Hosting a car meet

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hosting a car meet

Feb 28, Here are five tips can help you put on an unforgettable car show. Apr 17, Setting up a car show requires a lot of planning, so be prepared to The Virginia Automotive Club will be hosting a car show this Sunday in the. Mar 12, Hosting your own car show is an excellent way to tap into your local auto enthusiast community and drum up business for your upholstery shop.

A budget should be set early on in the planning process. Every expense should be anticipated and budged. Estimate how many cars might attend and how much money will be made from attendance, raffles and auctions.

A "break-even" number of cars needed should be calculated. As the show nears, adjust the budget to compensate for a lower turnout or weak raffle or auction, if necessary.

Come up with a detailed plan on who will do what and where. Share this with your team. Explain to them the details and importance of their tasks. One person should be in charge of the overall show. His or her job should be to roam, problem solve and keep people on task.

Being organized will take some of the stress out of the process for you and your team.

hosting a car meet

If you're using volunteers, be sure to assign them specific tasks to be performed during the setup period and throughout the day. Although you may have options when it comes to where to hold your event, we recommend holding it at your place of business.

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Doing so can save you the cost of renting a venue, and there is less difficulty getting supplies tables, chairs, tents, etc. If you're a retailer, you'll have the benefit of servicing customers right in your shop instead of working from a trailer or tent.

As a manufacturer, you can provide shop tours to those interested in seeing the manufacturing and assembly side. If you're holding an event on your own property it is best to get in contact with your insurance agent to discuss your insurance needs. When holding an event on public streets or parks, most local governments will require you to buy an insurance policy.

Check with your local government about the amount of coverage required. The number of permits required will vary greatly from city to city. Here is a list of some of the permits that you might need: Start early on the permit process to allow time for processing.

Don't expect anyone to tell you which permits are needed. Due diligence is required on your behalf. You may get shut down if a permit is missing. Most portable restroom delivery companies can calculate the number of restrooms needed based on the number of participants and spectators you are expecting.

They should be located at the center and along the perimeter of your venue. A nice touch is separate men's and women's facilities if the cost isn't prohibitive. Don't forget about handicap access. Many venues will require dedicated handicap restrooms. Be sure to assign a few volunteers to bathroom duty along with a schedule on when to check restroom conditions, and make sure you have plenty of toilet paper on hand.

Dirty or overflowing restrooms can be a real event killer. You will need barriers to control traffic and spectators. Local governments can usually provide barriers, but you will need to request them well before your show. Be sure to use them to keep a clear path for emergency equipment. The local fire department will require you to have good control of the traffic. Most departments will want you to limit movement of cars to before the start and after the close of the show.

Moving cars while the event is still ongoing can led to accidents and injury to participants, spectators, vendors or your employees. The fire department has the ability to shut down your show if you violate their policies.

hosting a car meet

You'll need bathroom signs, raffle signs, entry and exit signs, "no parking" signs and others depending on your venue. Make sure the signs are strong and stiff enough not to get damaged by wind. Place them where they can be easily be seen and read.

Vendors are a key part of your show. If payment is a sticking point, ask them to donate something for an auction or raffle instead. Music is a must for a successful event. Choices include a live band, DJ or simple sound system. Local radio stations often will broadcast live from select events. Entertainment should be centrally located within the venue and within earshot of most participants.

You may use the same sound system used to broadcast the music to announce winning raffle ticket numbers and trophy winners. Donations are usually requested to be raffled off or given away as prizes. Many cities require you to get a Permit to Solicit for a Charity if your show is benefiting a charity. Obtaining raffle prizes is a lot of work. Instead of sending a letter or e-mail requesting donations, get on the phone and make a call.

Keep track of who you called, what they are donating and when you received it.

Organizing a Car Show - Pt I

Look outside the industry for raffle donations, too. Big chain stores, local restaurants and electronic stores are all good places to ask. Offer to hang banners and pass out product flyers for those that donate.

Don't forget to follow up with a thank you note.

How to Organize a Local Car Show

If you have groups of slammed cars showing up each week, and your parking lot is filled with speed bumps and potholes, it will quickly turn those people away. It takes a keen eye to understand exactly what sort of space will work. Another aspect you might overlook would be the surrounding businesses. A business park might have excellent lighting and will be clear at night, but affords absolutely no food or restrooms to people who attend. Finding a business that will let people come in from the cold in the winter, take a break from the heat in the summer, grab some food or use the restroom really goes a long way to getting repeat attendance from the local community.

Finally, consider if your neighbors will be happy with you there. Say you setup a meet in a gym parking lot.

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Every Monday night you and your friends show up in your cars and take some spaces in the back. After a few months the meet grows, and once a week cars start taking up spaces in the lot. What you need to find is a business that your attendees will give business to on a regular basis. From my experience the ideal location is a fast food place with a large well lit parking lot. You may start your meet with the best intentions of remaining above the board on everything.

Unfortunately the reality is most shopping centers have no interest in allowing this sort of event to take place on their property. They view it as a liability, and may ultimately refuse you outright. This is where it becomes a matter of asking for forgiveness rather than permission. It is far easier to just start showing up and hope no one minds, rather than deal with the potential of being barred from showing up before you even get started.

I have successfully thrown events where hundreds of cars show up unprompted. As long as the show is well organized, and you have people helping you police bad behavior, there should be no issue in you being there. Staying there long term is another matter entirely.

It is easy to get kicked out if your group leaves garbage behind on a weekly basis, causes traffic jams coming in and out of the shopping center, or generally disturbs your neighbors.

Rules This leads to the most important part of establishing any meet. Typically the quickest way to get kicked out of a location, or black listed by the local community, is to not police your own meet.

10 Tips to Organize Your Own Car Show

You absolutely cannot allow burnouts, revving, fights and so on. While at first this may not be an issue, as you grow you will inevitably attract the random Ken-Block-Wannabe who drifts his way into a curb. The neighbors hear, they call the police, and next thing you know you are out of a spot. Nor does allowing this behavior win you any points with the community. A great way to help curb this problem, is to speak to everyone.

Not as a group, but one on one. Hanging out with your friends is great, but getting to know the new people who take the time to come to your meet is far more important. If they know who is in charge, and exactly what the expectations of people in attendance are, they are far less likely to misbehave.