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Bernie MaGee Inivtational, Morris Plains, Greystone XC Course Saturday, October Bergen County Group Championships, Mahwah, Darlington Park. Results from the Bergen County Meet of Champions on October , at Darlington Park in Mahwah, NJ. being named 1st Team All Bergen County in her senior year. Known as an . Schools State Cross-Country Championships with a time of He also Ar. cwla or visit w. S hilip F t Ptacon m, c n our fir. A.

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As of [update]the mayor of the City of Hackensack is John P. Townes took office in as the city's first black mayor, and Sasso became the first female mayor in Meneses became Hackensack's first Hispanic mayor when he was sworn in on July 1,and Melfi took the reins as mayor in The city council continued to rotate the mayor's seat, with the exception of Labrosse, and Melfi became mayor again in Tomas Padilla was appointed the acting police chief while the police department was being monitored by the Bergen County Prosecutors office.

In Maya judge ordered Zisa out of his position as police chief, a decision that cost him his police retirement benefits. The freeholders are elected at-large in partisan elections on a staggered basis, with two or three seats coming up for election each year; a Chairman, Vice Chairman and Chairman Pro Tempore are selected from among its seven members at a reorganization meeting held each January.

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Amoroso D, Mahwahterm as freeholder ends ; term as freeholder chairman pro-tempore ends[] David L. Dressler D, Cresskill There were 8 voters registered to other parties. James Clifford, Don Bosco 4: Josh Kauke, Ridgewood 4: Thomas Baldwin, Hackensack 4: John O Neil, Ridgewood 4: Kevin Gilman, Bergen Catholic 4: Bob Keino, Ridgewood 4: Eric Boucher, Ridgewood 4: Mark Bednarz, Paramus Catholic 4: Eric Berntsen, Ridgewood 4: Doug Palmadessa, Bergen Catholic 4: Chris Sullivan, Ridgewood 4: Dom Tabbachino, Fair Lawn 4: Vern Trice, Hackensack 4: Joe Jackson, Teaneck 4: Sean Gormley, Bergen Catholic 4: John Malone, Bergen Catholic 4: Chris Carle, Bergen Catholic 4: Tom Tomai, Ridgewood 4: Bill Duffy, Bergen Catholic 4: Tom Driscoll, Fair Lawn 4: Luke Ciaccio, Bergen Catholic 4: Kevin Conheeney, Hackensack 4: Chris Elliot, Ramapo 4: Jim O Gorman, Teaneck 4: Gary Rosenberg, Fair Lawn 4: Ken Finlay, Paramus 4: John Loeschhorn, Ramapo 4: Bob Woolley, Pascack Valley 4: Maurice Hobson, Englewood 4: Eric Groon, Leonia 4: Bob Lowe, Englewood 4: John Williams, Tenafly 4: Kyle Levermore, Don Bosco 9: Christian Costello, Don Bosco 9: Levi Jennings, Ridgewood 9: Rafael Vargas, Don Bosco 9: Leighton Spencer, Don Bosco 9: Rob Molke, Don Bosco 9: Dan Emont, Ridgewood 9: Michael Cator, Ridgewood 9: Byron Williams, Ridgewood 9: Ari Zamir, Ridgewood 9: Sean Swift, Don Bosco 9: Frank Browne, Hackensack 9: Thomas Baldwin, Hackensack 9: Mike Cohen, Ridgewood 9: Kevin Gilman, Bergen Catholic 9: Bob Keino, Ridgewood 9: Meloro, Bergen Catholic 9: Eric Berntsen, Ridgewood 9: Gerard Pescatore, Hackensack 9: Joe LeMay, Ridgewood 9: Rich Hubbard, Hackensack 9: Joe Jackson, Teaneck 9: Sean Gormley, Bergen Catholic 8: Bill Leonard, Bergen Catholic 9: Eamon Greene, Bergenfield 9: Marty Carle, Bergen Catholic 9: Jim Sansevero, Bergen Catholic 9: Bruce Mason, Ridgewood 9: Bill Mahon, Bergen Catholic 9: Kevin Conheeney, Hackensack 9: Mike Von Halle, Hackensack 9: Larry Connolly, Bergen Catholic 9: Chris Clarke, Bergen Catholic 9: Don Armour, Bergen Catholic 9: Joseph Regional Neil Tarulli, St.

Joseph Regional Jed Hauck, St.

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Joseph Regional Tom Hayes, St. Joseph Regional Cooper Rego, St. James Buser, Mahwah 1: Mark Filandro, Indian Hills 1: Corey Caidenhead, Bergenfield 1: Max Bruno, Indian Hills 1: Elan Goldwaser, Indian Hills 1: Greg Horn, River Dell 2: Samir Mane, Fort Lee 1: Samir Mane, Fort Lee 2: Brian Burns, River Dell 1: Cavrel Silvera, Fort Lee 1: Dan Sheth, Paramus Catholic 1: Leigh Cadigan, Old Tappan 1: Bill Grogan, Bergenfield 1: Frank Baldassare, Ramapo 1: Peter Graham, Dumont 1: Moses Mekbeb, Cliffside Park 1: Ken Flynn, Ramsey 1: Erik Fidel, Old Tappan 1: Gaspar Terrana, Ramapo 1: Bob Cassavell, Northern Highlands 1: Jim Siedliski, Pascack Hills 1: Rob Schwartz, Demarest 1: Mike Sheehy, River Dell 1: Brandon Gregory, Englewood 2: Bob Manson, Ramsey 2: Steve Simon, Indian Hills 1: Kevin Byrne, Paramus Catholic 1: Rick Devine, Westwood 1: Joe Hurley, Don Bosco 1: Tom Scharday, Old Tappan 1: Mark Chiusano, Indian Hills 2: Pete Cherico, Fort Lee 1: Fred Sgandurra, Dumont 2: Bill Draille, Pascack Hills 1: