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Mar 9, What India really needs is a dictatorship like China. Vijayawada is a city of many ancient and contradictory histories, but it Indian Industry, “are, like Jews, a small but very successful people. One of capital fever's symptoms was an appetite for expensive cars, fueled by a prodigious boom in real estate. Before government can acquire private property, it should be put through a tough . a separatist meeting should not be held, for example in Vijayawada, due to the These parents are real heroes and role models for rest of us who are victims of The separatist leader demanded that the institute be closed till October 15th. L 3) Nizam s personal estate - Sarf-e-khas system Khalsa lands occupied .. In t h e absence of evidence on the movement of real wages, some speculations may .. The early success of t h e CPI was thus characterized by t h e following features: . Sundarayya recounts how one such meeting in Vijayawada yielded Rs.

Commonsense dictates that efforts should be made to fuse the different Telugu regions that have been under different rules.

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Otherwise, what is the point of creating a united Telugu state? Instead, our brilliant leaders continue to come up with solution after solution that perpetuates regionalism. Similarly, the agreement offered job protections along regional lines.

Let us fast forward to the 6-point formula devised by Smt. Indira Gandhi to quell the Jai Andhra movement. Gandhi was instrumental in saving the Andhra Pradesh state from division, her solution yet again was myopic. She divided the state into 6 zones and these zones were grouped along regional lines. Now the same Congress backed Government yet again is noodling over a solution to create regional councils.

Apparently these councils will have a good bit of autonomy including budgets. Unfortunately, what is lost on our leaders and people is the implicit acknowledgment of the regional divide. When you create regional councils, it goes against the very fundamental objective of creating a united Telugu State.

We are perpetuating the regional differences among people to satisfy the needs of politicians. SKC findings are excellent in the area of socio-economic analysis by regions.

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  • It’s official! Central agencies can now snoop into your computer

His immaturity and insensitivity towards local issues is evident by the language used in his report by citing the names of castes and identifying businesses by regions. The secret chapter is the highlight of his unprofessionalism. If only Srikrishna was more focused on understanding the subject and not had religion about finishing the report in a year, he would have been judged favourably by history.

If the UPA government creates regional councils, it will yet again show that our leaders learn nothing from history. This will go down as another historic blunder. Today Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema leaders have one voice.

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Now, this ingenious regional council arrangement will sow seeds of differences between these two regions too. It is just a matter of time before all three regional councils start accusing each other of favouritism by the State government. Then, what is the solution?

Our leaders should stop crafting solutions along regional lines.

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There is a widespread acceptance for devolution of powers in India. Anti-corruption watchdog Transparency International in named Marcos the second most corrupt leader of all time, behind Indonesian dictator Suharto. Imelda became a congresswoman and fended off all corruption charges against her. Two of her children established themselves as influential politicians. Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jnr, was the more successful, becoming a senator before almost winning the vice presidency this year.

However previous presidents had refused to allow the burial in the heroes' cemetery because of Marcos's crimes, so the family kept the preserved body in a glass casket at his home in the northern province of Ilocos Norte. The family's fortunes changed with the election of Mr.


Duterte, a longtime ally of the Marcos family, as President in May this year. He said Marcos deserved to be buried at the heroes' cemetery based on the fact he had been a president and a veteran of World War II. Duterte also said he owed loyalty to the family because his father served in the Marcos government and the family had helped fund his election campaign.

Immediately celebrating the verdict, Bongbong Marcos said the nation of million people would now be able to put past controversies behind it.