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grateful dead meet up 2014 46214

JPG The Dead Daisies open for KISS at Klipsch Music Center, Friday, Aug. JPG Fans watch the game from up high during the Indiana Black Expo Summer A large meeting room features room for art and events at the Mars Hill Art Center, Company fan shows off his Grateful Dead tattoo during a concert at Ruoff. Grateful Dead Live at Deer Creek Music Center on We knew some others we were going to meet up with had an extra for the. Published: EST, 30 March | Updated: EST, 30 March Shocking: Shannon Kleeman, 21, was found dead in the basement of the home.

May the good God help us as we continue our Advent journey to Christmas! God bless you all! Paul offers this prayer: Advent, even in the midst of sometimes frantic activity, is a season of love. As we extend the love of our Eucharistic Jesus more and more, we are called to bring that mercy and justice to those around us.

This goes directly to the guys as a sign of support and prayer for their vocation and discernment. The Advent season proclaims the renewed vision of the prophets of old.

Grateful Dead Meet-Up 2017

Advent rekindles in us that sense of holy awe in watching and waiting to recognize once more Christ breaking into our daily lives! Christ has come among us. Christ is among us. Christ will come again in glory to be adored by those who keep vigil in the darkness and cold of a culture of death at odds with Him. It is filled with apocalyptic imagery and drama. From December 17th to 24th, the focus shifts more directly to the glorious celebration of Christmas.

As we begin, let us truly Prepare the way of the Lord! As your pastor, I pray that you all reflect on the opportunities of grace we have before us this Advent season. Celebrate Penance some time before Christmas. Pray especially for vocations to the priesthood and religious vocations.

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Pray for peace in our families. Make the attempt to offer a Daily Mass now and again in this holy time of waiting and preparation. Saturday Mass will be the usual 5: This is where we take our stand beside our King! On this last Sunday of Ordinary time, the very threshold of the holy Season of Advent, let us remember that our call to listen to, and put into practice, the voice of the Lord, is a constant call in our lives; it is not something done once and forgotten; it is something that never ends.

We either innocently miss Him, or we consciously choose to miss Him…. Just call to mind all the kings and kingdoms of the world over history, of how they once ruled with power and oftentimes mercilessly. Think of those governments that persecuted the Church with such viciousness that countless scores of faithful became martyrs for Christ and the Faith.

Think now that most are now all gone and the only one that has endured to celebrate the Kingship of Christ is the One True Church that He founded! As noted above, the holy Season of Advent begins next weekend! Once again, we will have available the Magnificat Advent Booklets for daily prayer and reflection.

Please take one and use it throughout the holy season. The purification needed in the Church has a powerful ally in St.

We will begin the pious practice the First Sunday of Advent! We always have a good turnout for this. I have a total of five priests lined up to help. I told someone, he needs two just for him! May our Eucharistic King bless us, our families, our parish and our world with His peace and His grace! The Lord promises us a life that will endure after this earth passes away. How will we each appear before Him at His return? No one is able to answer for our own personal lives and the decisions, for good or bad, which we have made.

That, will be our sole responsibility. It should make us more cognizant of our actions, words and attitudes in our daily lives! It should make us take our Catholic Faith much more seriously than we normally do; its practice, its fervor and its commitment!

grateful dead meet up 2014 46214

Apathy and indifference are two of the deadliest sins we each will no doubt present before the throne of God. Remember, our parish Mass for the holiday of Thanksgiving, will be on Wednesday, November 21, at 7: Come, let us thank God for our blessings both as a nation as well as individuals! He has not been ordained all that many years and is now in his first pastorate.

Like the majority of our priests being ordained today, he is authentic and genuine with a love for people, the Church and the Holy Mass.

He was troubled by what he was experiencing in the parish. Many days, the number at Mass is only a handful; sometimes less than that. He has done an admirable job of teaching his parish about the authentic Liturgy called for by Vatican II, often meeting with either indifference or even hostility. It is not uncommon at all to hear that they only go during Advent or Lent. It is as if they have no concept of what the Mass is truly about. I know that; I lived it; I experienced it.

I did my best to encourage my younger brother priest. I told him of how much better things are compared to when I was ordained in ! Keep teaching, keep teaching and praying. It is hard at times but one cannot give up! Pray for all your priests…. I know, the sixties are the new forties. I wonder who ever came up with that one?!

May the good God continue to bless us, one and all! As we adore and offer prayers of gratitude to God, Who has so blessed each of us, we must always remember those who are in need. In a way, we can say this is the two sides of one coin.

It is our privileged obligation to care for our neighbor in whatever way we are able. However, we must and can help when and where we can! From her heart, she gave her all!

Our gifts of time, talent and treasure to our parish are incalculable as well. Without volunteers and generous stewardship, things simply would not be done. Prayerfully consider your pledges to the parish and the archdiocese as you return to the Lord from His blessings to you! We pray for one another; we protect one another as well.

Together let us thank the vets who have protected our nation and continue to do so throughout the world! Lourdes is always so powerful. This time, I finally got to visit the beaches of Normandy! Standing on that sacred ground made famous for the D-Day invasion of Europe on June 6,was so moving. I prayed there for Dad and all veterans. We have been called to place the needs of our neighbor before those of our own desires. Granted, not an easy thing to do. This week, all of those commands by our Lord are captured within the summation of the commandments offered by Jesus in the Gospel, which is an echo of the first reading.

Jesus tells us the greatest commandment is that we love the Lord our God with everything in our being; with everything we have. That means we place ourselves and our treasures at His disposal. The second commandment is that we love our neighbor as we love our selves. These are the core commandments from which all others flow.

Honestly, we need look no further than our own hearts to see that these two great commandments are often ignored; do we? A beautiful image is that of the crucifix. It takes two arms to make the cross on which our Lord was glorified.

grateful dead meet up 2014 46214

The vertical beam is our love of God. The horizontal beam is our love of neighbor. As we continue this month of remembrance; these darkening days of November, remember your beloved gone before you in special times of prayer. So rough as some of those shows were, I still wish I had more memories with folks I love to this day Part of what I like to think of as the 2nd generation of Dead fans And with age has come some wisdom.

Not a lot, but a little And as I've attended Dead and Company shows I realize things have come full circle Once again, going to the shows for both the music and to be with friends Is is the same?

Well look at this Anyway, glad I took the time to listen to this one. Not a show for the ages, but a solid show that doesn't have me wondering if Jerry is on stage And a show that considering the back story, is pretty damn good. Don't know about you, but I would have cancelled after the death threat.

Then to go out and play with a bulls eye on your chest???? You gave the best you had to give. How much we sadly know!!! Longshank13 - favoritefavoritefavorite - June 1, Subject: Who's to say that it should have been different now that it's done! Tears and Laughter also alludes to that famous T. I don't even know, needs, which is OK But anyway the Grateful Dead as a rolling expression of life, as seen through music,and art,ended both as a bang, at deer creek, and as a whimper a month later with the passing of Jerry Garcia.

And I for one am not clear as to what all the bitching, finger-pointing, and name-calling is about as both were in a relative, and also an absolute sense, bound to happen; It all rolls into one, and nothing comes for free.

There's nothing you can hold for very long. To many of us that had been on the bus a while, I got on in Being on that bus was a head-first, eyes wide open, plunge into the deep end of experience, A white-knuckled, high speed, thrill-ride brushing up against and pushing the edge of sanity.

A mile an hour race to find, and grab that golden ring, the one where time stands still, and the music never stops: Strangers stopping strangers, just to shake their hand, Everybody is playing in the heart of gold band. A serious inquisition into why normal would ever be consider normal, or would ever in any way be desired. That the clash with the cops would occur at Deer Creek, as several other writers have alluded to, was a safe bet. By chance, and some business, I got to know the man behind building Deer Creek in the mid 's, not some fat cat by any means, but a local concert promoter who had a vision of a place, small enough to be intimate,but large enough to attract big acts.

An outdoor venue, outside city limits, where people could camp and make a day of it. The Deer Creek site was not his first choice, but was instead what the local governments considered safe, next to I, so that cops could move in quickly if need be.

grateful dead meet up 2014 46214

Sometimes known as an ambush. When Brent Mydland passed in things both on, and off, the stage had been heating up to the point that I for one had a sense of doom that something major was going to happen that would make his passing pale in comparison, if that was possible.

Brent's energy had become such a major part of what the Dead was all about between and his passing. The way that his vocals blended with Jerry. Sometimes now listening to the tapes of those shows, to me, it sounds like everything that he did was to make Jerry shine, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, till You get the point, it seems that they had a bond, deeper I'm sure than their shared additions.

His song writing has been derided by some Deadheads as being too commercial but to others it was soulful, honest, and heartbreaking.

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It should have been a clue as to how much mental anguish he was in. I for one was totally taken by surprise by just how unsure of himself, and how lost, he was.

I'm sure I was not alone.