Evra meet 2011 super

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evra meet 2011 super

Luis Suarez & Patrice Evra ready to add Champions League chapter to their infamous rivalry as Barcelona meet Juventus in Saturday's final. Indian Super League · I-League · International Champions Cup at Anfield in October , but whose significance initially escaped virtually everyone present. Real Madrid and Manchester United meet in Skopje Super Cup Manchester United: De Gea, Rafael, Evans, Ferdinand, Evra, Jones, Carrick, v FC Bayern München, /12 UEFA Champions League semi-finals. The UEFA Champions League Final was a football match played on 28 May at Barcelona thus qualified to play Porto, the winners of the –11 UEFA Europa League, in the UEFA Super Cup in . venue for the UEFA Champions League Final at a meeting of the UEFA Executive . Patrice Evra.

Evra was still more unpopular at Anfield than, as a Manchester United player, he had been before. Suarez will forever be partly defined by Evra, just as the Frenchman has an indelible association with the Uruguayan.

Suarez and Evra have moved on, to Barcelona and Juventus respectively. They meet for the first time in 15 months in Berlin on Saturday night. As his immediate opponent is Lionel Messi, he probably has more worry about than a shared history with Suarez. He was serving a four-month ban for biting Giorgio Chiellini at the World Cup and is spared another awkward reunion by the calf injury that has ruled the Juventus centre-back out of the Champions League final.

With a hat-trick of bites, Suarez has a unique personal roll of dishonour. And a glance at his history shows anyone should be cautious before branding him a reformed character, but he has contrived to stay out of trouble so far in his Barcelona career.

He has changed some perceptions. Even Steven Gerrard willingly deferred to Suarez. He moved to Spain when other stars shone brighter in the Barcelona galaxy. Andres Iniesta is the man who scored the decider in a World Cup final.

He and Xavi rank among the most influential footballers of their generation.

evra meet 2011 super

They are serial winners and stylists. He set about earning the right to be bracketed with the best. He has provided 23 goals. Strikers are supposed to be selfish. He has subjugated himself to others.

And for many of those involved it represented the worst of times. Sitting up in the press box at Old Trafford on the afternoon of Saturday February 11, offered the perfect view.

evra meet 2011 super

Manchester United were playing Liverpool and as the two teams lined up in front of the advertising hoarding denoting the Premier League sponsor, for a moment the entire stadium seemed to hold its breath.

This was the handshake we had all been waiting for, a moment of gesture politics that was meant to provide a full stop to a simmering, festering row which had brought little illumination and much blast and fury.

evra meet 2011 super

This was the moment that Luis Suarez met up once again with Patrice Evra. The row, and the reaction Their entanglement stretched back four months. On October 15, in the Premier League match at Anfield, the Liverpool striker and the Manchester United left-back had clashed in one of those mass jostles ahead of a corner.

Real Madrid and Manchester United meet in Skopje Super Cup

It was nothing physical, not much more than the standard push-me-pull you, certainly nothing the referee thought worthy of intervention. After the match however, when interviewed by French television, Evra suggested that, during an extended argument about an earlier foul, the Liverpool striker had subjected him to a barrage of racist slights.

When told of the accusations, Suarez denied them and wrote, in a Facebook post, that he was upset at the very idea he might be thought racist. He had discussed what had happened with his manager, Sir Alex Fergusonwho had told him he would back him should he feel it necessary to make a more formal statement.

But the player had decided against it, assuming his tetchy post-match media interaction would be the end of it. The FA, however, picked up on his interview. Sensitive to the long-term accusation that it was not sufficiently robust in its procedures to ensure the game was not tainted by racism, it announced it would launch a full investigation.

From the off, it should be noted, there were voices at Anfield counselling that this was not the territory on which to conduct a scrap. Within the communications department and among former players there were those who said it was an argument that could not be won, that the atmosphere surrounding the issue of racism made it unwise ground on which to wage public relations war.

Far better to suggest the player apologise for any misunderstanding, say it was a mistake of language and quickly try to forget it ever happened. If only, such voices in the club agreed, Suarez had called him a bleeding Manc. Liverpool fans hold up a bannerEurosport But at the time, the manager Kenny Dalglish had more pressing concerns than PR.

Manchester United v Chelsea – as it happened | Alan Gardner | Football | The Guardian

He was alarmed about how such a public FA inquiry might undermine Suarez. He knew how vital the mercurial, magical Uruguayan was to his hopes of re-establishing the club as proper title contenders. And he feared the consequences of official edict. After all, this was a player who had been signed by Liverpool just after serving a lengthy ban, delivered by the Dutch FA, for biting an opponent, a ban that had precipitated his departure from Holland.

Another suspension, Dalglish feared, might see him agitate for a move away. The manager wanted to show the player he was loved as well as admired. He corralled the club behind steadfast support. They would back him to the last. With that decision, everything changed.

evra meet 2011 super

It was no longer a tale of two footballers and bit of verbals, as Suarez and Evra became embroiled in the most fraught, toxic rivalry in English football. Pride, machismo and regional conflict fogged the issues, shrouding them behind a gathering mire of ugly, spiteful bickering.

As Dalglish circled the wagons, it became Us against Them. The battle, and the ban Since the inquiry centred on the word of the two individuals at the heart of the row, the character of the pair was endlessly examined.

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Despite commanding huge attention, this was in fact a red herring: That made an appearance almost times. Social media fulminated with the insistence that the FA was too easily swayed by media pressure applied through Manchester United and its ubiquitous manager. This was not personal, this was political. My biggest regret is the way that Patrice has been castigated in some quarters for standing up to racism. On December 20, the verdict was in: A club statement said they were "very surprised and disappointed" at the ban.

No-one else on the field of play - including Evra's own Manchester United team-mates and all the match officials - heard the alleged conversation between the two players in a crowded Kop goalmouth while a corner kick was about to be taken. Dalglish gets shirty That support had its first public expression ahead of the Premier League game at Wigan Athletic the evening after the report was published. Liverpool warmed up in controversial t-shirts against WiganEurosport Some observers were less impressed.

Jason Robertsthe long-time anti-racist campaigner, was flabbergasted. What kind of message is that sending out? On December 31, the FA then issued its full page report, the headline conclusion of which was that the Liverpool player had "damaged the image of English football around the world".

Though it was careful to point out that Evra had suggested that, while Suarez had used a racial epithet, there was no evidence that he was a racist. When the two clubs met in the FA Cup fourth round at Anfield at the end of January, a game from which Suarez was banned, every touch Evra had of the ball was greeted with a cacophony of booing. It went beyond standard East Lancs Road enmity: Evra was a symbol of the pro-United establishment, out to preserve its own interests by doing down Liverpool.

Behind every boo there was real venom. He was more than just a Manc. He was a lying Manc. In the week leading up to the game all the talk was about the pre-match handshake.

evra meet 2011 super