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Ever since Ben found out about the family's secret about meeting the very same aliens he "And this is Swampfire, Gutrot, and Stinkfly's room. Ben Omniverse is the fourth iteration of the Ben 10 franchise following Ultimate Alien. A few months have passed since the events of Ultimate Alien. gutrot ben 10 omnivores Ben 20, Ben 10 Omniverse, Monsters, Superhero, . Ben Omniverse | Meet the Characters| Cartoon Network Hero Time, Ben

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Ben froze and seized his frantic assault on the door. He looked over his shoulder and there was still nothing there. Suddely, Ben's heart skipped a beat when he heard the door slowly open with a long, loud creak. Ben shuddered and looked around. His eyes bulged out as the terror crept inside of him. The sight that greeted him was a very familiar Vladat smiling his fangs at Ben. Ben backed away slowly as Whampire menaced toward him with an evil grin.

Ben chuckled in sheer terror. I was just leaving! In fact, I'm heading home right now actually. He gasped when a white figure floated through the floor. Now Ben was really scared. We just won't hear of it! He backed away and reached for his Omnitrix, but something wrapped around his wrist, preventing him from doing so. Adding to Ben's shock, he turned and saw that it was Snare-oh restraining him. He tied up Ben tighly in his bandages.

The boy struggled hard in his attempt to escape. But he froze in terror when Whampire approached him and looked at him straight in the eye. Whampire's eyes began to spiral, unleashing his hypnosis. Ben did everything in his power to look away. But Snare-oh held his head straight forward so he faced directly at Whampire.

Ben felt himself going weak, he had to resist. But the swirling of Whampire's eyes was too much for him. His own green eyes mimicked Whampire's, now hooked in his gaze. Whampire chuckled in success as kept his hypnotic glare. Do not resist, you are in my power.

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Your eyelids are getting heavy, you're falling into a deep sleep And his words entranced the child as Ben slumped over, fast asleep. Ben moaned in annoyance when he heard loud humming sounds. He weakly woke up and tried to adjust himself, but he couldn't move his arms or legs. His eyes snapped open, waking up to find himself cuffed spread eagle to an examination table in a morbid looking laboratory.

Looking down at him was Whampire, Snare-oh, and Blitzwolfer. The Anur aliens gathered around him. Blitzwolfer came up to the boy and sniffed him. Whampire hissed and licked his lips, eyeing Ben's neck. Ben panicked and struggled in his bonds. We just want to perform a little experiment. Frankenstrike's chuckle sounded right after his statement and went to get something. This is hardly a painful experiment. Ben could hear the eagerness in his voice. Frankenstrike returned with some wires.

The monsters each took a wire and stuck them on Ben's forehead and the bridge of his nose. They lifted up his shirt and placed a wire on both his sides and above his underarms. Then they took off his shoes and socks then placed a wire on each exposed foot. Ben immediately felt panicky. He pulled hard against his bonds. He grabbed Ben by the chin to keep him still. Abruptly, Ben felt something soft brush under his nose. He opened one eye and saw Frankenstrike stroking his nose with a feather.

The machine he was wired to recorded his sensitivity on one of its monitor.

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But Frankenstrike didn't listen as he kept stroking. But we still have the rest of you to examine. Let me out of here! The alien monsters grinned at his useless struggling and moved in. Snare-oh went up first. How ticklish are you? You guys are just wasting your time. Once they grazed his stomach, Ben jumped and gasped, he started wiggling around, but he clenched his mouth and eyes shut.

The computer monitor received high sensitivity results. Ben's body quivered and squirmed as he fought the urge to laugh. Snare-oh's cloth-like fingers had an extremely light, ticklish touch. It took everything in Ben not to burst into laughing. That tickling just kept going, his skin twitched as it didn't like the tickly feel of Snare-oh's fingers.

He began to crack a smile. Alien Force and goes for a entirely new, very simplified art style designed by Derrick J. Wyatt Transformers AnimatedScooby-Doo! Concerning the plot, the show takes advantage on the Time Skip between the original series and Alien Force, using it to introduce new adventures that took place in the original series' era when Ben was eleven years old. These are interleaved as flashbacks with the present-day plot, thus allowing not only to bring back the original series' incarnation of the character while keeping tracks of his teenage self, but also to create new villains, characters and events that have a connection to Ben's past.

The series concluded November 14,its final episodes airing at 6am on a weekdayand it is the last series of the franchise to use the original continuity, being followed by Ben 10a full Continuity Reboot. This show contains examples of: The first story arc ended with The Reveal that Khyber actually was working for Malware and Psychobos, and was originally supposed to kidnap Ben so they would get the DNA from his Omnitrix to complete the Nemetrix.

Come "Outbreak", the Nemetrix develops a flaw out of nowhere, forcing Dr Psychobos to steal a piece of Galvan tech from the Omnitrix; he doesn't seize the opportunity to collect the DNA, and the Faction just moves to the next phase of their plan with the whole "collecting the Omnitrix's DNA" part never to be mentioned again.

Joseph Chadwick is shown to have survived his experiences in "An American Benwolf in London", and most likely to continue his villainy. He, nor the Forever Knights, never appear in the series again afterward. Thanks to Kevin's scheming, Ben became the fiance of a Tetramand warrior princess named Looma.

Yetta's first reaction upon seeing Ben Tennyson while being chased by Plumbers is to compliment him and take a selfie with him, all before fighting him. A Day in the Limelight: Baumann" for the most part focuses on Mr. Baumann, and explains why he knew Ben could turn into aliens prior to the Time Skipalong with somewhat fleshing out his motivations.

A lot of the things Ben had already learned back in the original series and the previous sequels teamwork, fighting without the Omnitrix, etc. In Ben's first encounter with Hypnotick, he escapes from its Lotus-Eater Machine by remembering that being a hero is about helping people, not getting the adoration the illusion showed him. During the next time Ben faces Hypnotick, he falls for the hypnosis even more easily than the first time.

An especially blatant case in episodes like "Store 23", where Ben, when called out by Max for toying with the villainsanswers by " They are bad I am good, the end! This attitude from him can come up as very frustrating after the White and Grey Morality of Alien Force and the whole arc in Ultimate Alien that had Ben struggling to not become a Knight Templar. They seem to change their minds after getting a lecture from Scout about how they shouldn't judge by appearances, but in the very next episode, they're back to hating him again.

Malware basically shapes up to this, leading to his death. All Malware initially wanted was to be cured. It was hinted before that exposure to aliens had something to do with Grandpa Max's Lethal Chef tendencies, but it's made clear in this series that aliens love his cooking. He's only a Lethal Chef to humans. All Amazons Want Hercules: It's revealed that female Tetramands are traditionally stronger and better fighters than males, and that a female will only choose a male who can defeat her in combat to be her husband.

All Girls Want Bad Boys: This is a universe where Max dies before Ben ever found the Omnitrix, thus Ben 23 never gets the Character Development of the original Ben and nearly rips Azmuth in half because of it. Later it's revealed there are hundreds of alternate timelines and some of those Bens are evil, and at least two never get the Omnitrix.

And somehow there is one where Argit has it. Tennyson" has Chadzmuth, the Galvan lawyer. He freely admits to being amoral, and abuses every loophole in existence to free his clients. In Ben's trial he has Ben turn into a Tetramand and invokes a special privilege Tetramand defendants have that allows them to challenge court verdicts through single combat with an opponent of the prosecution's choice. When Ben's Celestialsapien opponent proves to be too much, Chadzmuth points out that you only have to be a Tetramand to invoke the challenge, not to complete it, and Ben could turn into whatever form he needed.

And I Must Scream: Lord Transyl's victims are fully aware of everything they do while Transyl is jerking them around like puppetsand while they can still speak, it seems to be about the limit of what they can do. And the Adventure Continues: The series ends this way with Ben and Rook, bored since the Maltruant incident and seeing the beginning of creation itself, decide to go explore the world with Gwen and Kevin. And Your Reward Is Clothes: Ben saves the universe from being annihilated with Alien X, but no one believes him.

He does, however, get a shiny new hooded sweatshirt. Pax is an animal rights activist who, on two separate occasions, unleashes creatures that are an inherent danger to other living beings and actually tries to prevent Ben from attempting to curb their destruction because it would require reimprisoning them. Unlike the previous iterations, Ben and the others are much more likely to have anime-style outtakes, such as the veined-forehead for stressed out.

In "And Then There Were None", Vilgax reveals that he has a Chronosapien time bomb that can destroy every single timeline except the one in which the Omnitrix never existed, causing a Class X Time traveler Eon recognized the device, indicating that such devices are not unique, though he only expected it to destroy one timeline.

Destroying all the timelines, except one is not something he saw coming. Also notable is that Atomic X was vulnerable to it, in contrast to Alien X's immunity to the Annihilarg. Appearance Is in the Eye of the Beholder: The Contemelia are fifth dimensional beings, whose true form cannot be comprehended by the minds of third dimensional beings.

Instead, they appear to each being as who or what they hold dearest in their hearts; Ben sees a walking Mr Smoothy cupRook sees his father, and Maltruant sees himself. Skurd, on the other hand, simply sees them as masses of energy. In "Store 23", 23 was pointed out to be a reoccurring theme. Store 23 transported to a world with Ben 23, and the frequency of the interdimensional engine of In "Ken 10", Kevin 11, had a sleek, black outfit from his time in the Null Void.

The Rooters are more or less shown to be the origin of this outfit. He also got his chin scar from Ben.

Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: Ben and the gang aren't the only affected ones. Justified in-universe in "So Long, and Thanks for All the Smoothies" when Ben has to recreate the entire universe due to an alien doomsday device going off, and while everything looks the same, the classic Mr. Smoothy mascot now looks like more of a demented looking character. The Secret Saturdays get this treatment during their crossover episode.

In fact, they look way different than their original designs. According to Chadzmuth, the Celestialsapiens are behind this and even references Azmuth's changes in appearance.

Cousin Lucy only appeared in an episode of the Original Series episode six year prior for about six seconds. Even Ben, Rook, and Rook's siblings barely seem to care that they seemingly accidentally killed him. Inside, Ben has a flashback and finally forgives himself for losing Feedback, resulting in him reobtaining and transforming into Feedback to escape from Malware from the inside. Malware was doubly surprised for Ben escaping and doing it as Feedback, the alien he had destroyed in the past.

Ester is made leader of the Kraaho after beating their former leader, Seebik. When he returns in "Mystery, Incorporeal", Darkstar tells Gwen about how Charmcaster banished him from Ledgerdomian, even though she was there and there's really no reason to. Wyatt makes no secret of the fact Grey Matter is his favourite alien; not only does Grey Matter come back after being absent for the two previous sequels, but Azmuth and the Galvan have ended up as part of two different arcs.

Blucik and Driba, two Galvan of questionable skill, are added as regular supporting characters. He also likes the Gourmands, and "Tummy Trouble" focuses on two particular tribes of them.

Sludgepuppies have also had two episodes, one bringing back the one-shot cousin Lucy after six years. XLR8 also seems to get a fair amount of attention, after being replaced by the Suspiciously Similar Substitute Fasttrack in the previous series.

Aside from getting back into Ben's roster, a small group of them from little kids to teenagers show up as background characters from time to time "Hot Stretch" and "Collect This" being two examples. Rook says that he knows something about the weapon that the robot does not. As the robot fires and blows a hole in its own chest, Rook says "you're holding it backwards". Charmcaster, accidentally summoned by Ghostfreak, gives an impressive villainous introductory speech She didn't take this lying down, however.

Magister Patelliday, an old, apparently a bit senile Piscciss Volann Plumber and Barney Fife pastichegets captured by pirates as a plot-point for "Gone Fishing". While Ben, Rook and Max are trying to find and rescue him, Max assures them Patelliday can handle himself of his own. Back from the Dead: Argost resurrected by Dr. In his sole previous appearance he was Impaled with Extreme Prejudice by Kevin 11, seemingly killing him.

Then his ship blew up with his body still on it. Ben seems unsurprised by his reappearance, being more taken aback that he has gone "mostly legit". Rook, who despite being an alien relies on various technology and weaponry to fight. He blocks a laser with a spoon as an Offhand Backhand. Ben's actor is a parody of 90s animation tropes, so he has this in spades. The Bad Guy Wins: Princess Looma does this to Julie, Ester, Rook, and Herve to use as gifts for hers and Ben's wedding she was planning.

K8-E, a female teenaged Kineceleran that appears in several episodes.