Do fernco couplings meet code 3

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do fernco couplings meet code 3

What is your take on Fernco unshielded couplings for joining PVC DWV on new construction? You must register before you can view photos and images. method of construction not specifically prescribed by this code, provided that any such alternative has been approved. , PM #3. I was curious about code acceptance from state to state using the fernco rubber couplings, the ones without the SS bands. Does your state allow them to be In Massachusetts the steel banded clamps can be used. Mostly referred to as mission Here we have 3 main types: Fernco, Cremco, and Steel. It is my understanding that flexible PVC couplings (e.g. Fernco) meet the definition of Mechanical Joint in the international residential code.

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do fernco couplings meet code 3