Dutch guy dont flirt

Dating a Dutch Man Seven Deadly Mistakes to Avoid in the Netherlands

dutch guy dont flirt

Wauw, je hebt echt een beetje het lichaam van die vent uit James Bond (this will do for any Dutch guy, it doesn't even matter which James Bond you're referring. A native Dutch girl explains why under no circumstances, she'll never date a anything like sexually assaulting a woman as a means of flirting with her. But unlike cigarettes, dating Dutch men doesn't get better with every one you smoke. May 24, “Why does that guy keep staring at me, it's weird?” I ask my Dutch girlfriend M. “ He is just flirting with you,” she says, matter-of-factly. What kind.

10 tips for dating Dutch women and Dutch men

The things I do for my readers! Of course there are certain exceptions… source: Dutch women are, in the opinion of the shallow man, the most predatory women on planet earth.

dutch guy dont flirt

The Dutch female selects the man she is interested in with the precision of a special forces sniper, aiming at a target. The Dutch female is often not particularly interested or fazed by the fact that their target could be married, in a relationship or even as the shallow man has witnessed with his own eyes, have their girlfriend present.

The Dutch ladies are relentless once they have set their sights on a target. The antelope calls the shots and the Lion simply needs to drink his biertjes and wait to be hunted. Because of this, expat women, often end up making the following deadly mistakes when on a first date with a Dutch male.

Deadly dating mistake number 1 Flirting.

Why I'll Never do a Dutchman again

Dutch men, used as they are to having antelope served to them on a denim covered plate, have missed out on this vital part of human relations during their development to adulthood. When out with a Dutch man on a first date, you could be having a lovely evening. He may even have made an attempt at flirting, romance is in the air, everything is looking promising until………. The previously charming Dutchmen then breaks out into a cold sweat and looks at the bill, at you, at the bill, then at you again, and there is a silence so deep that you can hear the female mice in the cafe coughing.

Due to smoking, they are Dutch after all.

dutch guy dont flirt

Do not under any circumstances expect him to pay your part of the bill. Most Dutch men can be recognized by their gelled back locks, dime a dozen t-shirt, ill-fitted jeans to compliment and to top it all off, a pair of run down shoes preferably Converse or the like.

Dutch men don't flirt

So far not too different from any other caucasian male from any given race or culture. What really sets him apart, is his demeanor. The sheeplike gaze that you get any time you try to make eye-contact from across the room or on the street comes from the utter astonishment you leave the poor guy in. Such sophisticated flirting is unheard of amongst the Hollanders. Either the woman walks up to the guy and expresses her sexual interest for him in a rather upfront fashion, or of course the Dutchman tries to break the ice with his female victim by promptly insulting her.

I think my dislike for Dutch men started back when I was little. My heart broke into a thousand tiny pieces every time I got rejected by a Jan, Willem, Niels or Pieter. Soon I started dating men of color.

How To Flirt With The Dutch In Three Easy Steps

They embraced my looks and loudness. I guess maybe my big and powerful presence reminded them of their mothers in some ways.

dutch guy dont flirt

After my first boyfriend, more men followed. With every man I dated the difference between men of color and Dutch men became more clear. Their passiveness mixed with their presumptuous air and disdain for women and people of color just infuriates me too much. Whenever you try to pin them down on their close minded behavior, they revert back to their 17th century state of being and start channeling their 4th grade presentation on Dutch tolerance.