Car meet accident

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car meet accident

An accident is an untoward incident which cannot be designed. While many of us would like to stay safe all the time, it is also best to be. No one wants to be in the middle of an accident. However, when disaster strikes, here are some things to keep in mind to better manage a stressful situation. How to file a car insurance claim in case of a Car Accident? The most important thing to do after car accident is to file more.

First calm down, call for the police and seek advice from a solicitor, they usually offer good advice when approached by the affected party. There are different types of motor accident claims like the claims that can be made for road accident.

Jacqueline Fernandez's car meets with an accident in Mumbai

It is best to record and make a note of all the information that you can observe at the place where the accident took place. A keen observation will help you when making the claim.

car meet accident

Give all the minute details when you are making the accident claim. Make note of witnesses if there are any. It is helpful to collect the addresses and phone numbers of those who witnessed the accident, such eye witnesses can throw light on the cause of the accident.

car meet accident

Take the pictures of the place where the accident took place. Pictures of the accident site will always add weight to the claim.

car meet accident

It will prove that you are right and the accident is a result of the negligence of the other party. If you are injured in the accident the nature of the injury has to be recorded. If the police personnel are available in the accident site it is important to collect the case number from them, if a case is registered.

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Also the insurance details of the other party have to be noted. Calm down and go to the hospital after the accident to get treated and get the doctor's opinion about the nature of the injury. Keep in mind that whatever you say will also be useful in filing your claims with the insurance firm. The police can also use them when making their spot report. Spot photos will also prove useful.

Report the accident to your insurance company immediately. Also intimate if there is any third party or third party property damage due to accident.

Jacqueline Fernandez's car meets with an accident in Mumbai - Movies News

The insurance company will look into your policy details to know the extent of its coverage, and in case of comprehensive insurance, will depute a surveyor to inspect the loss.

Usually many insurance companies have their own in-house surveyors for claims below Rs. On survey, fill up the claim form and show your original vehicular documents for verification.

car meet accident

Cooperate with your insurer always. In most cases apart from the trauma of an accident the next biggest ordeal could be the long negotiating process for claims settlement with the insurance company.

car meet accident

Usually it is the insurance company that makes the first move to offer you a settlement on your claim which could be all, or part or in worst cases even nothing if loss is caused by an excluded peril. This way a fair assessment of the damage is ensured paving way for an amicable settlement. Whatever the course of action you decide for settlement, remember that it should be based only on facts and made at the right time.

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