Ariana grande meet greet in paris

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ariana grande meet greet in paris

I have been waiting for 19 years to meet Britney, I spent the past 9 months working I bought a Meet & Greet pass, which allows to meet Britney before her concert . Ariana Grande contrôle l'Univers dans God Is A Woman. Ariana Grande Meet and Greet in Paris ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring home and home decor. Ariana Grande News added 40 new photos. May 15, ·. The Honeymoon Tour- Meet and Greet in Paris. Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling. +

Also, this neighborhood is unsafe so be careful out there. They waited till around 7: They were all hungry and cold, and despite a huge party barbeque going on in the tent beside their benches, they were offered nothing but a bottle of water the entire time.

Jen and the other MTV winner a young man of 16 who traveled across the entire country for this meeting were interviewed on camera by MTV to be broadcast at a later date. They were told what to say, almost word for word. I know Jen feared that if she refused to do this, she would not meet Ariana though she was not told that. After the bogus interview, Ariana was set to appear. First, she did an on-camera interview.

She then approached her fans without a smile — just an icy look as she toyed with her hair. She was surrounded by 8 to 10 assistants.

Ariana stood by, with a blank stare, as the rules came fast and furiously from a staffer: Give them to security and they will get them to her. You can take a selfie with her, but nothing else. The 16 year old boy had recorded a CD of beautiful violin cover versions of Ariana songs. It won the contest for him, and he wanted to present it to her. It was taken away by security. Ariana Grande, the superstar, then walked toward her three contest-winning fans.

She spent perhaps 15 seconds with each of them. That is not an exaggeration. They took an approved photo with her and that was it. Ariana gave that grin for each picture, but then it was gone again. She never bothered to even ask anyone their name.

What meeting Ariana Grande is REALLY like 😙🐰 Meet and Greet 2017!

No peace sign from Ari this time. Then Jen took out one of the drawings that won the contest for her. Kelly snapped a photo of her smiling little sister giving Ariana the drawing. The MTV reps on scene seemed startled, but at a loss for what to do. They were seated three rows from the back of the top balcony, possibly closer to the sun than the stage. I had told them to expect that, though.

The fact that one of the winners was somehow awarded better seats than the others, seated among industry insiders, and given wristbands for he and his guest for free food and drink during the show is a mystery that was not specified as a prize, and was likely just another MTV oversight — along with letting all the contest winners out of the car that brought them to the show in a Sizzler parking lot several blocks from the Forum.

They were told to hoof it to that same lot after the show, in their new outfits and shoes. Do you think that MTV might have offered to place the winners up close in the pit in front of the stage with hundreds of radio contest winners?

You know, to make up for the terrible meeting experience? Polite texts were sent to several MTV reps, and tweets to both Ariana and her mother, desperately asking for something to be done. Some type of re-do, or perhaps a meet n greet with some other, more fan-friendly, celebrity. It is understood that this was a meet n greet. Jen and Kelly have encountered many celebrities, just passing on the street, that have spent more time with them than Ariana did with her contest winners.

Every one of them kind and engaging.

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She asked Jen questions about herself and chatted about a variety of things. Jen tried to move along to give time to other fans, but Jennette actually called her back to talk more about her artwork.

Same with Miranda Cosgrove — a complete sweetheart. InJen and Kel received an opportunity to meet a superstar even more famous than Ariana Grande. They met Britney Spears. Wanna know how that went? Then Britney invited my wife and me to come in as well. We all took a bunch of pictures, from any angle, while Britney chatted with the girls, looked through pics of their memorabilia, happily personally accepted a gift bag they had brought for her, answered any questions they had, gave them each a signed copy of her CD which was released that dayand personally made sure that Jen and Kel could watch the live taping of TRL in the studio, even though they were both too young according to MTV policy.

ariana grande meet greet in paris

Neither Britney, or any member of her staff, ever asked to see any of the pictures we took. That is a true superstar who loves her fans. We did not expect Ms. Grande to be as gracious as Britney, but 15 seconds and a silent walk-off? We expected that Ryan would be there for an hour, maybe two, and that would be fine. They wanted to stay longer but I insisted that they had done more than enough and I was actually embarrassed at their kindness.

We met the entire cast after the show. They were all amazing and friendly. Ryan Ochoa and his family have become our friends now. We see them whenever they are in Vegas, and sometimes when we are in L. Grande to become friends with any of the contest winners, or to spend eight hours with them, or give them any type of tickets for anything.

Some might say she was having a bad day. I was there, like an idiot, waiting for Britney to finish chatting. She clearly seemed bored and upset.

Since I was not allowed to touch her, I awkwardly leaned towards her for the photo. I tried my best to look good on the picture! This is my dream to do it! It was like "Leave me alone you're bothering me, get out of here".

Ariana Grande: Sweetener World Tour

It was actually a nightmare. I did not even want to see the show to tell you the truth. I danced and enjoyed the begining of the show. I thought back to that horrible minute with her and that my idol made me CRY! It was very, very hard. My BFF hugged me, even though I do not like hugs.

ariana grande meet greet in paris

The worst case scenario that I could think of happened. We know that Britney Spears is bipolar, that she has good and bad days, she's human. She is rich enough, if she does not like meeting fans, it's OK. My heart is clearly broken forever. I have tickets for the 2nd show tonight but I do not even want to go.