Can you meet band members at warped tour

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can you meet band members at warped tour

This will be my fifth time attending Warped Tour, my first dating back to Take the time to decide which bands you want to see Warped Tour is the best place to meet your favorite bands. . When cast members perform a specific medical procedure during an episode, they are given tons of material. Whats cool about Warped is a lot of other band members will come Not all of the musicians you meet are very friendly or sociable though. Check out the Warped Tour Survival Guide on! This means you can get to the grounds a little later but still get into the . Take this opportunity to meet your favorite singer without needing a special VIP ticket.

Doors will open in the morning, usually around 11 a. There is a lot of running, walking, dancing, jumping and standing involved with attending a Warped Tour stop.

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Also be aware that most artists will have some form of meet and greet or photo opportunity at some point in the day. You typically have to buy a shirt or something and get a wristband to meet the artist later in the day.

The best thing to do if you want to see or meet a bunch of different acts is to arrive early and check out the lineup. You can form a schedule so you know where you need to be at what time.

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Also arriving early will give you a great chance to map out the festival, as it is always different at every single stop. The tour kicks off on June 21 in Pomona, California, and will hit up nearly 40 other cities as well as a couple stops in Canada. There are also more guests being announced in the future before the tour officially kicks off this summer.

For a list of all 70 or so artists currently confirmed for the tour head to vanswarpedtour. Not behind or to the side of the band.

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From on stage you can barely make out even your favorite songs. It all just sounds like jumbled noise.

can you meet band members at warped tour

In addition to that you are just staring at everyone's backs and more often than not your view is blocked by props or sound equipment. You are honestly much better off watching the bands from the crowd.

The appeal to me for being on stage is watching the crowd.

can you meet band members at warped tour

It is amazing to watch the energy of the crowd from that perspective. I think the best example of this was Bring Me The Horizon on one of the smaller stages last year. The crowd was massive and the entire stage shook with noise and energy.

It is also interesting to see a bit of a different side of the musicians.

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From the stage you catch little things like the guitar player from Anberlin accidentally blowing a snot rocket while on stage and asking the drummer if he still had snot running down his face, or the toddler daughter of Hawthorn Heights guitar player watching her daddy play and kept trying to run out on stage to be with him.

Another perk is being able to meet some of the band members.

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Whats cool about Warped is a lot of other band members will come check out their friends play. While watching the Chariot last year I got to talk with Jason Butler from letlive. That dude is honestly the nicest and most sincere guy. They deserve all of the attention they have been getting recently.

Another cool guy is the singer from Pierce The Veil.

can you meet band members at warped tour

Not really a fan of their music but I ran in to him one one of the side stages watching some new band. They had literally a hand full of people in front of the stage and you could tell they were excited to have him there supporting.

can you meet band members at warped tour

Thought that was cool of him. We chatted for a minute and he was a real friendly guy as well.