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I am on a Writer's Break this month. Please enjoy these previously published articles from the Books and Boots archives. This article published on Aug 10, . Ed. course to meet your elective requirement. to shed light on the popularity and attraction of stars like Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, and Kim Kardashian. Insensitive Britney Spears fan followed through with his publicly announced plan to dress up as “ Britney.” He posed like this and.

If you really are the nobody I once thought you, you must be a cool hand' 'The nobody you once thought me! I can only imagine that spending time with Miss Fanshawe is like hanging out with Mindy Lahiri. Later in that same scene as they are leaving for the party, they bicker because Fanshawe wants to be walked out.

britney spears meet fanshawe

Lucy asks, "'Are you ready at last? Let me take your arm. I meant it as a compliment. I find them adorable, because despite the bickering and Miss Fanshawe's obvious self-important attitude, the two are not in competition toward each other.

They don't hate each other, but they annoy each other. However, Fanshawe only sees that value of female friendship with Lucy. Later at the same party, Miss Fanshawe spends the entire evening sullen, and then when they get in the carriage to leave "[Fanshawe] had found the evening a grand failure: Her invectives against Dr.

Bretton had something venomous in them. Having found herself impotent either to charm or sting them, hatred was her only resource" In this moment, Lucy decides that Fanshawe needs a lecture, or more accurately, "I made it my business to storm down Ginevra This was the right discipline for Ginevra; it suited her" I find it interesting that in this altercation and in most of their bickering it is the result of Miss Fanshawe's superiority, her mean-girl tendencies.

But they never fight out of a sense of competition between them. There is a love-triangle, or square technically. Miss Fanshawe has the affection of Dr. John, the man who helps Lucy when she is sick leaving Lucy to crush on him, and then enters Pauline who also loves Dr.

John and eventually wins his affections.

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But these women do not see themselves in competition with each other. The rotation of who is crushing on who cycles through without any real overlap. And underneath all of their drama is the vein of what Lucy wants. She is ambitious, but she is lonely. She's a person of faith. She does not see herself as looking for love, but yet she desires people. When the school goes on break, she doesn't know what to do with herself, which is also when she gets sick.

She is in her happy place when she is in front of a classroom.

britney spears meet fanshawe

Therefore, when she imagines a future, a dream for herself, she sees a school, the same security she sees her employer Mme Beck has. In the end she gets it.

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Another school teacher M. Emmanuel and she have this strange flirtation throughout the book where he is "charmed" by her. At the end, he departs for West Indies in an attempt to oversee a plantation. Before he leaves, he sets Lucy up with her own school which they will run together. He asks her to pledge her love. This "romance" always seems to me less of an amorous relationship, than one out of mutual respect and partnership. But he never returns. Bronte alludes to a series of storms and boats wrecked.

One imagines that Lucy is one of those waiting on the shore, waiting for the boats to return.

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Those who know me know it. Britney Spears is everything for me. Whenever one of her songs is played on the radio, whenever an article is written about her, whenever her name is dropped in a conversation, my friends think of me, Tristan, the guy who keeps on supporting her, posting hundreds of Facebook and Twitter posts about her, playing her music whenever there's a party to cheer people up.

In short, Britney is an integral part of my life, she's more than an idol to me, she's my everything. I'm not a stupid "fan" who cries as soon as I see her on stage, says AMEN to everything she does, I also know how to remain unbiased, and be realistic about her new music or sometimes poor career choices.


But, in any way, I've always been fascinated by this woman, a global superstar with undeniable stage presence and charisma, beauty, with a "Girl Next Door" side, a little goofy, simple, and funny. I'm going to meet Britney, she'll see me, I'll talk to her, maybe even touch her. I prepare myself psychologically, and physically, to what will be the biggest meeting of my LIFE!

After 9 months of sport and diet, the results showed: I lost 30 pounds, I've never felt so good both physically and psychologically, and I was ready to experience the greatest moment of my life.

We had to gather at 4: However, I met some friendly French fans who were in the Ultimate Upgrade too. That was bad omen I am about the 10th fan who gets to meet her. I was there, like an idiot, waiting for Britney to finish chatting. She clearly seemed bored and upset. Since I was not allowed to touch her, I awkwardly leaned towards her for the photo.