Amca super meet in rhinebeck ny

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amca super meet in rhinebeck ny

Rhinebeck, NY - Grand National Super meet AMCA - June Both of these shows will be running simultaneously with the Motorcycle Meet, so, there will. The Rhinebeck Meet. As it has been in the past, this year's event will once again be held on Father's Day weekend: ​. June 15th & June 16th, ​. Rhinebeck , the AMCA Nationa Rhinebeck Grand National Super Meet in Rhinebeck, NY / Craft ShowsCraft Shows, Arts and Craft, .

amca super meet in rhinebeck ny

That said this is still a very good collection of photographs of a unique event. This is my favorite Daytona Motorcycle Week event by far. No big crowds here but lots of great bikes. There is always a new batch of interesting motorcycles up for auction inside. There is an equally interesting batch of motorcycles on display outside plus there is another great group of bikes ridden in by visitors and parked in the field opposite Edmunds Hall.

amca super meet in rhinebeck ny

And last of all there is a nice swap meet behind the Edmunds center with parts and bikes for sale. This year started on March 5th Thu and ended with the auction on March 7th. I arrived by car early on the morning of March 5th and photographed all day.

Events at The Fairgrounds

I ended up with over photographs. It was restarted in Italy in The first year it was held in upstate NY and since then somewhere in Vermont during September. Interestingly in the Italian Motogiro organization held a Motogiro road run in California. So this style event with small vintage motorcycles seems to be a growing trend. A low average speed is set between check points so it is not a speed race. At the start and midpoint and end of each days run a short course of traffic cones is set up and each rider tries to traverse the course in set number of seconds.

For those who like small vintage motorcycles it is a real treat to see so many small vintage motorcycles on the road. There is no cost to show up at these events and watch. Early May is usually cool at the Plattekill Ski Area.

There is a small fee for camping and about the only other people you will see are bicycle riders getting a lift to the top of the mountain for a ride down. I ended up with about photographs. For most of the motorcycles present I was able to get a full 16 view set of photos showing lots of detail. Look Park is a large public park in Florence and there is ample room to set up a long row of vintage bikes. Most bikes are ridden in and some are trailered in. They are all lined up for a display of mostly vintage Japanese motorcycles but a few other interesting makes too.

There is food provided and interesting conversation. For those who like vintage Japanese motorcycles this is a fun meet and the only cost is the park admission. There was a constant coming and going of bikes all day and I got over photos by the time I headed home. They were friendly places where you could just visit as well as buy something or get your bike worked on.

Anywhere in Vermont is pretty much in the country and so it is with Pittsford Vermont just north of Rutland and not far from the New York border. Lloyd Proven had a motorcycle shop there since and worked on Triumphs and Nortons and BMWs and probably most anything else you could find in the area. He died in and his son Bud held an open house on Saturday May 24th so friends and customers could visit the shop and see it like it was and pay tribute to Lloyd.

There was a nice gathering and free food at the open house. I photographed most bikes that came by. I ended up with about photos. They also publish a nice quarterly bulletin and have an official booth at many motorcycle meets.

I was planning on spending all day Saturday at the meet but the weather was predicted to be poor on Saturday and I can not take good photographs in the rain. So I opted to ride over on my NSU Supermax miles on Friday afternoon and take photos until it was time to head home. There were some nice bikes there and I took photos before I had to leave.

For most of the motorcycles present I was able to take a full 16 view set of photos showing lots of detail. They specialize in airhead BMWs and usually have a number of them for sale at their shop across the road from the field where the swap meet is held. This is right on Vermont Route which is a treat to ride anytime on a motorcycle.

Camping is free if you want come early or stay late. BMWs are in the majority but there is always a good mixture of makes and years. My son rode along on the Honda CBF. The weather was warm and the road was fun. We enjoyed the sights and bought lunch and I took about photos of all the bikes there. There was nice camping right on the grounds for tents or RVs.

The emphasis is on antique motorcycles before Indians and Harleys are well represented but makes from all over the world are everywhere.

Rhinebeck Grand National Super Meet

One interesting display was the timeline of motorcycles parked by year covering the years to I was able to take a couple of photographs of almost every motorcycle parked in the display. For many motorcycles I was able to take a complete 16 photo set showing details from every view. This year the meet was held on August Fri-Sat. There was the good assortment of campers and day riders and vendors at the meet. Lots of old Harleys and Indians and a good mixture of many other old bikes.

Events included a bike show with judging and a group ride. The weather was pleasant up until Saturday afternoon when storms threatened. I had a logistical problem attending this meet.

I spotted the bike for sale at the Rhinebeck meet in June and made a down payment then. My truck and trailer were off the road so I had to ride the bike home and Hebron was a good place to pick up the bike.

I had to get there with my riding and camping gear and ride the bike home. It was summer and the weather was nice and the days long so this seemed like a reasonable plan. I arrived by bus in Willamantic around 6pm Friday afternoon but walking with all my gear was difficult and then painful. Bowls of snack food were everywhere.

A very pleasant welcome after the cool rainy ride through the mountains. We weren't there for long when a HUGE black bear came out of the woods to flirt with our friendly female member. Des watched through the window while saying she wanted to go and talk to him. This was the largest black bear that most of us had ever seen. He made himself comfortable under the bird feederabout yards away from the building looking romantically our way while he munched on the bird feed.

Night fell and the bear was there to stay. At one point he decided to run into the woods but came right back.

amca super meet in rhinebeck ny

There is no doubt that no human among us could ever out run that bear. While we were getting settled and munching on a variety of snacks, Bill Casey who took on the duties of head chef had begun preparing massive amounts of food for dinner. Burgers and dogs on the grill, salads, potato salad and plenty more including dessert. With the beermeister nearby it was a great way to end a perfect day. Saturday AM - once again Bill was in the kitchen cooking bacon, sausage, eggs of any style, toast, buns, muffins and of course juice and plenty of fresh coffee.

The day began in grand style and Rick Hill was at the breakfast table before 9 AM. We talked about possible destinations for a day ride but we decided to ride as a group meandering through the Catskill mountains and winding up again at Rhinebeck.

The roads were just perfect and the scenery couldn't be beat. I'm sorry for people who travel using super slabs to get from point A to point B. There is so much of this beautiful country they will never get to see and appreciate. When we arrived at the meet we displayed our Notons in the center of the exhibit field. This time the bikes lacked luster as the evening ride through the rain left grime in its normal locations all over the bikes.


Even so, our club's Norton were a sight to behold. No trailer queens among us. We met Bob Norum and Rich Casey who had ridden up alone and were spending time at the meet. Bill Shelton was selling off his merchandise at a table in the exhibition building. The crowd and foot traffic was light and vendors were eager to sell their goodies.

amca super meet in rhinebeck ny

A very good turnout for the DVNR. Ken Kopec and Bill Trent left from the meet to go home on Saturday. The rest of us stopped to eat in a restaurant along the route back to Clearyville. Upon returning to the Hunt Club we had time to chat and tell tales about our rides. Rich had told our group at lunch that he was riding up late Friday night and stopped to get directions at a bar. He was convinced that with the rain and dirt roads it would be foolish to go any further.

He was adopted by the bartender being fed and put up at his home for the night. Rich left in the AM to go directly to the Meet. Once we were all comfortable Pat conducted a short business meeting to review the Gathering and plan activities for the remainder of the Summer.