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10 New Character Additions That Hurt Glee (And 10 That Saved It)

One of these new characters was Jake Puckerman, the secret younger brother of Noah Puckerman, who at first was a welcome addition, but. But Mark Salling was a broken man' Mark Salling’s Glee co-stars have paid tribute to the actor who was found dead near his Los Angeles home weeks before he was due to be sentenced for possession of child pornography. Ahead of his guilty plea for possession of child pornography. When they first meet, Puck tells Jake that he remembers his parents arguing When Jake first auditions for the glee-club, he tries to keep his surname a secret .

When the members leave, Jake walks over to Marley. They have a quick discussion, and Jake tells her he will have to leave soon. He is later seen watching the new auditions for the Glee club, and enjoys them. Jake is seen in the Choir Room, watching as the three new members enter. In a voice-over, he reveals that he is leaving tomorrow night.

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Jake talks about how he is taking extension classes in NYADA, and that it's just a build up for his new career as a dancer. In voice-over, Jake also talks about how he can't leave Marley alone again. He talks about how she has made a new friend, Lauren Swann.

He goes to see Lauren, and walks into her office. He makes her promise that she will look after Marley for him, and when she does, he leaves. Jake is seen on a date with Marley, and tells her that he is leaving. She asks him for one my Glee favour, which he accepts. The two tell the New Directions that dynamics is very important to become a great club, and to show passion.

Kitty walks up to them and hurls an array of insults at Marley, causing her to run off. Jake decides to audition for the Grease musical to prevent Ryder from starring alongside Marley, but his plan backfires as Marley is hurt when she walks in and watches on jealously as Jake performs Everybody Talks with Kitty for their audition.

Jake and Ryder are decided as the finalists for the role of Danny. During the performance, Jake nearly gets into a fight with Ryder and has to break from the choreography to intercept a jealous Kitty who appeared moments away from attacking Marley. His facial expression, however, shows that he isn't very fond of his role because he hoped to star opposite Marley in the musical.

The Role You Were Born to Play Although his role in this episode is brief, he is seen at the Auto Shop where he expresses his disbelief that Ryder got the part over him. During Grease, he sees Ryder kiss Marley backstage before the final performance, and walks away disappointed. He performs with the cast in You're the One That I Wantbut is only seen briefly because Rachel imagines his role being performs by Mike instead of him.

Glease Jake approaches Marley by her locker and asks if she plans on joining the school's Superhero Club that several of the other glee club members have joined. Marley insists that she won't, noting in part that she would feel self-conscious in a tight superhero costume.

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Jake proceeds to ask Marley out on a date, only to have Ryder quickly interrupt and point out that Marley already has plans to watch him play at an upcoming football game. This incites a fight between the two guys, and Marley tries to break it up before Finn intervenes.

After Finn partners Jake and Ryder together with the hopes that they get over their differences, the two boys perform Supermanboth taking the opportunity to serenade Marley. What begins as shoving one another aside, escalates to Jake punching Ryder. As the two tussle on the ground, Finn and Sam separate them. Finn takes them to the auditorium and gives them a new assignment: As the work out in the weight room, Jake gives Ryder a note stating it contains his kryptonite in it.

Ryder tells Jake to be a man and tell him to his face, to which Jake tells him being half black, half white, and half Jewish, he never felt that he fit in anywhere and that he feels like he is constantly reminded of it.

Hearing Jake's confession, Ryder admits that he had Jake tell him his kryptonite because he couldn't read it. Jake seeks out Finn to get Ryder help. Rose at lunch, Jake says that there is something different about her. She reveals she lost some weight, he says that she looks great.

Rose confides to Jake that Marley talks about him all the time, he states that he feels like he blew his chance, but Ms. Rose replies that it's never too late. When Phil and Bobby start insulting Ms.

Rose yet again, Jake confronts them, recalling their past altercation. Phil and Bobby reveal that they aren't alone this time and several nearby jocks surround Jake, ready to attack, Fortu nately, Ryder and several of the members of Superhero Club come to Jake's aid, running them off.

In the hallway, Jake calls Puck for advice on what to do in regards to his situation with Marley, his new friendship with Ryder, and how it might affect things if he goes after her. Puck tells him to not to give up, but play it cool and don't be a dick. Jake thanks him and smiles at Marley as she walks to class. Ryder approaches Marley and tells her that they have to cancel their plans due to his plans with his dyslexia teacher, and asks to reschedule.

Kitty tells her that it sound like Ryder was lying, but Marley rejects the notion, and empowered by the week, asks Jake out on a date. Marley and the rest of New Directions perform Some Nightscelebrating their anticipation of Sectionals. Wait what's his name again it's something like Fredrick, oh He's really hot and his smile! Shit I'm in love. No I'm not I'm just No I'm in love, I can't tell Kurt. Most of you have already met him," Kurt said. He actually was looking a bit nervous but Rachel could understand why, I mean it was his first day at this school.

Then Finn's eye lay on Rachel and he egins to look less nervous and he gives her a half smile which makes her feel more in love. It's great to see you and glad that you joined the glee club. I was talking to the captain this morning and she said that you and her can be co-captain but she hasn't actually heard you sing. Do you mind singing? Do I have to sing a particular song? On Rachel's way to Kurt's house she was praying that Finn wasn't staying at his house.

When she got there she knocked on the door and just to make her day even better than it was Finn answered the door. As she was walking up she felt bad for not even saying 'hi' and just running upstairs.

He was sitting with Mercedes. They all played truth or dare and recorded each other doing stupid things.

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Then they watch a movie and started getting ready for bed. It was now 3am and Rachel was having trouble getting to sleep so she went downstairs to get something to drink. Are you sneaking out? He was sitting on the couch reading a book. Then they looked into each others eyes and kissed, both of them felt a spark.

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And be truthful," Finn asked. If I asked you on a date what would you say? Then Finn leant down and kissed her. Rachel definitely felt the sparks and she couldn't deny the chemistry.