Boy meet world reunion 2012

Cast Reunions: See Costars Then And Now |

boy meet world reunion 2012

Looks like Disney Channel's Boy Meets World sequel will not be the full "What Do They Look Like Now?/Are They Dead?" reunion you may. Looks like Disney Channel's Boy Meets World sequel will not be the full "What Do They Look Like Now?/Are They Dead?" reunion you may. Get ready Boy Meets World fans, Cory and Shawn are back together again on a special episode of Disney's Girl Meet World, and it's awesome.

While she did appear with the other Morgan for Entertainment Weekly's BMW reunion, there isn't much news on what she's been up to. Most recently he was in an episode of Workaholics.

The Cast of ‘Boy Meets World’: Where Are They Now?

He's said he'd love to appear on Girl Meets World, yet no word has been said when this will happen. It's rumored that some time in he will return as Mr. Tuner for Girl Meets World. We're keeping our fingers crossed. Nowadays, she's a fashionista, designer, and model, as her Twitter bio says.

Cast Reunions: See Costars Then And Now

Minkus is the father of Farkle, friend of Cory and Topanga's daughter Riley. InTMZ announced Suplee lost over pounds, which he credits to "riding bikes". But then he didn't act again until the short film Water Pills. Currently, he leads the band Night Terrors of He's pretty sweet on Twitterif you need some Harley kindness in your life.

He's been in a handful of Adam Sandler films: Inhe will appear on the show Girl Meets World, though we're not sure in what context yet. Strong claimed that the twentysomething Mr. Turner was written into the show because Friends was popular at the time. He did, however, seem to fit into Girl Meets World: He appeared in three episodes of the spinoff.

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And Topanga is later referred to as an only child. My heart stopped beating regularly, and my palms got sweaty: I did that because I believed you were capable of handling them,' he said in front of all the writers and producers and my fellow actors.

Then he stood up. Was he going to fire me, slam his script on the ground, and storm out of there?

boy meet world reunion 2012

He started clapping, and all the writers stood up and clapped next to him. He believed in me.

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He gave me a freaking standing ovation. In the first two seasons, Lily Nicksay played the youngest member of the Matthews family, Morgan. Then, a few episodes into season three, Lindsay Ridgeway took over the role of Morgan.

It was never explained why Nicksay was replaced. Lionsgate Home Entertainment Just like the show, the set itself revolved around a classroom. It was my version of Christian Slater. But my hair is wavy and they would straighten it on the show and it would take forever.

I wanted to cut my hair so bad, but the only time I got to was when we found out the show was going to be canceled. When the show ended, Strong made off with a nice souvenir. Unfortunately, someone later stole the jacket from his car in Brooklyn. Friedle and Strong remain close friends to this day. Their undeniable chemistry made for some hard-to-shoot scenes.

boy meet world reunion 2012

He played John Adams in the musical and film version of Another reference to his career: Braddock in the movie. The child actors were definitely intrigued by him, though. They originally thought he was British because he came across as very proper.

He was like a mystic. He always taught us things, and there was so much to absorb from him. Both Friedle and Strong have pointed to the season five episode as a favorite. The episode was inspired by '90s horror movies like Scream.

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The episode co-starred Jennifer Love Hewitt, who was dating Friedle in real life. Inthe same year that Clueless came out, Brittany Murphy played Trini for two episodes. A couple of future Buffy stars also appeared on the show: Charisma Carpenter and Julie Benz.