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art campbell lake county meet 2013

After attending college, both Arthur II and Dan served their country for the Navy During this time, Arthur II and Dan had a genuine interest in the Lake Chelan Lodge 1 was redeveloped in , and more meeting space was added with the In , the Campbell family started a hospitality management company, the. Over representatives from colleges around the U.S. met with LFA second event for graduates from the Classes of to in downtown Chicago. .. Girls Cross Country @ Lake County Art Campbell Invite - Chase Silverman New Trier September 24, Micah Beller Niles Meet: Art Campbell Lake County Invitational. August 31,

I could not be more proud of them! Rod battles into the uphill finish Bradley battling in to the finish Sergio selects his award! By the end of the day the skies opened up and dumped rain on the awards ceremonies, but in between our ZeeBee men ran several fantastic races on a challenging course.

We had the benefit of training on this very course the previous weekend and the confidence gave our runners an edge, particularly in the final m in their kicks. The Varsity ran first, led again by Andrew who held on the top echelon pack to finish at 15th place overall Angel and Isaac came in at 26 Our Varsity finishes were rounded off by Lucas as our 4th Desmond, continuing to run through his arch pain, finished as our 6 Varsity finished at 7 of 13 teams, averaging This tops last year's Our JV ran next as temperatures slowly dropped and the winds picked up.

Daniel led with strength to finish in 19th place Jaime continued his trend of improvement to finish at 40th Zack ran one of the best races of his season, kicking hard and challenging himself to earn a Raijin followed not far behind Eduard finished a full 30 seconds over his previous best set at the Warren Tri no small feat, as these courses are nothing alike --nice work Eduard! The final race of the day was for our Frosh-Soph runners in dark skies and strong, cold winds.

The rapidly degrading weather conditions did not deter the collective excitement as our runners took the line. Sergio ran hard and kicked well in the final quarter mile to earn a 31st place finish Mikey continued his strong running performances with a K-Man, Bradley, and Rod packed it up well on the course, both running and finishing in close formation Ziqiao and Marek rounded off our F-S team Daniel Olvera was honored with our team's Sportsmanship Award during the awards ceremony!

Daniel's selfless devotion of his time, talents, and energies has helped drive our team at all levels this year; he truly embodies what it means to be a successful and team runner. Andrew, Angel, and Isaac received All-Conference honors, and our Varsity team is preparing to battle 8 other teams at Regionals this upcoming Saturday. This was a challenging Conference meet, but we collectively charted improvement over last year and continued our strong season.

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I am proud of what the team achieved. We must keep the focus and physical toughness to carry forward successful and continue our season. Andrew is top row, left. Isaac is bottom row 2nd from left and Angel is 5th from left, same row.

While the weather was about ten degrees warmer than last year with minimal wind, the ground at the Allstate campus was well-saturated from the week's rain.

Thus, the Varsity ran first. The Varsity averaged Andrew led our pack with a 17th place finish Lucas came in at just over 17 minutes, followed by Angel, Desmond, Isaac, and Kenneth. Varsity placed 10th out of a field of 20 teams. There were no teams that ran under minute averages.

All teams consistently run better, faster races than on the course at Wheeling. We had a large group in the Open race. By this time the sun had disappeared and the weather turned dark--conditions that excited the boys as the clouds threatened rain. Daniel led our pack with an 18th place finish on a field of runners! Sergio also earned a medal with a 27th place finish!

The boys ran well considering the conditions, placing 8th out of a field of 15 teams. There were some very nice kicks in this race, especially in the final m. This race is behind us, with lessons learned from the experience. We kicked well but will need to work on advancing on the other packs and use each one as a foothold to move forward. All teams on the field have been improving at a rate similar to us, but we will need to stay hungry in order to realize the greatness within us. Conference awaits--while it may be the last race of the season for some of us, the right mindset will make it our most competitive and memorable yet.

The weather was fair and the team excited to return to the flat course. We fielded twenty-four runners. The seniors were especially excited with their last tri meet of their careers and anxious to give it their best. The pre-race facts were balanced: We collectively ran our best times at Warren, including a solid 3rd place finish in the Blue Devil Invite, 2.

Warren had a faster top 5 than us running The gun went off. It immediately became apparent that, like our experience with Lake Zurich, we had less numbers and each of our runners had a small pack of competitors surrounding them.

Andrew established a narrow lead and fought off numerous hard advances by Macuiba and Shurson from Warren. Our collective energy seemed expended after the first mile, but our third mile picked up well. Warren succeeded in clinching 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 with Isaac firing up again for a Desmond, on his perpetually-aching foot, ran an awesome race to kick in as our fourth man at Kenneth ran sub for the first time in his career!

The middle of our pack performed admirably in this race. With plenty of Mundelein and Warren jerseys to reel in, there was no shortage of competition.

Sergio came in first for our freshmen Shemayah also ran for a PR, and then we had several packs working together all the way into the chute. K-Man, who started the season at Mikey rolled in beside him for a 7-second career best Marek anchored our crew with a great kick as well. We did, however, beat Mundelein. Our hard work on final m kicks shows, and putting so many PRs on the board this late in the season shows that our men are still improving and have not yet reached their peak performances.

Our Varsity pack has shuffled in this race and we need to work on cohesion and consistency. For some this was a fantastic race but we will need a renewed focus and more sub races if we are to run competitively with the increasing competition of Conference, Regionals, and beyond.

Our attitudes and fitness are in the right place, however, mental toughness and discipline will ultimately carry these races. I cannot wait to see what this entire team achieves together as we advance to our last invite at Wheeling on Saturday! Special thanks to Devon and Nate for their help with timing and logistics! Thank you also to our parents and supporters who came out to cheer us on!

This was one the team looked forward to with a mixture of excitement and apprehension—not only was this our final home meet but we were facing one of the toughest opponents of our season. We looked optimistically at the statistics: Lake Zurich has not lost a dual meet in five years.

We thrive as the underdog, and we are steadily improving. Our mental toughness peaked as we took the field Monday night. Our energy was high. Lake Zurich was an hour late. I asked the men to run with LZ—get out hard on Mile 1, advance hard on Mile 2 in the back woods, and kick hard on Mile 3. We had the mindset of bouncing back from Palatine and competing hard at our final home meet. We got out in excellent positions.

The Varsity pack took the lead in the first m and held it for the first m as LZ maintained their dense groups in a cautious yet persistent start. Isaac looked better than ever as our second man, with Dakota and Lucas interspersed between LZ packs and Desmond, Kenneth, and Angel holding together as our 5, 6, and 7.

art campbell lake county meet 2013

Sergio and Jaalen led the younger guys, all of which showed a determination and focus our team had collectively not seen this season. Perhaps most impressive were the final m kicks to the finish. Isaac gave an equally impressive effort to shake off his two opponents and finish in 5th place with a sub finish only two seconds off his PR!

Kenneth ran a big race to finish as our 6th man and with a huge PR Edward dropped nearly two whole minutes for another outstanding accomplishment!

Each ZB runner battled two or three LZs into the chute.

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While some of these very personal duels were won and others lost, we gave an impressive effort that left everything we had on the field. We ran a hard race against LZ and walked away accomplished in our outstanding effort. While Lake Zurich will maintain their unblemished record, we have again established that opponents will have to work hard to overcome the ZeeBees.

We have shown continual improvement as a Cross Country program. And most importantly, we are showing that hard work, over time, can beat talent. We shall continue to train—solidifying our own packs, breaking into the packs of other teams, and running better races each week.

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And on a concluding note, we have shaken up our Top 10 course standings for Shiloh! While a heavy dew made the grass wet for the walk-through, it burned off by race time and settled at a nice mids temperature with brilliant sunlight and negligible wind. In short, it was a great day to race! Like Peoria, Palatine hosts schools that regularly rank among the top echelon of state competition. There were thirty schools present—our boys team, along with Coach Shorey, made the trip while our ladies ran at Bartlett.

The build-up to this race reinforced the importance of successful racing and proving that Zion Benton is emerging as one of these top teams. Coach McPherson generously shared some words of wisdom via a letter to our runners and we worked to mentally prepare for this crucial weekend: Palatine, and one day later a dual meet against Lake Zurich at home.

The nerves were high yet my only expectations were that our runners ran the best race they could possibly run that day. With an uphill start and turn in the first m it was important to get out in good position from our Box 3, while a long sloping downhill finish invited an aggressive m kick.

Our Freshmen ran first in a 2. They got our hard in a field of runners. Nate suffered a calf strain that crippled his stride, but gamely fought to the finish! Sergio led our team, finishing strong at 26th overall Jaalen took 81st at While we cannot accurately measure this race against our 3. Our Freshmen are emerging this season as a force to be reckoned with.

The Sophomores ran next, their course being the 3. Kenneth ran a very impressive 1: The Varsity ran next, wearing their distinctive yellow uniforms for the first time this season! The spectators seemed to judge this race to be the high point of the day, and both energy and expectations were high among the crowds. Our boys run well in fast competition, using the momentum to lengthen strides and the sheer numbers to edge upward for better positions. The competition was deep, with nine teams averaging sub 16 minutes for their top five.

Andrew again led our pack with a 40th place finish The boys got out hard in a field of racers, with A2 and Jaime alternately leading our pack. Jaime would ultimately be our first ZB finisher Shemayah and David rolled in at It was a tough competition and our men averaged Overall the field appeared to collectively not run spectacular races, but the competition was deep and I am glad our men had the opportunity to race in such competitive conditions.

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They had enjoyed tales of Palatine and its program over the past years from Coach McPherson and were enthusiastic to be there. We had reasonable kicks in the final m but overall will need to run with the competition in order to place higher. Our top 5 Varsity times are only 12 seconds apart LZ came in 15thand while they are a much larger team we have the potential to break into their packs and dictate the conditions at our home course.

art campbell lake county meet 2013

Palatine was an invaluable learning and growing experience for all of us, from which we must draw hunger for running with fast competition and making every place count. This preparedness translated into confidence and fast times today! The grass was long and wet, the ground soggy from a few days of rain this week—the referee and host predicted slower times with the damp course. The F-S team ran a fast race around the three loops, emerging 13 out of 20 teams competing and averaging a fantastic Sergio led our pack and earned a medal for 35th place and PR out of a field of Jaalen followed as our 2 man at Our remaining guys looked great too!

This was an excellent, competitive learning experience for our young guys. Similarly, our JV race saw a gutsy effort as our older men charted achievements in the last race of the day. Dylan came in next The rest of the team charted many PRs as well, battling a field of runners from ten schools. ZB JV took 6th place with an average time of Our top seven runners brought the same energy and zeal as the rest of the team, running well in a fast field of competitors.

Daniel repeated his Warren tradition of leading for the first half mile before handing the reigns to Andrew, who had to battle for the second-place spot for the remainder of the race. Way to go Andrew! Isaac raced in excellent form to finish as our 2nd man 18th place, Our Varsity averaged Andrew brought home a trophy, with Dakota, Isaac, Lucas, and Angel earning medals in this race.

The Varsity took third place out of a field of nineteen teams. It was hard-earned and the product of the toughness, focus, and training they bring to our practices and competition. We have regained our momentum and achieved a wonderful day in ZBXC history.

We charted no less than 20 Career PRs, numerous Season Best times, and brought home six medals, one individual trophy, and a team trophy. The smiles and sense of accomplishment was infectious on the short ride home--in short, I am incredibly proud of this team.

We move on to a full week of recovery and training for the challenging and prestigious Palatine Invite this next Saturday with our sights set high! Monday's Tri meet with Libertyville and Grant was one of those days. The course at Adler Park presented a challenge we had not yet encountered in our season's racing: We also experienced two other significant setbacks: Still, we took to the line strong.

Our competing runners gave a gutsy performance, but frankly we were out-kicked on the hills and particularly on the final uphill to the finish.

Andrew battled into a second-place finish with Dakota, Desmond, and Isaac battling in as our third, fourth, and fifth men placing 5th, tenth, and eleventh respectively. Our times were seconds slower on average than this last weekend, but we were able to edge a win over Grant by point and took a loss to Libertyville. We were not able to bring our full performance this race, underscoring the value of working as a team that relies on the contributions and strength of ALL individuals.

We discussed this setback in context with our season and decided that we must evolve into a stronger team from it. We have four solid days to regroup and get right again before we compete at the Blue Devil Invite at Warren on Saturday.

I am confident that, especially if we can kick the sickness, we can return in greater strength and regain momentum this coming weekend! Text messages of PRs and success reached us early in the morning in Peoria, speaking to the strength and dedication of our younger runners as they surged to success on the relatively flat and wooded course. We totaled seven Career PRs and a matching seven Season Best times, with a majority of our runners earning either medals or ribbons for their races!

Edward made his ZBXC debut on this course as well. Way to go guys! It has truly been a wonderful weekend all-around! Our runners at both Wauconda and Peoria charted some amazing races and collectively achieved much for our team. We must channel this momentum into positive and smart racing as we take one day of rest and return for a Tri in Libertyville.

A special thank-you to the runners at Wauconda and all the selfless giving of your time and energies--I heard wonderful reviews of your willingness to help out and support your teammates. This is precisely what being a ZBXC runner is all about! Running strong in the AAA and Open races, our twelve runners rose to the challenge of this very competitive race to collectively set some outstanding PR times.

With only two races under our belts, we had not yet seen the highest caliber of competition that traveled from all over the state of Illinois to Detweiller Park in Peoria. We drove to Peoria through painfully slow Chicago traffic before hitting open roads south of the city; we arrived at the course with an hour of daylight remaining. One must have a good position when hitting the first turn or risk being trapped on the inside lane and be able to kick to the distant chute competitively against hundreds of like-minded competitors.

The energy of the bustling meet was infectious as we discussed our strategies. We needed to run intelligently and capitalize on our individual strengths in this competition, yet it was essential that we go all-out to destroy any barriers we perceive in ourselves.

The fast field of competition is one that we must run with in order to be successful. We were placed in a box far to the right; this allowed us to not be trapped on the inside of the crucial first turn but meant we needed to fight to get inside the pack. Eric Johnson College of Lake County Irfan Khan Morton College Chandrakant Patel College of Lake County Carlos Escobedo Morton College Regul Elgin Community College Ray Pulfed Waubonsee Community College Matt Walsh Waubonsee Community College Jason Misenko Waubonsee Community College Mike Lim Oakton Community College Andy Lee Waubonsee Community College Eddie Ayala Oakton Community College Jose Salguda Oakton Community College Pat Frascone Oakton Community College Dave Siwula College of Lake County Jason Riske Waubonsee Community College John Jansson Oakton Community College Adalberto Avila Morton College Julio Bernal Morton College Ernie Webb College of Lake County Jose Carnalla Morton College Rene Tavares Morton College Felipe Sanchez Morton College Brian Uebel Waubonsee Community College Rich Vernon Waubonsee Community College Bill Skupin College of Lake County Mike Pryor Waubonsee Community College Rich Brookover Waubonsee Community College Rick Barr College of Lake County Lenny Mustari Morton College Fred Thundershield College of Lake County John Russell College of Lake County Albert Willis Wright College 2nd Place: Shannon Euring Wright College 4th Place: