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This morning, the producers of Extreme Mudfest, Entertainment, announced that Theory of a Deadman would not be performing at this. Theory of a Deadman - Not Meant To Be [OFFICIAL VIDEO] melodic vocals, JIBE display their better commands on extreme and alternate effect settings. Underlining their increasing prevalence, the song “I'll Meet You Half. Extreme MudRun registration is now open - Come get muddy! Mudrun Meet & Greet with Terri Clark (Saturday) 3. Official Extreme Mud Hoodie 4.

Bringing out a string quartet and a horn trio sounds a bit excessive to bring out on the road but when you record new music you want the songs to be the best that they can be. The two songs with horns on them on the album are two of my favorites.

I know that one of the things that you personally like to bring to the band is a bit of a harder edge, are there any songs on the new album that were impacted by your love for the heavier stuff?

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Tyler wanted to write a metal solo, something that guitar geeks would love, and he wrote this amazing solo. There are a few wicked solos. We did have some co-writes on this record as well. A lot of that stuff ends up being lyrical co-writes. Some of these people, like Kara DioGuiardi, who are so talented and just have the tongue for lyrics.

There are a few songs here and there that Tyler would get together with people and work on lyrics. I leave the lyrics to Tyler though. He did collaborate with a few different people.

We tend to wander around with no filter. That kind of leads into my next question. A lot of the stuff to me starts with management and labels. Even us, early on in our careers, you have to have a manager who will go to bat for you who you are.

Sometimes it takes a few albums to really find out who you are. Now I think here we are on our fourth record and we feel like old vets.

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I just say get over it. Rock and roll is about having a good time so enjoy playing and enjoy your fans — they deserve that. The Art of Dying guys are Vancouver boys like us so we try to lead them astray and give them a lot of bad advice.

We try to encourage them to say all the wrong things and then learn the lessons the right way. I think that when we first started we toured with Three Doors Down and you learn a lot just by seeing how bands carry themselves.

Watch how the other bands carry themselves and how they treat other bands and local crews. I think we had such a great upbringing of the band so to speak by being babysat by the Three Doors Down guys because they really carry themselves so well and took great care of us. Even though their goal was to take care of themselves, they gave a young band like us a chance. It was the same thing when we were out with Motley Crue.

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You worked again with producer Howard Benson on this album. Howard seems to be one of those producers that bands either love or hate, what did he bring to the table for you and what made his producing style effective? Howard is a unique personality for sure. The first time we worked with him was on our second record and we did our last record with him too, and now our new album. The best way to deal with Howard is to shoot him right down. We have a strange relationship with him where we love to hate each other and then we just crack up over it.

When I get up each day my biggest stress is accommodating all my interests. I am never board, about anything. There are just too many interesting things to do and think about—I like my mind sharp so I can do everything.

Pain is part of living, and you have to be tough and willing to fight through that pain to get to the good stuff. I would add that my support of Donald Trump from the beginning to now is largely due to this terrible swing of temperament we have moved to as a country.

For years everything has become so negative I think largely because so many people are on drugs—legal and illegal. Just going to get a drink after work is a bad trend in my mind. If he has an addiction it has been to be productive—he has many interests like I do so I understand the guy. People really do need to hear it, and they need examples to live by. That is also why I write these articles every day.

I want to help people and if something I write can do that—it is my hope that it does. Where families might return to staying together and bank accounts will be filled with opportunities for dreams.