Canada reads 2012 panelists on meet

Carmen Aguirre celebrates Canada Reads victory - The Globe and Mail

canada reads 2012 panelists on meet

CBC today announced the CANADA READS panelists and their chosen books. . Here's a Buzzfeed piece on that time he met Kanye West. In , Chantal was part of the CBC project, Who Do You Think You Are?. Anyhow, it's not how Canada Reads books have come to be after the Canada Reads debates finished and a winner was chosen. . partly to escape the worsening situation in Berlin, partly to meet and .. But after , I don't think I was alone in feeling a little disenchanted by the whole enterprise. At about a.m., I logged in to the Canada Reads site and started The Best Laid Plans was crowned the Canada Reads winner. I also really enjoyed meeting the other defenders. January 1, at am.

canada reads 2012 panelists on meet

His appearance is only overshadowed by his presence and delivery; stimulating audiences with ideas that challenge conventional wisdom and go against the grain. Here's a Buzzfeed piece on that time he met Kanye West.

After a string of distinguished albums, Chantal spent the past several years raising her three sons while simultaneously collaborating with superstars such as Drake, Pitbull, Christina Aguilera, Carrie Underwood, Kendrick Lamar and Pink.

She was appointed a member of the Order of Canada in In the summer ofthe Juno Award-winner released the much-anticipated Hard Sail, her first album in 7 years.

canada reads 2012 panelists on meet

One day inwhile on a mission in a small Afghan village, he stepped on a landmine and lost both of his legs below the knees. Within three years he was not only walking again, he was running. Byhe was a star on the blockbuster reality TV show Amazing Race. InJody reinvented himself yet again, winning a seat as a city councillor for Ottawa. In her own words: After a brief stint practicing Labour and Aboriginal law, Candy left for a job with the Nova Scotia government, which left her evenings free to pursue her comic ambitions.

Born in Toronto to an African-Canadian father and a Scottish-Canadian mother, Tamara Taylor dropped out of high school to pursue modeling, which soon led to acting. Her big break came when she landed a regular role on Party of Five.

Her most notable role is that of Dr. Camille Saroyan, head of the Forensic Division, on the crime drama Bones, which is based on the life and work of American-Canadian forensic scientist and writer Kathy Reichs.

Five books named in Canada Reads 2012 contest

Gods and Monsters film. Ali took his solo show Muslim Interrupted to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in for a month-long run, and he will continue touring this show around Canada in It made for a great show.

canada reads 2012 panelists on meet

And Jian Ghomeshi did an amazing job as our fearless leader. Jian was fantastic managing the debates and the tensions they often triggered. Behind Jian, there is a dedicated Canada Reads team who worked tirelessly to pull this off. I got to know Erin and Debbie, but there were others to.

canada reads 2012 panelists on meet

What can I say about Ali Velshi? I was impressed with him when he was a teenager working on the Jean Chretien Leadership Campaign with me, and I was blown away by him during the Canada Reads debates. He was passionate, eloquent, compelling, yet respectful throughout as were the other defenders.

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Ali really understood The Best Laid Plans and how to position it persuasively. You could see the other panelists nodding in agreement when he spoke. For all I know, Ali felt the same way, but he never wavered from his opening position that he was going the distance with TBLP. And he was right.

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  • Carmen Aguirre celebrates Canada Reads victory

I cannot think of anyone who would have, or could have, defended the book any more passionately or effectively as did Ali. I am in his debt. A word about the other authors and panelists.

While the defenders got their elbows up in the debates, there was never even the slightest trace of competition among the authors themselves.

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