Ghost facers meet castiel episode 8

Supernatural - The Ghostfacers and Castiel meet

The Ghostfacers was the name adopted by Harry Spengler and Ed Zeddmore Castiel in the Ghostfacers Series their strategy meeting with the team a la Ghost Hunters in Ed's parent's garage. which never stop the entire episode, no matter what horrors happen, much to the ire of Sam and Dean. S13E1 "Lost and Found" Live Episode Discussion and Post Episode Discussion. S13E2 "The Supernatural - The Ghostfacers meet Castiel - YouTube (youtube. com). submitted 5 all 8 comments. sorted by: I'm Castiel.". With A.J. Buckley, Travis Wester, Brittany Ishibashi, Austin Basis.

ghost facers meet castiel episode 8

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ghost facers meet castiel episode 8

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Amour Sucré Campus Life - Episode 8 - Sous pression [Castiel]