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into Bent Camp,” OA Trail Crew. Coordinator Jay . you back this summer and to meet so many new . hot, soapy water and air dried for at least 12 hours. is a favorite on the Apache Springs Shooting Guns for Science. Now head towards the Apache Camp, located just inside Devil's Canyons, finding Soapy and trouble. Follow Many Wounds along the tracks. Download the game guide 'GUN GUIDE ' for Gun on PlayStation 2 (PS2) ( ) Some unfriendly bear will show up, and knock Ned down. Grab his rifle, and kill the bear. .. and grab his pin. Soapy will tell you how to free yourself, if you free him too. 1 - Near the Apache camp, find a path up. Go all the way up, .

Before Cole can attack Reed, Brown knocks him unconscious. When Cole awakens, he meets Magruder, who claims to have known Ned.

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Magruder orders that Cole be hanged in the morning for murdering Jenny. In jail, Cole meets Port, a wounded member of the resistance fighting against Brown's corrupt rule, and "Soapy" Jennings, an expert safecracker. Together they escape the jail. Soapy goes his separate way while Cole follows Port to the resistance's base camp in the mountains. There Cole meets the head of the resistance, Clay Allison, and agrees to help him bring down Magruder.

After ambushing one of Magruder's trains, the group steals a gatling gun and frees Apache chief Many Wounds. During the celebration afterward, Allison reveals that he also knew Ned, and tells Colton one part of his back story: Magruder tried to convince the Confederate hierarchy that the war could be won if they could find Quivira, an ancient city of gold. Ned, acting as a scout, led Magruder and a group of his men to a small Apache village, looking for a golden cross that could lead them to the city.

A white doctor ministering to the Apaches expressed ignorance of what Magruder was looking for, but Magruder ordered Clay to search the houses. When another Apache confronted Magruder, telling him that his quest would prove his undoing, Magruder shot him in cold blood.

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Horrified, Ned began to protest, only to have Magruder shoot him as well. The doctor tried to minister to the fallen Apache, but Magruder decapitated him. Clay came out with the cross and threw it to his commander, but the doctor's Apache wife fired a rifle shot that took out Magruder's eye and broke the cross into pieces.

In rage, Magruder ordered his men to slaughter the villagers. After Clay finishes the story, a group of Brown's men attack the base. The resistance manages to hold them off, and capture a Howitzer in the process, but Clay is captured by Hoodoo's men and taken back to Empire. The resistance stages a daring rescue, and Cole manages to free Clay, but only after he had been tortured by Hoodoo. After an extended gunfight, Cole subdues Hoodoo and interrogates him.

Hoodoo replies that Sadie stole something from Magruder and hid it aboard the steamer. Hoodoo swears that he doesn't know what it was, but says Colton will never find it, since it sank with the boat. Colton tosses one of Hoodoo's pistols back to him and finishes him in a firefight.

Clay's forces take over the running of Empire City. Knowing that the river's level drops during winter, Colton believes he can retrieve the safe, and heads for Dodge to get Soapy's assistance. When he arrives, Soapy is about to be lynched for cheating at cards. With the help of Sheriff Denton, Cole frees Soapy and the two head for the wreck of the ship, but find it guarded by the same renegade soldiers who attacked the Morning Star.

The two are captured and introduced to their leader, the psychopathic Sergeant Hollister. Cole, Soapy, and several Apaches braves escape the camp and return later with a band of Blackfoot braves to take the fort, but Hollister manages to escape.

Soapy, Cole and the Blackfoot chief head for the shore holding the steamboat and are confronted by Hollister, who wounds the Chief. Colton and Hollister duel on the beach. Near death, Hollister makes a suicidal run for Cole, with his clothes stuffed with lit sticks of dynamite, but blows up without hurting him. Cole recovers Ned's Ferguson rifle that Hollister stole and, after parting with the Blackfoot Chief, he and Soapy head for the steamer. Soapy opens the safe, and they find half of the cross, but they are confronted by Reed mounted on an armoured horse, who thanks them for saving him the trouble.

Instead, Cole tosses the cross back into the safe and slams it shut. Cole battles Reed and defeats him. Reed pleads for his life, swearing that any man who kills a priest will be damned himself. Cole ignores him and kills Reed, saying, "this is for Jenny. They are captured by the Apaches and taken to Many Wounds. The Apache leader finishes the story that Clay began: Colton is actually the son of Dr.

Campell, the white doctor, and his Apache wife, who gave her baby to the young Many Wounds for safekeeping during the attack on the village. After the attack, Many Wounds found his own father's body and swore revenge. Then Ned crawled up, wounded by Magruder and begging for forgiveness. Both Magruder and Clay believed that Ned had died from his wound Many Wounds gave him the baby to raise. Soapy, Cole, Many Wounds, and some other Apaches head to a hill-top, where the cross is meant to be placed to point to Quivira's location.

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Cole notices a mining operation that Magruder has in the area, and sees that Magruder got the location right, but has been mistakenly digging down into a mountain, when it is actually located above. Magruder's bodyguard, Dutchie, sees sunlight reflecting off the cross and Magruder's men attack. Soapy falls down the cliff and is captured. Cole fights his way down-hill, finding Soapy at the bottom of the hill, who confesses that he told Magruder where Quivira was. Cole leaves Soapy behind, telling him to tell Clay and Many Wounds to meet him at the mine.

Colton stops Magruder's train and kills Dutchie. Clay and other resistance fighters board the train and use it as a ram to break down doors of Magruder's mine.

Because of Magruder's haste, the mine has been shoddily excavated and is in danger of collapsing. Cole tells Clay to pull back while he goes in alone. Cole finds Magruder in the middle of Quivira, dazzled by its richness. A fight ensues, and Magruder throws dynamite at Cole, inadvertently causing a small cave-in that traps Magruder's leg. Cole would prefer to take his time killing Magruder, but decides to let the mine do it for him.

Cole escapes with Many Wounds' help, as the mine caves in, crushing Magruder. He grew up learning the way of the outdoors from his adoptive father, Ned White. The two made their living hunting game for the steamboats traveling the Missouri River.

While aboard one of the local steamboats, Colton and Ned are forced to defend the ship against a band of marauders, where Colton learns Ned is not his biological father, and is thrown overboard just before the boat explodes killing everybody aboard, including Ned.

With Ned dead, Colton's quest to find out about his true past begins. Cole meets many characters during his adventure, some become his allies while others turn out to be the utmost of enemies. Colton is a skilled marksman, and is always willing to stand up for what is right. Though he's a smooth talker, he is weak physically and tends to get himself into trouble, where as Cole is constantly bailing him out. Soapy's two specialties are cracking safes and cheating in poker; two major strikes against him in a place like the Old West.

In a cutscene, he confides to Cole the origin of his nickname: He is the unofficial boss of the West, in charge of the railroads being installed right in the middle of Apache Indian territory. Magruder was a Confederate major during the Civil War and led a group of soldiers, which included Clay Allison, to find the mythical city of gold, Quivira.

The war ended, but Magruder's mission did not. He has made it his ultimate goal in life to find the lost city of gold and is willing to do anything to accomplish it.

He raised the boy to manhood under the false pretense of being his real father. Right before his death, he confesses part of the truth to Colton and sends him on his quest to find out the truth.

Ned is a well-trained outdoorsman and makes his living selling animal skins and carcasses to the local riverboats sailing down the Missouri River.

Reed is skilled with all manner of bladed weapons and rides a horse dressed in heavy armor. Employed by Magruder, he is a merely a puppet in Magruder's game to take control of the west. Jenny is tired of the small-town life and is anxiously waiting the completion of the bridge in town so she can travel south to New Mexico to Empire City.

She proves to be a valuable ally to Colton, but is killed by Reed.

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In the mission immediately afterward, there are multiple groups of enemies that Colton must sneak up on. Some of them, when you get close enough to them, will sing a song called "Old Jenny," with the opening lines "There once was a Dodge City Maid, who was a whore by trade He and his followers work closely with the Apache Indians, dedicated to keeping Magruder and his men out of the frontier and restore some dignity to the Old West.

Soapy returned to Spokane in October where he had McGinty, the petrified man sent to Hillyard, a suburb of Spokane. In Junepapers in the family collection show he tried to swindle a company out of some mining property. Gay Mathas led me to Brown's obituary Spokesman Review, April 23,a very interesting telling of Brown's business and personal life in Spokane. It has a lot of information, including the Main and Howard location for the Owl Club.

The only online city directory for Spokane Falls is incomplete. Because the directory is incomplete, it is possible that Gordon Newelln either made a mistake in listing the Owl Club at Washington and Second, or it was there in at the time of the fire, and Brown purchased a lot closer to the center of town Main and Howard. No Owl Saloon at all. Also no Louvre Saloon. There is one Henry Brown listed, working as a laborer, but without a middle initial. There are three Henry Browns the next year including your Henry G.

My best guess is this directory was published before the fire. No Owl, No Louvre. There is a Henry G. Brown, boarding on E. The Owl, Henry G. Following are quotes from old friends. One of the most picturesque figures of the 'Old Spokane' The fairest, squarest, most honorable gambling man I ever knew. Doc Brown was a law-abiding citizen, ran a square place inside the law of those times, and when the new order of things mad gambling a felony he went out of business.

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Gambling was all the business he had and he went to the wall. There wasn't a Christmas that he didn't make hundreds of people happy.

Impoverished, discouraged, "Doc" Brown's death closed a life full to the brim of deeds which stand out in sharp contrast by the standards of today, and yet which show in a hundred different lights a native full of native nobility and a heart full of charity for the erring, love for the poor, and an unfailing generosity to all. Held an interest in a gambling house in New York.

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Became a partner of Charles Pratt more on Pratt below. Brown arrived in Spokane in Lost everything in the fire. Bibbins, but this doesn't agree with the obituaries of Brown or Pratt.