First cross country meet tips procedure

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first cross country meet tips procedure

NCAA cross-country champion Adam Goucher. If you're thinking about tackling your first cross-country race, then mid-summer is a great. Organizing a cross country meet is similar to planning a large event, wining race team;; First aid to tend to scrapes and other injuries; and. TIPS FOR A HEALTHY RUNNER The Kingwood Cross Country team is not simply a fitness “club” that one joins after school. It is a Every athlete must race in spiked shoes. . Drink water first, then add the glucose polymer solution ( Gatorade) Post Competition procedure and protocol (includes hard practice days).

It is everywhere, but your body has defense systems that usually work. The skin is your major defense. Keep the moist membranes like lips, well watered to prevent cracking. The cracking will allow the virus from entering the body.

Suckers and lozenges are great for keeping membranes moist. Usually, it is the result of many months of training, and a diet that is lacking some key nutrients. The indicator is usually some sub-par performances and key workouts strung together for no apparent reason. Hemoglobin contains 4 elemental iron atoms per molecule. Hemoglobin is the critical part of a red blood cell. Each iron atom bonds with oxygen in the lungs during exchange and travels to the working skeletal muscle cells.

The availability of iron is the weak link in the blood muscle sequence. A visit to your clinic and a request for a Serum ferritin test should be considered.

Here are some guidelines: Proper hydration, especially in the heat, is essential.

How to Organize a Cross Country Meet

Both serum ferritin and Hematocrit can be tested. It is more common in females, but can be found in males. Many people think the iron found in vitamins or fortified cereals is all you need. Red meat should be consumed at least 5 days per week while in intensive distance training. There is a right type and amount for known deficiencies, know your diet. A general vitamin should be of the gel-cap type Possible supplements are: Vitamins are not wonder drugs. Training is stressful to growing athletes.

Do not overdo the supplementation. For life to continue, the level of calcium outside the bones has to be maintained within very narrow limits.

If your calcium intake is inadequate for even one day, your body cannibalizes its own skeleton to make up the deficit. Athletes are twice as likely to be calcium deficient as sedentary people. High protein intake can result in a calcium loss Calcium sources: Potassium Potassium helps maintain normal water balance in the body and is essential for muscle contraction and proper heart function, especially a normal heartbeat.

This is an easily accomplished workout and begins to orient the new cross-country runner to varying pace on the off-road surface. The second workout extends the effort to x 3 minutes at cross-country race effort with minute easy jog recovery. The cross-country ladder involves varying repeat durations and intensities, and replicates the mental and physical toughness that cross-country races require. The workout goes like this: Who Cares About Cross-Country? What do they achieve mentally and physically?

Physiologically, these workouts boost your VO2 max—the maximum amount of oxygen your body can take in and utilize. The workouts also improve your running economy—faster pace with less oxygen required—and help the body produce less lactic acid at race pace and improve the clearance of any lactic acid that is produced.

Mentally, these workouts prepare the new cross-country runner to the difference in effort and pace compared to road running. Captains must maintain a 3.

To provide leadership, direction, and inspiration to all team members. To demonstrate a diligent work ethic. To serve, when necessary, as a liasion between individual team members or between team members and the coaching staff. To model behaviors consistent with team philosophy and team goals. To plan, organize, and execute various team functions. To organize and lead stretching, warm-up drills, and cool-down activities. To share with other team members their knowledge of the rules, spirit, principles, and strategies of cross-country competition.

To always maintain a positive attitude.

Tips For Cross-Country Training And Racing

To recognize and respect the individuality of each team member regardless of ability or level with the express purpose of making each team member genuinely feel of equal importance with each and every other team member. To model and champion excellence in all phases of the total high school experience. No Race for You Any student-athlete suspended from school will be ineligible to return to practice and competition until he or she returns to school.

first cross country meet tips procedure

It is the absolute responsibility of the student athlete to inform a coach should this occur. Race strategy Please note that each race we may use a different strategy. We may train through some of our earlier or less competitive meets. This may mean we may ask the runners to run as a pack or we may even allow certain individuals to place in a certain order. We may also train through a race and have the runners do an additional workout after the race.

Run That By Me Again There will be occasional optional practices to allow for more individualized and specialized training as well as providing an opportunity to improve attendance record.

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Maps are located on the schedule page. Assorted information regarding bus departures, upcoming meets, current and past performances, school and course records, etc. Water, Water Everywhere Every student-athlete must stop the workout when the need for a rest or a water break becomes necessary. Although each workout contains several scheduled breaks, there will be occasions when additional ones might be needed.

Rest and Nutrition It has been clinically proven that in order for a student-athlete to perform to the best of their ability that they need adequate sleep. For informational purposes we have included the links to two articles. Our atheltes are constantly struggling with the rigors of homework, practice and the teenage life style. As coaches our responsibility is for the safety of your child. If we notice that they are struggliing with a particular workout they will be stopped and sent home.

It could be for various reasons. Skipping meals, not getting enough rest, illness, injury etc. We will never force a runner to finish a workout for the sake of being tough. Each family has to grapple with raising your children as you see fit.

Ultimately you must decide what is best for your child and set parameters as to when they should go to bed. There will be times when we address a healthy life style in regards to rest and nutrition. If you do not want your child present when we have these talks please just let us know and we will excuse them before these topics are addressed.

Gimme a Boost Involvement and support of XC parents and friends are always welcome. Your help does make a difference. At each meet the parents will set up the "Fiesta Tent". This is a great way to get to meet the other families. Parents are encouraged to sign up to help bring refreshments. Riding the bus is required by the district. If you cannot afford the bus fee please see the Athletic Director and it will be waived for you. Once the runner leaves school or leaves the meet on their own or with a parent they cease to be under the supervision of the coaches.

If your child will not be riding the bus we will need a written note from the parent or guardian of that athlete 24 hours in advance of the meet. Unfortunately we do not have the permission to release your child to a teammate or friend. This is to insure the safety of your child!! After the meet it is imperative that we attend to the post race needs of our athletes and program. As coaches we do not have time to assess who is riding home with whom. Please try and plan ahead and let us know that you will be bringing your child home after a meet.

Directly after the meet is a very inopportune time for us to remember who is going with whom. For weekend meets no transportation will be provided. If necessary we will arrange carpools for the runners. The only exception would be for Invitationals and you will sign a separate waiver at that time. We love you, no matter how fast you run! We should never hear a parent yelling to their child, "Remember the strategy!

If you want to yell, "Last mile best mile". It is especially not conducive to having your children run their best when their parents are giving them advice just before or even during a race. Please do not offer specific advice during a race such as pace time, passing runners at any given time in the race etc. We understand that you love your children.

first cross country meet tips procedure

Cross country is a very objective sport and time dictates team selection injury nonwithstanding by the end of the year. To that extent we will always have one tent set up for our runners that is off limits to the parents. It will be designated with the LCC Mavericks sign.

first cross country meet tips procedure

Please, please appreciate our request and let your children focus on their own on meet day.