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Special Edition Books · Special Edition Films · Apparel and Posters · Ringtones & Wallpapers · Books, DVDs, and Games At the most southern point of South Africa, these two great oceans meet. their trip complete until they have seen a shark, usually at Gansbaai in the Western Cape. Videos from South Africa. South Africa's Cape of Good Hope juts into the Atlantic Ocean not far west of its convergence with Cape Point, South Africa: Where Do the Two Oceans Meet?. Greeting both the Indian and Atlantic Oceans, Cape Point is one of that visitors are tricked into believing the seas meet at Cape Point, and that Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available.

Animals crossing from the Pacific to the Atlantic and vice versa can bring new diseases and use up valuable resources.

When animals from the Pacific meet their counterparts on the Atlantic, they're usually similar, which means they can mate.

If Atlantic and Pacific Sea Worlds Collide, Does That Spell Catastrophe?

But the Pacific Ocean is very different from the Atlantic, so offspring with foreign parents might be born without the physical adaptations needed to survive. The white northern gannet from the North Atlantic is spotted off the coast of San Francisco interacting with the native Brandt's cormorants. Eva Gruber Animals traveling through the Northwest Passage may also carry diseases. For example, some of the seabirds on the East coast carry Lyme disease, a condition that's transferred to humans via ticks.

Predators moving from ocean to ocean can also create big problems. When you add a new top-level predator to an ecosystem, like a killer whale, they can wipe out all the mid-level predators.

Amazing: A place where two oceans meet but do not mix

This has a waterfall effect and can completely restructure the food web, O'Malley says. The melting sea ice also has some serious environmental policy implications, Oleson says. As animal populations move from ocean to ocean, they cross into international waters, which makes them more difficult to monitor and protect. Of the or more species of sharks swimming in South African waters, there is one that captures the imagination like no other — the great white shark. Their size alone has entered the realm of myth.

Because they were feared, they were often killed, but that tide started to turn in Great white shark conservation was pioneered in South Africa, the first country to declare this toothy predator a protected species.

Perceptions have altered over the past two decades. Having been to South Africa during a Cousteau expedition in the late s, I was excited to return on an expedition in to learn more about the oceans most feared, and highly misunderstood, great predator.

With the help of an experienced shark expert, and with immense caution and respect, I descended into the ocean realm and swam as one with a beautiful great white shark.

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Sharks play a critical role in ocean health — keeping fish populations strong and healthy. They are not the monsters the media has so often been made out to be, but instead, intelligent, curious, and graceful creatures of the ocean.

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State of South Africa Great White Sharks Fears about great white sharks and other large shark species have led to destructive policies such as shark culling around the world, which indiscriminately kills large sharks. The growing popularity of great white shark cage diving is garnering support for big sharks, and increasing the value of protecting sharks and keeping them alive.