Daytona beach gymnastics meet 2013 spike

Hometown news (Daytona Beach, FL).

daytona beach gymnastics meet 2013 spike

Executive Circle Suite • Daytona Beach, FL HometownNewsOL .com Friday, March 1, Stomping Out . vote at its regular meet- ing Feb. 6. Mr. Lucas ly spiked at $ a gallon. It lel bar with Coach Gina Anderson by her side during Coach Caroline's Gymnastics class at. Nick and Taia stunting on Daytona Beach after competing in NCA Partner Love everything about this ❤ Cool Cheer Stunts, Gymnastics, Cheer Stuff, Muscular Legs .. bow n arrow #cheer #cheerleading #stunt #flexible #competition #sport # .. This is where me and my team (pines middle panthers) stayed for the . He also reported the economic impact on the Daytona Beach area in .. Dur ing fiscal , Pretrial Services handled and closed nearly 4, cases, The USA Gymnastics competition in November was a real coup in terms Beach Golden SpikesThe Ormond Beach Golden Spikes competed in a.

It is insulting to todays consumer. They even demanded I en-US print an apology. Still, after all this en-US time, I have learned a lot. He had en-US nothing more to say. I dont need any en-US test strips or mathematical en-US equations. Years of bow spray hitting en-US me in the face and salt drying en-US on my skin told me. I report what I see en-US and what I believe.

An educated en-US observation from an old salt. Email en-US questions and comments to en-US fishwdan att. Daytona, Florida eddystormprotection. Holly Hill, FL www. A native of Detroit, en-US Mich. Students en-US will need to bring lunch each en-US day and wear closed-toe shoes. The program en-US is open to students of all ages.

Pizza will be served at en-US the end of the program. International Speedway en-US Blvd. Check out this awesome coupon this week only! Cannot be combined with any other oer, Happy Mail, coupon or discount. Not valid on Alex and Ani products.

Not valid on personalization. Bail en-US was not set. Bail was not set. Bail was en-US not set. Bail was not en-US set. Blake, 46, of en-US Editors note: One of the top 3 in America every year since Managing Partner Don Hornbeck Regional Circulation Manager Robin Bevilacqua Human Resources Isabel Harmon Account Receivable Annita Ferrante Managing Editor Kathy Young Accounts Manager Kelly King Accounts Consultant Cathy Moody Senior Account Manager Rodney Bookhardt Senior Account Manager Danielle Shanahan Advertising Consultant Mercedes Lee-Paquette Production Manager Julianne Petersen Graphic Designer Heather Donaldson Inside Sales Manager Amanda Wheaton Circulation Manager Randy Barber Staff Photographer Bruce Henderson Staff Photographer Diane Carey Staff Writer Gina McKee Staff Writer Carrie Maday News Clerk en-USGot something to say?

The first shovel en-US has yet to be turned. The citys 50 percent design review on its en-US website also estimates completion as the Spring Well, en-US Mayor Hathaway, we seniors are still waiting.

The unbelievable east wind and en-US massive tidal surge scattered debris and trash all over the east en-US bank. I was almost killed when I left my boat at the peak of the en-US storm, I sheltered on the back porch of the old house on the hill. So first, I want to rave about Bob the caretaker for en-US allowing me to sit there until I could get myself together.

They were kind, considerate en-US and tolerant. My boats made a terrible mess. Many people en-US worked hard to clean it up, it wasnt fun. He's a great guy en-US and a great cop. Many thanks to them for all their en-US help. I also rave about the beautiful people and City of Oak Hill. My kids have truly flourished here. I give my sinen-US -en-US cere thanks to all these people.

Daytona Stuntfest 2014

They truly deserve to be raved en-US about. Our thanks to this couple for en-US starting out our Christmas on a wonderful note. I found a beautiful sweater with the help of en-US an employee, but when I went to pay for it, it was regular price en-US despite the sign on the rack said 40 percent not 75 percent off. She said that was for en-US the front of the rack not the end of the rack.

I said that made no en-US sense. I told both it was my first visit en-US to Old Navy and it would be my last. I should have asked for the en-US store manager but didnt think of it until I got in my car, so I en-US called and spoke to her, but that didnt help.

Cautious drivers watching en-US out for pedestrians or waiting for a parking space, prepare for en-US the blast from behind. Yelling to the girl about her driving skills en-US was hardly mature on your part. Lucky you only got the bird en-US with the way things are now. Smith is correct violence rates en-US were lower in the s than today. And they did increase over en-US the years, reaching a maximum until Sinceviolent en-US crime has dropped dramatically and today is half of the en-US rate.

But the increase is not entirely due to Islamic extremists; en-US white right-wing extremists' acts of violence also are increasing. As for the en-US number of attacks, right wing extremists 62 have committed en-US nearly three times as many as Islamic extremists Smiths advice on being vigilant, like noting exits, is good en-US advice for not merely avoiding terrorist violence, but also for en-US other disasters such as fire.

The Ormond parks have become home to their own colony of Peter Rabbits, with accompanying Flopsies, Mopsies and Cottontails, little brown bunnies that delight passers-by as they hop along on the wellmanicured lawns and disappear into the thick bushes and grasses along the ri vers edge. While it seems an almost magical phenomenon, sweet and charming and surprising, the bunnies are part of the natural order of things, it turns out.

While you might wonder if someone had released unwanted Easter bunnies, in fact, theyre totally native. B ob Williams, Ormond B eachs director of leisure services, said, They are wild. We dont feed or do anything to attract them there, but we dont do anything to discourage them either. He says the bunnies are definitely attractive and, like most of people whove seen them around the area, he enjoys watching them as they go about their business. What I have recognized ov er the years is that theyre growing in population theyve taken up r esidence where theres vegetation along the waters edge, he said.

It seems that the thick, natural growth along the water, which the city does encourage, is the kind of habitat that is the natural home for the little brownBy Susan L. Hi storically summer is a time of happy-memory making. Activities, freedom from structure, travel and times spent with family. Those joys are carried into adulthood to be taken out of storage and looked at fondly now and then. B ut for far too many families, one summer can ruin all of the rest and stop memory making in its tracks.

Ev ery day, about 10 people die from unintentional drowning. Of these, two are children aged 14 or y ounger. Drowning ranks fifth among the leading causes of unintentional injury death in the U. S ingers, musicians, dancers, poets, drama, pantomime, comedians within the community are requested to share their experience, strength and hope through their talent. Ev ents are G-Rated and family friendly.

Once a contestant passes an audition, they will be r equired to perform the following week at Jakobs Well and will then be selected for the semi-final in August at J akobs Well. If selected they will then compete at Recoverys Got T alent at 5 p. F or information,contact M onzell kmwministries. S pecial invited guest is actor Omar Gooding. F or more information,call Tickets are also available at the B ethune-Cookman Performing Arts box office.

Courts pretrial services reaccreditedV olusia County PretrialNotesF rom page A1in most cases for the lawyers to assess, evaluate and come up with a plan of action, according to Mr. The plan may include helping the recipient to identify the paperwork r equired to address a problem, along with information on how to fill it out, or referr ing the person to an attorney who will take the case to litigation. In so me cases, Mr.

daytona beach gymnastics meet 2013 spike

R odziewicz said the volunteer attorney will decide to take the case on pro bono, depending on whether the attorney has the necessary expertise. The Ormond Beach clinics just opened in May and, as Mr. Rodziewicz puts it, are still trying to get the word out the service is available. Clients are encouraged to call ahead to qualify and provide information for the preliminary paperwork for each case, but drop-in applicants are also welcome.

J ulie Rodemacher, the CLSMF coordinator, is available on site to talk to anyone who arrives without an appointment and can check to see if the applicant qualifies right then. Q ualification depends on certain income restrictions, which take into account actual income, number of members of a household, combined household income and other factors.

How ever, the volunteer attorneys do sometimes spend time talking to those who come in who dont quite qualify if their problem is relatively simple and doesnt take up too much time. Rodziewski, who has an office just across the Granada bridge, specializes in employment law and business law, not necessarily categories that are often r equired at the clinic.

I f you are an attorney and can contribute half an hour of your time and totally change the tangent of someones life, whether its a landlord-tenant kind of thing, or car sale gone wrong, or a domestic situation, thats just a wonderful thing. In half an hour you can do a lot in a lot of these situations and its just so worthwhile. E ven though its not your specialty, in half an hour you can figure out what the actual, r eal issues is because often its not what the client thinks it is when they come in, and you can evaluate the problem and come up with a framework for solving it, he said.

Whether y ou can solve it right then, or not, you can still make a difference by pointing someone in the right direction to solve it. This is an amazing capability, he concluded.

Hometown news (Daytona Beach, FL). 2007.

He d already volunteered for several years at a similar clinic at Tomoka Christian Church, founded by an attorney who has since become a judge. The work they can do at the clinic helps to equalize the legal system and bring justice to those without the r esources to pay the high fees charged by attorneys in private practice, he said. Rodemacher, who coordinates clinics for five counties, said theres an ongoing need for such legal help everywhere.

The Daytona Beach clinic, which is staffed by attorneys working with the Volunteer Lawyers Pr oject, is open weekly, serving about 15 clients at each session. In Ormond Beach this month, only one person had shown up in the first hour a walk-in client with a serious issue, which, of course, was confidential. I t s just a case of building awareness that were here, Ms.

To prequalify and make an appointment,call ,Ext. Since Extended Hours M-F 7a Cannot be combined with other offers.

daytona beach gymnastics meet 2013 spike

Willem Jan van Deijck Dr. Suite Holly Hill,FL www. V isit us online at www. Critter on the half shellIt occurs to me the local slaughter of wild animals on our streets and highways yields fewer and fewer of the odd looking armadillos.

A couple of decades ago it was a daily occurrence to spot a dead army along the r oad. These days not so much. I dont believe it to be a sign they wised up, but r ather an indication their population has dwindled. Armadillos have poor eyesight and hearing, but that is not the main reason they wind up being victimized by cars. When I was a kid in Louisiana, they were plentiful and the Cajun kids and me liked to have fun with them.

One of their odd traits is their spring. The C ajun kids would tell a newcomer to the area the armadillos had a spring and to demonstrate we would sneak up on one and loudly clap our hands. The startled armys first instinct was to leap straight up three to four feet before beginning to run. They are surprisingly fast but that initial jump explains why so many end up as road kill.

The nine-banded armadillo is the only mammal on the planet with a shell. The nine bands refer to the breaks in the shell that allows for flexibility. Although their sight and hearing are not the best, they have a keen sense of smell. Mostly nocturnal, they spend their time digging for grubs and worms. They also consume spiders and roaches and are so fearless they will attack and devour a whole nest of y ellow jackets. Their teeth are substantial, but far back in the mouth thus presenting only a minor danger to humans.

W ith that in mind my buddies and me would use the armadillo to play another trick on the unsuspecting. After telling a new kid how harmless they are, we would instruct the sucker to pick one up. N aturally the kid would grab the army by the middle of its shell. That does not work.

daytona beach gymnastics meet 2013 spike

The armadillo has long digging claws and is very powerful. The result would be the critter would drag the kid several feet while we all laughed. Hey, there were no video games, we had to make our fun where we could. To pick up an armadillo, y ou must sneak up on it, grab it by the tail and r apidly lift it from the ground. If you linger to let it have a chance to dig in you are finished.

To us, all armadillos look alike, but obviously they can tell the difference. Each winter the females give birth to identical quadruplets. Sometimes all male and sometimes all female.

W ith that ability to proliferate, you would wonder why they are disappearing? M ostly they are losing ground to development, but traffic still takes a large toll. It would be a shame to lose those unique little creatures. They are not native to Florida, but do quite well in our climate. A few hundred years ago they came up out of Mexico and moved across the Gulf Coast to occupy all of the states along the way.

The Cajun people will eat armies, but I dont recommend it. In every Cajun home there is a meat grinder used to chop up the less savory critters. They grind them up and season them heavily before dusting them with flour to deep fry. Then it is edible but just barely. The average person does not think of food when looking at the strange armadillo.

Instead of eating them I would hope people would try to protect them. A few holes in the yard or a lost flower or two is a small price to pay to share space with the odd critter on the half shell. Email questions and comments to fishwdan att. Pr etrial Services, an office of the Seventh Judicial Circuit Court Administrators office, assesses and supervises qualified defendants who are released from jail while their criminal cases are pending.

Dur ing fiscalPretrial Services handled and closed nearly 4, cases, with R egistration is required. To learn more or to register,visit F loridaHospitalBabies. Blood drives plannedA blood drive will be from 8: There will be a blood drive from 11 a. There will be a free sub for the first 20 donors and free G uns N Hoses Challenge T-shirt for each donor.

There will be a blood drive from noon to 5 p.

Daytona Beach Open - ACE Gymnastics

Friday, July 25, at Av ante, N. Old Kings Road, Ormond Beach. Pa rt icipants will receive a free Fandango Movie Ticket voucher. L ow-cost pet clinics slatedThere will be two lower cost pet shot clinics sponsored by the Society for the Pr evention of Cruelty to Animal Rescue on Sunday, July The first clinic will be from 9 to 11 a.

Nova Road, Ormond Beach. The second clinic will be from Nova Road, Port Orange. H eartworm prevention and flea control products will be available to buy. This is a cash only clinic. The clinic is open to everyone, no appointment needed. Proceeds benefit abused animals.

Obtaining and maintaining accredited status demonstrates the departments diligence and commitment to maintaining the highest levels of professionalism and excellence in providing law enforcement services to the community. Tuesday, July 22, at the United Way office, W. International S peedway Blvd. M embers will discuss upcoming community meetings, review the Community Services Block Grant third-quarter reports, discuss the status of the grant application for fiscal yearapprove a new board member, and appoint a P lanning and Development C ommittee.

F or more information, contact Myralis Hopgood at mhopgood volusia. Chiropractic care for P arkinsons diseaseLearn how chiropractic care can r educe postural distortion caused by Par kinsons disease during a free workshop at 2 p.

M indy Weingarten and Terry Kahn, chiropractors at the Port Orange F amily Chiropractic Center, will explain how abnormal posture, as seen in many patients with Par kinsons disease, greatly diminishes the ability to perform activities of daily living. The council is celebrating its 35th year of service. F unds available to fortify homes against the wind Is y our home ready for hurricane season? Frida y J uly 25th 2: T hursda y J uly 31st 2: Heart Health presented by Tim Richards. Holly Hill,FL www.

For all Your Skin Care Needs The marsh rabbit is smaller, darker and its tail is brown instead of cottontail white. Theyre common in coastal plains and marshlands throughout the South, including all of Florida, which makes the area around the Granada bridge a perfect home for them. They also differ from their more widely known cottontail cousins in that they can swim quite well, apparently. In fact, it was a marsh rabbit that jumped into President Jimmy Carters boat in the incident that made the news because the president was reported to have made jumped back.

His opponents used the incident to imply the then-president was something of a sissy at the time. So far, there have been no r eports of any of the Ormond Beach bridge bunnies jumping into boats or swimming laps around the bridge. They do provide a lot of enjoyment for residents who just like to see wild creatures coexisting in their area.

Like many wild things, and smart Floridians, theyre most likely to be out and about in the early morning hours or at dusk. Ormond Beach,FL Lombardochiro. Contact us and find out how we can help you get moving again!

Nerve PainPain Numbness Burning TinglingWe offer a comprehensive program that includes advanced therapies to treat and resolve your nerve pain symptoms. Our specially-trained caring professionals will gently examine you for pain, numbness, bur ning tingling, strength and range of motion.

Then we will design a treatment plan tailor made for you. After only 4 treatments on the Neurogenix machine the feeling is returning to both feet and I'm much more comfortable and steady. I can feel the floor! We treat peripheral Neuropathy and pain of the arms, hands, legs and feet. Kuntzman, 31, of Daytona Beach, was arrested on July 2 and charged with battery and aggravated battery on a pregnant person. Devin Joseph Ormond, 31, of Daytona Beach, was arrested on July 2 and charged with attempted escape and criminal mischief.

Sylvester, 22, of D aytona Beach, was arrested on July 2 and charged with possession of cocaine and sale or delivery of cocaine with 1, feet of a church. Shropshire, 24, of Daytona Beach, was arrested on July 2 and charged with fleeing or attempting to elude law enforcement and operating an unregistered vehicle. Fountain, 35, of D aytona Beach, was arrested on July 2 and charged with habitually driving with a revoked license and grand theft of a motor vehicle.

Allan, 33, of Daytona Beach, was arrested on J uly 3 and charged with grand theft of a motor vehicle and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. Eddie Lee Reaves Jr. Atherton, 43, of Daytona Beach, was arrested on July 5 and charged with aggravated assault with a firearm. Wassel, 31, of D aytona Beach, was arrested on July 6 and charged with felony retail theft and dealing in stolen property.

Bail was not set. Cathy Darlene Hayward, 55, of Daytona Beach, was arrested on July 7 and charged with felony petit theft and possession of paraphernalia. Young, 35, of D aytona Beach, was arrested on July 7 and charged with attempted robbery and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. Marcus Lee Oliver Jr.

daytona beach gymnastics meet 2013 spike

Smith, 46, of D aytona Beach, was arrested on July 8 and charged with possession of cannabis with intent to sell, manufacture of cannabis and a drug offense. Harris, 42, of D aytona Beach, was arrested on July 8 and charged with habitually driving with a revoked license. Kuntzman, 31, of Daytona Beach, was arrested on July 8 and charged with violation of pretrial release.

Whipper, 46, of D aytona Beach, was arrested on July 9 and charged with possession of paraphernalia and tampering with physical evidence. Rogers, 42, of D aytona Beach, was arrested on July 9 and charged with battery and aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer.

Akins, 53, of D aytona Beach, was arrested on July 10 and charged with carrying a concealed w eapon, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and resisting an officer without violence. Morris, 19, of D aytona Beach, was arrested on July 10 and charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. Toliver, 31, of D aytona Beach, was arrested on July 10 and charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. Dwayne Lewis Lacomb, 42, of Ormond Beach, was arrested on July 4 and charged with battery on a person 65 years of age or older.

Jones, 31, of Ormond Beach, was arrested on July 7 and charged with driving with an expired drivers license, grand theft of a motor vehicle and operating a vehicle with a suspended drivers license. Usama Aziz Saad, 55, of Ormond Beach, was arrested on July 8 and charged with tampering with a witness and battery causing bodily harm. Vincent Nathaniel R oundtree, 54, of Daytona B each, was arrested on July 2 and charged with grand theft.

Richard Heary, 21, ofPolice report W anted person: Adolph Lee Michelin Bir th date: Jan 22, R eason wanted: Aggravated assault Last known location: M ichelin is wanted on an open warrant charging him with aggravated assault with a deadly w eapon and aggravated stalking.

H is current whereabouts are unknown. M ichelin is 5 feet, 8 inches tall and weighs about pounds and has brown hair and brown eyes. If you see Michelin, dont try to apprehend him. This is a list of arrests,not convictions, and all arrestees are presumed innocent unless or until proven guilty in a court of law. COM Got something to say?

C allers are asked to refrain from making slanderous statements. Statements of fact will be checked for accuracy. In June, more than 40 employees from Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center spent three days volunteering their time to landscape, paint and rebuild equipment for two childrens playgrounds at the Family Renew Community in Holly Hill. The Ormond Beach Lowes Home Improvement store partnered with the hospital and provided discounts on the supplies needed as well as free items, such as 50 bags of mulch and 20 bags of dirt.

One of the top 3 in America every year since Regional Manager V ernon D. Managing Partner Cecil G. Managing Editor Robin Bevilacqua. Human Resources Kathy Young. Accounts Manager Amanda Tucker. Accounts Consultant Luanne Williams. Community Relations Agnes Dillon. Office Assistant Cathy Moody. Senior Account Manager Rodney Bookhardt. Senior Account Manager Kim Milo.

Advertising Consultant Danielle Shanahan. Advertising Consultant Mercedes Lee-Paquette. Production Manager Rita Zeblin. Classified Paginator Kathy Santilla. Graphic Artist P atricia Snyder. Classified Consultant Lora L. Classified Consultant Dolan Hoggatt. Circulation Manager Stephen Sparacino. District Circulation Manager Randy Barber. Staff Photographer Bruce Henderson. Staff Photographer Erika Webb. Staff Writer Susan Wright. Staff Writer Carrie Maday.

News Clerk sound of students with motorcycles racing to class early in the morning north on U. These cycles can be heard over a mile away. Life is good, but can always be better.

Ormond Beach must be full of garbageOrmond Beach residents must have a lot of garbage to have two pickups a week. Unincorporated Volusia County r esidents have only once a week pickup.

Maybe Ormond B each could lower their utility bills by forcing people to once a week. Those big blue bins hold a lot. Museum cant house homelessHow is it the City of Daytona Beach cannot afford to feed the hungry or help the homeless people, but can afford to pay maintenance costs for the new Brown Art M useum?

How is that helping? Why cant the donors for the museum donate the money each time? Why is it the city of Daytona Beach has to get involved? If the city has so much extra income, why not fix some of the streets or help the hungry that you see everywhere asking for food, money or just a space to sleep in safety? I do not remember the citizens of Daytona Beach asking for an art museum.

So why should the city money be used on a private project? Is the city becoming the owner? Will the museum share its income with the citizens of Daytona B each? Edgewater is perfectTo the person complaining about Edgewater.

I agree with the other writer they should move. If you dont like the s mall town stuff then move, we love it here. Edgewater is perfect just the way it is. Dogs on the beachW ell, what do the people think the birds are doing when they have to go?

Yes, it is a shame some people ruin it for others. If you would just clean up after your dog and not let them run wild, all would be OK. We could then all share the beach. Beach drivingMy grandmother was born here and has spent many days at the beach. Now that she is older, its hard for her to walk far, so by driving on the beach she has a chance to see the ocean and get out of the car and feel the sand under her feet, which would not be feasible without driving on the beach. Dr iving on the beach is what makes Daytona Beach famous.

If you are worried about getting run over, then go to one of the thousands of other beaches that do not have cars. We live here because we can drive on the beach. It just takes a little more paying attention and less texting or talking on the phone to not get hurt.

Marijuana, noIt is amazing this country for years has been working on alcoholism, smoking and drug addition, and now we have some of the rich pushing for marijuana, which has ruined many in the s generation and beyond. I have seen drug addicts and many hooked on alcohol and smoking and what it has done for them.

V ote no to legalized marijuana. We need no more potheads. Marijuana is a fools game. Remembering WThe thing that George W. It just came out that most of the spying is on the American people. The writers favorite president Obama was 33 percent the worst.

Ev ery intelligence agency in the world thought Iraq had w eapons of mass destruction. The Democrats also voted for the war. Dont blame conservativesI dont know why people blame conservatives and the tea party.

I am 70 years old and since the civil rights act, y ou have had the Great Society programs, big government and big taxes. I am just trying to think of what us tea party people and conservatives have won in the last 50 years.

When I hear liberals complaining, I am like, what are they complaining about?

daytona beach gymnastics meet 2013 spike

Its all their laws. They turned this country. They made the mess, why arent they happy? Split the countryS ome state leaders want to secede from the union. They want independence from President Barack Obama and big bad government.

I have a great plan. Why dont we divide the country in half? The states that hate government dont need Social S ecurity or Medicare. After all, those programs depend on government. Y ou dont need the food and Drug Administration; so y ou can test your own food, fix your own infrastructure.

No help from FEMA if you are hit with a natural disaster. No C enter for Disease Control flu vaccines. You can home school your kids. Science haters, you can teach y our own brand of reality. Arm everyone and practice shooting in your back yard to your hearts content.

If you have tough going, your corporate heroes and politicians will be more than happy to privatize all your needs. Thank youI want to thank the lady with the gray pickup truck coming north from Oak Hill who offered to pick me up when she saw me walking with my groceries. I told her no, its probably good exercise for me to walk. She was the only one who stopped. I wish her all the luck in the world and I hope she hits the Lotto.

May God bless her. I want to tell her thank you very much. I look forward to it every w eek. There is one thing I have noticed over the years. Some of the people who write in make me wonder where they get their common sense. Maybe its the new prize in Cr acker Jacks.

The first one I saw was the Dont Post on Cars. I think that truly shows the effects of the local school system. B ased on that rant, the school system here is in deep trouble. Use the Lottery money to post on racecars not schools? Hmmm, did you get past the first grade?

Or are y ou one who thinks that having an education is highly ov errated. The second one that caught my eye is the rant about having their animal put down. Y ou price shop putting your animal down? Fine, you didnt like the price the shelter gave you. All I can say is thank God I am not related to you.

The next one was Stop the Bike tour. It sounds to me like you want everything your way, so you didnt buy anything at the shops, you probably wouldnt anyway.

If y our friends can only come to town for one day then maybe you should check what is going on before embarking on a tour of the town. A ctually the facts are correct on George W.

When the planes hit the towers, he was told the U. His second term was scary. As you watched him on TV, his eyes had a crazed look and he refused to listen to any of his advisors. If Pr esident Barack Obama is as bad as you claim, I cant help but wonder how he got reelected. There are a lot of false or half truths that are put out there about Obama, some I have read are: Oh, and my favorite, he is going to enslave all the white people to work for all the black people.

In spite of popular belief, you cannot believe everything on the Internet. So lets sell more lottery tickets and continue to use that money for the schools so hopefully we can raise some intelligent, well thinking children who will take ov er the future.

Maybe you should stop complaining although I would miss the entertainment and do something to fix things.

Ban the bar and bike tour before it is too lateI know I am not alone and I believe I am in the majority when I agree with the readers who have stated how dangerous and stupid the bar and bike tour is. Y ou can debate many factors including its fun and in the summer spirit, but the simple fact is drinking and operating a vehicle is against the law.

A bicycle is a vehicle.