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east meet west 2011 review

East Meets West (東成西就) is a Hong Kong comedy film directed by Jeffrey Lau. Contents. 1 Cast; 2 See also; 3 References; 4 External links. East Meets West. Return to Review Archive - E. East Meets West (left) Eason Chan and Karen Mok, and (right) Stephy Tang weird it up in East Meets West. EAST MEETS WEST Review. While his resume boasts some considerable successes in years past, it has been a long time since.

Da Xiong transforms into Kinnara.

Movie review: East Meets West (2011)

Ekin Cheng is also in Future Cops. Can anyone melt his heart of stone? Charles transforms into Yaksha. Her father married one of her classmates from high school — Scarlet — who is now in big debt from a businessman named Charles.

While avoiding goons, Kenny hears birds talk that tells him and Sammie to jump off a high cliff — they do and land on their feet unharmed.

East Meets West 2011 (Review)

Cabbie Wen is intent on becoming an actor, and spends his time trying to impress the duo with his skills. Also there is an evil Lady Gaga wandering around.

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No one believes the kid and everyone continues on their way. Scarlet avoids getting chopped by Sammi for now because they have to hurry and put on a scam fake Wynners concert. Jade is beaten by her father and then stabbed by Bing, which causes her to transform into her immortal form. She transforms Bing, saves her father from thugs, and then sets out to try to awaken the other heavenly dragons, most of who are now at the concert pretending to be members of the Wynners.

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Evil Lady Gaga causes power problems and the stadium begins to collapse, but the Heavenly Dragons transform into heroes and save the people from the falling scaffolding. Charles is saved by Sammi as she transforms into Ashura, causing him to be as interested in her as she is in him. The Heavenly Dragons set out to do good deeds to inspire people to be good.

Charles being saved and then talking to Sammi as Ashura inspires him to be a good businessman, not a corrupt businessman like he was. There is a saving the day montage, and an goofy extended scene where they try to inspire some robbers to be good, though the robbers keep immediately getting shot. Sammi is hurt enough that she surrenders, and the Heavenly Dragons commit suicide.

There, they begin a cleansing of his soul, starting to turn him good again. At one point they are literally tugging on his heartstrings, and his heart grows three times in size.

east meet west 2011 review

He instead asks for forgiveness from the Jade Emperor and everything is reset back to their current lives, but without Charles remembering anything of his previous lives. She meets Charles for what he thinks is the first time, but he does not remember her even though he is obviously smitten again. East Meets West takes silliness and emotional issues and blends them together in a nice mix.


In recent years, his movies had suffered from his self indulgence with his sense of comedy and story that interest him. Sometimes, it hits the right spot but in East Meets West case, it was a horrid waste of time and talent. But how do you critically review a "Mo Lei Tau" nonsensical movie?

east meet west 2011 review

There was a central love story of Ronald Cheng's character and the Rose fairy Betty Sun with the rest of the stars as supporting characters to that love story. In East Meets Westall the "stars" are laden with their own stories and around the halfway mark, it seemed that the director realized that the movie had to focus on the main love story that revolving between Xiaoming Karen Mok and Zhou Dong Eason Chan.

Subsequently all the other subplots were either minimize or abandon. Nothing for me to do? It seemed that there were some build up between Da Xiong, his son and his ex wife but nothing was made up of it. Ekin Cheng might not be the most talented artist around these days but among this cast, he is one of the most well known and to see his role reduced into a forgettable cameo, it's just kinda sad.

After a few squabblers, her character was discarded and were only brought back for some gags. Their resolution came quickly and there was very little emotional impact between the two. It makes one wonder why bother with her character at all. Just another waste of talent. Who is this Sitar Tan Weiwei? Will Jaycee Chan still have a career in the entertainment business if his father is not Jackie Chan?

Is William So still singing? I also wonder if Stephy Tang is popular in the Singapore market? Movies of such nonsensical nature requires a certain star quality to it.

east meet west 2011 review

It would allow the audience to like the characters quicker as there's hardly any material in such genre to do such buildup. It also allows comedy to arise from a play in their well known personality. It's possible to do such nonsensical comedy with relatively unknowns but they must have a strong sense of comedy and comedy performance. As again, it's lacking with those that's picked for this movie.

Beside that, the handling of the characters was a mess in East Meets West There were just as many characters in The Eagles Shooting Heroes and yet they well woven to support each other stories.

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