Cell phone large buttons seniors meet

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cell phone large buttons seniors meet

When looking for a senior-friendly cell phone company, consumers should look at phone availability, coverage maps for their area, plan costs. While cell phones might seem complicated at first, they hold a number of Before diving into reviews to find the best senior phones in , we came . will unlock the phone for a small fee once you meet their requirements. For instance, GreatCall (maker of the senior-oriented Jitterbug cell phones) uses or T4 meet the Federal Communications Commission's standards for hearing.

It has big, raised keys with large-print numbers, good call quality, and decent noise cancellation. Plus, it works with hearing aids. It also features a built-in camera and video player. The speakerphone is not especially loud, and the phone does not support voice dialing, but it offers good battery life and can be used as a Wi-Fi hotspot. That's because it offers good call quality, solid construction, well-spaced buttons, voice dialing, a high-contrast display, and an exterior OLED screen that shows the date, time, and caller ID details without having to flip the phone open.

It also features very good battery life and 16 GB of internal storage plus a microSD slot. Overall, it's a good basic phone that delivers reliable reception and works on Verizon's 4G network. It also features large buttons, decent call quality, good battery life, and text-to-speech functionality. The built-in camera even takes HD video.

However, there is no outer screen for caller ID, which means you have to open the phone to see who's calling.

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But you can customize the ring tone for different callers. However, this phone is capable of global roaming, whereas the Cadence will not work outside of North America. It's a block-style phone rather than a flip phone, which means it does not have a lid that closes over the screen.

And it may well be the best basic cell phone that functions much the way phones did 30 years ago: All you need to do is dial the phone number and press the Call key.

TOP 5: Best Phones For Senior Citizens 2017

The ezTWO 3G has good volume, large rubbery buttons, and an extremely simple user interface. There is no voice command capability, and you can't send or receive texts, but the phone does include senior-friendly features like a dedicated SOS button and an option to have the keypad speak the numbers as you press them. It's also hearing aid-compatible. The good news is that smartphones can actually be easy phones for seniors to use.

Check out these examples: Jitterbug Smart GreatCall focuses on making simple cell phones for seniors, and the Jitterbug Smart is among the best in that regard. It's a simplified Android smartphone that features a 5. Calls come through clearly and loudly; the phone also supports voice-to-text capability and is rated for use with hearing aids.

Plus, a 5Star emergency button appears at the bottom of the screen at all times when the phone is on. Pressing the 5Star button connects you with a trained agent who can confirm your location and send help if required. Additional apps are available that allow you to receive medication reminders and get health advice from a network of medical professionals but you pay a fee for such calls. It runs on GreatCall's network, which uses Verizon's hardware.

Its large size means you will likely have to hold it with two hands, but it features a textured plastic backing that provides good grip. It supports voice over LTE, the earpiece volume is reasonably loud, and the phone can be used with hearing aids. It's a sturdy, lightweight plastic smartphone that even has a water-repellant coating.

cell phone large buttons seniors meet

It features a crisp five-inch HD display, reasonable call quality, and both front and rear-facing cameras. The battery lasts an exceptionally long time and can be removed, so you can replace it if necessary.

The fingerprint sensor allows you to unlock the phone with a simple touch. Slightly less expensive versions are available directly through the wireless carriers, but they will be locked to those carriers for a certain period of time.

Samsung Galaxy J3 This low-cost Samsung smartphone which is widely available in both locked and unlocked versions is compatible with 4G networks and features a five-inch screen that offers clear rendering and good outdoor visibility.

Calls come through clearly even when there is noise around, and the phone is rated for use with hearing aids.

cell phone large buttons seniors meet

The front and rear cameras are nothing special, but they take fairly decent pictures when lighting conditions are good. The phone can even film in full HD. Here's an added bonus: Samsung phones offer an optional Easy Mode that, when activated, simplifies the layout and enlarges the icons on the home screen.

This can be very helpful for older adults who are new to smartphones. Apple's user-friendly interface is renowned for being easy to learn, and the operating system includes a number of accessibility features that make it ideal for seniors. Plus, since Apple maintains tight control of its hardware and software, its phones receive timely updates and are generally more secure than those made by other manufacturers. The iPhone 7 boasts a bright and colorful 4.

Remember that iPhones do not accept microSD cards. The front and rear cameras take high-quality pictures even in low light and offer very good optical image stabilization.

The phone can even withstand being submerged in shallow water for 30 minutes. The iPhone 7 has been surpassed by newer models, but that also means it has come down in price. You can choose either an unlocked version or carrier-specific version. Apps That Simplify Smartphones for Seniors A senior phone is any phone that comes with features designed to appeal to older users.

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The good news is that you can make any Android smartphone which includes most phones other than iPhones more senior-friendly with the help of specialized apps, called launchers. Here are a few examples you may find useful: Large Launcher As you might expect, Large Launcher enlarges the phone's icons and text to make them easier to see.

The Best Cell Phones for Seniors

Apps are also arranged in color-coded outlined blocks that make them easy to distinguish from each other. Plus, you can change the name of the apps to make them more meaningful to you. Price—free Wiser Wiser transforms the interface of the phone to make navigation simpler. The home screen features only six large, colorful buttons for the most commonly used functions, such as the phone dialer which has oversized number buttonstext messenger, applications, and camera.

While the smartphone industry, by and large, isn't thinking about the particular needs of the senior market, if you pay attention you can find carriers, phones, and services that are tailored to folks who'd prefer a streamlined, easy-to-use, simple phone experience.

Being a senior citizen, in this case, isn't about chronological age. It's about a set of preferences, faculties, and, in some cases, lifestyle. Those in the "senior market" may have declining eyesight and hearing, may not feel like keeping up with the latest tech features, or may be on a limited income.

There are year-olds with laser-sharp vision who would rather just browse our list of best cell phones overalland there are year-olds who may benefit from the phones we outline here. Our list includes some voice phones, some general-purpose smartphones, and one smartphone with a physical keyboard. Senior-Specific Carriers Two wireless carriers specialize in the senior market: GreatCall, which markets its phones as Jitterbug, and Consumer Cellular.

Of the two, GreatCall has more specialized features for those who need health monitoring: GreatCall's Jitterbug Flip is a simple yet solid flip phone that currently works on Verizon's 3G network, and will get a software upgrade to make calls on Verizon's 4G LTE network when the 3G network shuts down at the end of GreatCall also sells a simplified smartphone, but we really prefer the Flip.

Consumer Cellular has a marketing arrangement with AARP and doesn't offer specialized services, but has received high marks in the past for customer service.

Best Cell Phones for Seniors in

They currently have a B rating with the Better Business Bureau; however, the company addressed most of the complaints listed on the BBB site. They are one of the few cell phone companies with all of their customer service based in the US. Pure Talk does not have a presence in physical shopping locations so all purchases must be made online or over the phone.

If you select this option, be sure to confirm with Pure TalkUSA that the phone will work on their network before making your purchase. Pure Talk sells several smartphones and two flip phones. As of Aprilall of their phones are hearing aid compatible, making them ideal for seniors. Phones are purchased separately from plans, which is the norm with no contract carriers. Instead, they will slow your data speed until your plan renews.

However, you will still be able to access your email and the internet, but the pages will just load slower until your plan renewal date. Pure Talk offers up to a 20 percent discount for the number of lines bundled on one bill. Although TracFone owns these companies, services and plans differ between them.

cell phone large buttons seniors meet

TracFone offers plans for both smartphone and flip phones. They also have more flip phones for sale than the other companies in our top picks with three options for flip phones, including an Android-based phone that is a hybrid between a smartphone and a flip phone. For a hearing aid compatible phone, consumers need to move to a smartphone. TracFone plans and phones are available through retailers nationwide such as BestBuy and Dollar General so you can shop in person if you prefer that to internet or phone shopping.

Phones must be purchased separately from plans, which is typical for no-contract carriers. Smartphone plans and basic plans for flip phones are available. All TracFone plans have a minute, data, and time restriction. If you sign a yearly contract and use the included minutes before the year is up, you have to buy more minutes to use the phone. Add-on plans to allow international calling are also available.

TracFone not only offers roll-over minutes unused minutes that roll forward to the next monththey triple minutes purchased on non-smartphone plans so that 30 minutes comes out to 90 minutes. GreatCall Review Best Senior-Friendly Devices GreatCall is a cell phone company with senior-targeted devices such as the Jitterbug flip phones and emergency medical alert devices, as well as smartphones.

They also offer health-related services for an additional fee such as a medical hotline for health questions.