Did kirk meet archer

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did kirk meet archer

p In the Star Trek franchise, how often did any combination Picard meets Kirk in person in "Star Trek: Generations". Poor Archer, though. Henry Archer was the primary developer of the first warp engine capable of reaching warp five, and was one of the principal designers of Enterprise NX Jonathan Archer was the first to boldly go where no man had gone before. Jonathan Archer (Scott Bakula), a man billed as Captain Kirk's childhood hero. Enterprise's producers met with the studio bigwigs to discuss the.

I told him that I could not only beam a grapefruit from one planet to the adjacent planet in the same system - which is easy, by the way - I could do it with a life form. So, I tested it out on Admiral Archer's prized beagle. I don't know, I do feel guilty about that. However, there is another reference hiding in the series' various spin-off novels.

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Martin, Archer's middle name is revealed to be Beckett, almost certainly a nod to Quantum Leap. As Star Trek canon is rather rigid, mostly focusing on the various series and movies, it's tough to say whether this is actually Archer's confirmed middle moniker or not in the official continuity, but most fans seem on board with the idea.

It's no worse than "Tiberius". His father encouraged his son's interest in the final frontier and bought him a book called "The Cosmos A to Z" for his eighth birthday. According to Archer himself, he would spend hours staring at the cover image of the Arachnid Nebula, dreaming of adventure.

did kirk meet archer

Thanks to 's Star Trek, we know that Archer did eventually achieve the rank of Admiral at least in that timelinemaking the whole thing rather prophetic. When the Enterprise surveys the nebula itself, they find it to be much larger than the book states. The new information is sent back to Earth to be used in updated textbooks, and Archer goes from being inspired by the books to serving as their inspiration.

did kirk meet archer

The network behind the show, UPN, apparently blamed the show's dwindling popularity on the character of Jonathan Archer, and Scott Bakula's performance in particular. Enterprise's producers met with the studio bigwigs to discuss the possibility of a fourth series.

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One draft of the preface included the following: Is it defined [by] the works he's created If so, then no man since Zefram Cochrane himself has made a more lasting contribution to the future of Humankind than my father, Doctor Henry Archer. When I was about eight years old, my father took me on a tour of the Warp Five facility outside Bozeman, Montana.

He introduced me to the people he worked with At the time, I didn't realize the significance of those names The Vulcans "never imagined that Archer's elegant mathematics might have been even more accurate than those of his mentors from Vulcan.

did kirk meet archer

In a dispute with the Klingon Empire inhe is convicted and sentenced to exile on Rura Pentheeven though he is innocent of the charges and despite the Klingons having acknowledged his previous service to the Empire.

With his escape, a bounty is put on Archer's head and tensions with the Klingon Empire increase. Also during this period, Archer has the distinction of making Earth 's official first contact with dozens of alien races, including the AndoriansAxanarSuliban, TandaransTellaritesTholians, Xindi and Romulans although this is not a face-to-face contact.

Temporal Cold War[ edit ] Although initially optimistic, Archer becomes involved in his first mission as captain of Enterprise in the middle of the Temporal Cold War. In that episode, the audience is introduced to the Suliban and a mysterious being from the future informally referred to as "Future Guy" who is guiding them. As the Temporal Cold War continues, Archer also meets Danielswhose purpose seemingly is to safeguard Archer in particular and Enterprise in general.

Daniels' comments are that Archer will be the man who helps to form the United Federation of Planetsand it becomes apparent by the third season that Daniels is representing the Federation throughout the Temporal Cold War. Season 3[ edit ] In Season 3, he was the Military commander in the Expanse. Following the Xindi attack on Earth inArcher becomes a changed man. No longer a congenial captain, he is now driven and determined to seek out and confront the perpetrators.

Archer commits desperate, controversial acts of questionable morality to ensure a future for Earth, including torturing a prisonercloning Tucker to harvest body parts in order to save the chief engineer and thus killing the clone, and stealing a vital warp coil and leaving a ship of aliens stranded in space.

While on his mission to locate the Xindi, Archer is briefly transformed into a member of the extinct Loque'eque by a mutagenic virus. Later, he is infected by subspace parasitescreating an alternate timeline in which the Enterprise 's mission fails and the Xindi succeed in destroying Earth.

With the help of DanielsArcher, along with T'Poltravels back in time to the year to prevent the release of a Xindi-Reptilian bio-weapon. By the end of the season, Archer is presumed dead when the Xindi superweapon is destroyed.

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However, in reality, he is transported back to the early s during World War IIas is the Enterprise. Season 4[ edit ] After returning home inArcher helps a faction of Vulcans fight an oppressive government on their planet.

During this incident, he is the recipient of the katraor living spirit, of the great Vulcan philosopher Surak. The katra is later transferred to a Vulcan priest, and Archer is left unharmed. This leads to the reformation of Vulcan society, and explains why the Vulcans of Archer's time were so different from the Vulcans of Kirk's time. In the process, Archer becomes the first known Human participant in a Vulcan mind meld. Since that experience, he has used that knowledge at least once: To assist T'Pol with conducting her first mind meld in order to gain information about who kidnapped Dr.

Phlox as seen in the episode " Affliction ". Archer is also involved in one of the first, and possibly most significant, treaties yet, being asked to escort Gral, the Tellarite ambassador, to the Tellarite- Andorian negotiations.

did kirk meet archer

During Shran's stay, Romulans attack and cause the fragile alliance to crash to a halt. In the mix-up, a Tellarite kills Shran's lover Talasand Shran avenges her death by demanding the Tellarite who killed her to fight to the death. In an attempt to protect the fragile peace treaty, Archer takes the challenge instead and Shran is incapacitated but not seriously hurt.

The alliance remains intact, and soon evolves into the United Federation of Planets.