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hearthstone concede at start meet

Coin Concede is a podcast about Hearthstone. and emails. If you're a casual player just starting out, or a competitive legendary player, there are many things to enjoy about this podcast. Come meet us at the stone for another Instance!. Some people want to stay on low rank to farm wins for golden hero so they just win one game with rush deck and concede next game. Meet Ant. Ant started playing Hearthstone in open beta. Now he's a pro player From there, it's a slow slide to the concede button made all the more It's a difficult mirror match, and Ant gets off to the worst start possible by.

Keeper Silences Ant's last hope and ends the first game of a brutal series. You can kind of hear the crowd go wild. Even though it took him a while to play it, I already knew what it was.

You can probably see me mouthing [Keeper of the Grove's dialogue,] 'I must safeguard the land. Purple top-decks one of the two zero-cost spells in his Highlander Priest to clear most of Ant's Aggro Druid opener with Wild Pyromancer. From there, it's a slow slide to the concede button made all the more painful knowing Ant is playing into Purple's pocketed AoE the whole time. It's hard to watch, but the next match is poetic in its cruelty. This is Ant's fourth time playing Aggro Druid at this tournament.

It's his third time playing it against Purple. And he has not drawn a single Living Mana, arguably the most important card for Aggro Druid because it enables comebacks, the entire tournament. Purple queues his own Aggro Druid, looking to finish the series.

It's a difficult mirror match, and Ant gets off to the worst start possible by drawing Patches the Pirate. Nonetheless, he manages to take control of the board and beat Purple down to six life, but he's out of cards.

Meanwhile, Purple has been holding Living Mana the entire time. Ant is able to clear by sending in his last remaining minions, but he has no answer when Purple plays another Living Mana.

hearthstone concede at start meet

Ant draws a useless Savage Roar and a pint-sized minion. Blizzard Entertainment The comeback tour The average Hearthstone player will put the game down after a string of tough or frustrating losses, and we routinely see pro players hurry off stage after getting shut out at major tournaments, or even take full vacations from competitive play.

Surely losing so spectacularly at such a big tournament is a major blow. Maybe for you or me, but not Ant. It's a better story like that. Ant He tells me he tries not to fixate on the luck of those bad draws.

I do think there were a lot of points where I got really unlucky. You never get better doing that. That's why I go back and look at places I could've done things a little different and gotten a few more percentage points and maybe been able to win. It just happens like that sometimes, it's just unfortunate it happened at Worlds for me.

He's the man with the even big smile who plays "the decks he's comfortable with" rather than the objectively strongest ones. When I asked tournament finalist Fr0zen about his strategieshe turned into a living, breathing stats machine. When I ask Ant before his first match, I get a very different answer.

hearthstone concede at start meet

Blizzard Entertainment "My favorite decks are the aggressive, midrange decks," he says. I've played a ton of games with Raza Priest, and it's definitely the best deck I should be playing in the tournament, but I can't get comfortable with it.

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These are more my play style. I won't mess up. That's pretty much the thought process behind the lineup. I want to give myself the best chance to not mess up, especially with the stage in front of you and all the pressure that can be on you. We chat about his goals forand he tells me he's feeling even more motivated despite his loss.

During their turn, each player can choose to play any of their cards, use their Hero Powercommand their minions to attack targets, or even have their hero attack directly if they have a weapon equipped. However, most actions require the player to spend manaand this limitation forces players to strategically plan out their moves.

Each player starts the game with 1 Mana Crystal, and gains one more at the start of each turn until they reach the maximum of 10 Mana Crystals. All of a player's mana regenerates at the beginning of their turn all their Mana Crystals become 'filled'.

Unspent mana remaining at the end of the turn does not carry over to the next. The larger mana pools in later rounds allow players to play increasingly expensive cards, opening the game up to more impressive moves and powerful abilities. In theory the objective of a game of Hearthstone is simple: However, the game features multiple strategic elements which require mastery before one can be successful at competitive levels of play.

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The control of minions, the assignment of strategic importance to various targets, complex card synergies and interactions, as well as the unpredictability of the randomly selected cards drawn each round, combine to create a complex game where the best plays are not always obvious.

Completing a match will grant each player's hero experienceslowly increasing their leveland granting them access to extra cards. While concluding a match will reward both players with experience, winning matches offers additional rewards. Order of play[ edit edit source ] Start of game At the start of each match, a coin is tossed to decide which player will go first.

Each player is then shown 3 random cards from their own deck 4 cards for the player going second which they can either keep or replace individually. Random cards from the deck will be selected to replace those cards that the player discarded, and the discarded cards are reshuffled back into the deck. The player that goes second also receives a special card on their first turn called " The Coin " that can be used at any time to grant the player one extra full Mana Crystal until the end of the turn it is played on.

For more details on the card selection stage, see Mulligan. During each turn At the start of each turnall of the player's Mana Crystals are refilled and one card is drawn from their deck and added to their hand.

Players can have a maximum of 10 Mana Crystals, and every turn, if the player has less than 10 at the start of the turn, they will receive a new filled one.

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Players can also only have up to 10 cards maximum in their hand; attempting to draw a card with a full hand will cause this new card to be revealed to both players and be immediately destroyed. A 2 mana cost minion with 2 Attack and 3 Health During your turn you can play any of your cards, including summoning minionscasting spells and equipping weaponsprovided you have enough mana.

Playing a card will consume the amount of mana stated in the top-left corner of the card. You are also able to command your minions to attack, use your hero 's Hero Poweror even use your hero to attack targets directly if your hero has an Attack value this turn usually granted by having a weapon equipped. Any cards, your Hero Power, or minions that you are currently able to play or command, are illuminated with a bright green aura.

Players can end their turn by clicking the End Turn button on the right of the battlefield. If a player has taken every action possible that round, a voice will say "Job's done" and the End Turn button will become illuminated.

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Each turn lasts a maximum of 75 seconds, plus some non-playable "slush time" at the end to account for animations. If a player takes no actions during their turn and the time limit expires, that player's next turn will begin with an even faster burning fuse, giving them around 7 seconds to play. In combination, these mechanics force players to think quickly, keeping the game moving at a brisk pace, and prevent non-active players from prolonging a game indefinitely.

Running out of cards Running out of cards to draw does not cause the player to lose. However, once a player has drawn all of their cards, later attempts to draw an additional card from their empty deck will cause them to suffer damage from Fatigue. Fatigue initially deals 1 damage to the player, but this amount increases by 1 each time. Players can mouse over their own deck or their opponent's deck to display how many cards are remaining in each.

Players can also mouse over any card or hero power at any time to read its description and view any related enchantments.