Gympie gold rush swim meet ribbons

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gympie gold rush swim meet ribbons

Gympie's premier swimming club is holding its blue ribbon event for the season, the Gympie Gold Rush Sprint Meet. Club publicity officer Kate. GYMPIE GOLD RUSH SPRINT MEET. SATURDAY Age; as at the day of the meet. eligible for Medals but will be presented with SQ participation ribbons. GYMPIE GOLD RUSH SPRINT MEET Age; as at the day of the meet. and are not eligible for Medals but will be presented with SQ participation ribbons.

gympie gold rush swim meet ribbons

It is abundantly clear that Special Olympics must continue. Special Olympics need to grow to ensure it remains relevant. We must push to ensure as many people as possible with an intellectual disability can participant within the Special Olympics Australia framework. What a wonderful group of volunteers we are very fortunate to have.

I see this through the regular volunteers who work in the Sydney office, the volunteers who put up their hand to support the travelling teams and the volunteers I have directly engaged with to assist us on some of our initiatives. I will guarantee one thing, in my next life I would definitely not come back as a Head of Delegation for a travelling team - now that is a difficult gig!

There are two types of volunteers who continually amaze me: Firstly, those who have no one in their immediate family with an intellectual disability and as such are completely free of any direct ties and give so much. Secondly, those who previously or currently have a family member in the program and yet go way beyond being in the cause for their family. They focus on the majority, rather than just their individual family member.

They run very busy lives and yet still find the time, the commitment and the passion to support others. I would like to thank the Board of Special Olympics Australia for their support through some very difficult times and in particular the members of the FARM Committee with Shaun as Chair with whom I have had a great rapport and some interesting debates.

I would ask everyone to remember that all Board Members support Special Olympics on a voluntary basis. Board members are busy people who are very giving of their time, money and contacts to support the wider organization. A special thanks to the Special Olympics staff. Rest assured, there is no easy role in Special Olympics and staff work way beyond what is required on an ongoing basis. They have experienced three restructures in five years and despite this uncertainty, continue to do their best under difficult circumstances.

I certainly will stay connected to this place.

gympie gold rush swim meet ribbons

They will no doubt be sorry they suggested this. Have a great Christmas, a safe one, and all the very best for onwards. International Day of People with Disability will be celebrated this year on Monday 3 December with a theme to empower persons with disabilities and ensure inclusiveness and equality.

Special Olympics Australia Chief Executive Officer Corene Strauss emphasized the importance of Australia recognizing and proactively acting upon the need to include people with intellectual disabilities in everyday life.

This year's focus on improving attendance for all students has also been very successful with every year level demonstrating improved attendance figures. The highlight for has to be the amount of community representation our students and staff have invested into our wonderful town. James Nash has taken enormous pride in being a part of the many community events that make up the fabric of our town. Events ranging from the Gold Rush Parade, Gympie Show, Eisteddfods, Technology Challenges, Anzac Day Ceremonies, Arts and Cultural Exhibitions, to list just a few, have had a common theme for our school and that is to ensure that the Gympie Community knows that the youth of our school are active and vibrant citizens willing to give back to their community.

Curriculum Plan With being the second cohort of Year 7s into secondary school, the curriculum planning continues to focus on ensuring a seamless curriculum exists from Year 7 through to Year 12 at James Nash. We have ensured that all planning is aligned with the National Curriculum.

gympie gold rush swim meet ribbons

I could not have been more happy with the performance of our Year 7 students in almost all of the dimensions measured and it was so pleasing to see our Year 9 students show such a significant improvement. Across 25 of the 30 dimensions measured, James Nash Students are performing at or above National benchmarks. With a new Senior Curriculum and Tertiary admission process being rolled out in the near future, teachers have been involved in the consultation process with the design and assessment of this new curriculum.

Last week it was announced by the government that the new system would now start a year later, rather than This means the students currently in Year 8 will be the first group through under the new system. Students currently in Years 9 to 11 will continue under the present system with OP and current senior syllabuses.

gympie gold rush swim meet ribbons

Parents across the school can expect to receive three Report Cards each year communicating your child's progress in their studies, and our Year 7 and Year 9 parents should have received NAPLAN reporting information. Our curriculum has continued to be extended for our high performing students through our differentiated curriculum and our partnerships with the University of the Sunshine Coast and East Coast TAFE.

Facilities Plan James Nash now has some of the most modern and sophisticated teaching spaces available in secondary schools. Inthrough our leadership of the wider educational community, there has been a monumental increase in secondary and tertiary schooling options available in Gympie.

Fraser Coast Club | Special Olympics Australia

Our Gympie Trade Training Centre continues to support and train student cohorts providing pathways to trade areas that are experiencing skill shortages across Australia. Our continued liason with the University of the Sunshine Coast USC Campus in Gympie will ensure many more young people are able to stay and live in our community whilst they pursue further education.

We enjoy continued success by collaborating closely with students, parents and primary schools to ensure an exciting transition for Primary School students into High School and supported with high quality standards of teaching and learning.

These projects are important for the long term condition of our facilities and gives the school a refreshed and welcoming character. The hard work put in by our grounds staff, to improve the appearance of our gardens and surroundings, ensures we are providing an environment that inspires learning and allows modern, technologically rich teaching and learning to be occurring.

I would like to acknowledge my Facilities Officers, Cleaning Staff and volunteer workers for their efforts to make James Nash a clean, vibrant place to learn.

Information and Communication Technology Plan Traditional learning opportunities continue to be enhanced at James Nash through access to digital content and activities. The wide-spread access to laptop resources for senior students has seen learning in extend beyond the classroom both in terms of physical location and time parameters. The partnering of mobile devices, EQ funded 3G connectivity and the creation of online classroom environments by most faculties, has enabled our school to capitalise on global information and resources to transform the learning of our students.

The two and a half years of planning from our ICT Team, School Council and P and C to prepare for this change allowed for a smooth transition in the senior school with students taking up the opportunity to BYOd.

2017/18 Swim Meets

At this point in time, over computers are managed on a daily basis at James Nash with an additional BYOD devices. The capacity of our staff, both technical and teaching, to fully maintain and utilise these resources continues to increase due to professional development undertaken at school. Workforce Plan Our entire school staff is committed to making the school a hub of educational excellence for all learners.

gympie gold rush swim meet ribbons

We are fortunate to have high quality staff in all faculties and work units of the school. In order to enhance the effectiveness and quality of our staff, our Workforce Planning reference group engaged in a range of actions and activities around workforce capability, leadership in education reform, health and staff morale.

For teaching staff, the main focus was: At James Nash High we have been at the forefront of development and action in professional support programs for many years, whereby professional staff engage in reviewing the practice and performance of each other in positive and collaborative ways.

Our teachers are highly regarded in the profession for their ongoing commitment and action in continuing professional learning and development.