire family.

Stacks of cheese stuffed pupusas. Restaurant sized cooking vessels are available for those interested in cooking for large crowds. Large natural sea sponges can be purchased and used in any shower routine to scrub off dead skin, leaving us silky soft. Directly across the street is El Faro Plaza, another swap meet that is more of an extension of Alameda Swap Meet than a competition. A large open food court has numerous vendors selling tacos, burritos and Latin fare.

alameda swap meet la ca

Aside from the abundant meal options, snacks in numerous forms can be found at every turn. The snacking tradition continues with freshly grilled corn on the cob, be sure to keep an eye out for new taste options as they pop up on your exploration.

The shopping continues on the El Faro Swap Meet side where beautiful cowboy boots and hats of every color and style are displayed. On weekends a petting zoo and pony rides are offered for little ones.