How did chandragupta and chanakya meet joe

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how did chandragupta and chanakya meet joe

The legend of Chanakya and Chandragupta is detailed in the Pali-language Buddhist chronicles of Sri .. As they arrived to meet Nanda, the king died. According to Joseph Needham, When the men of Alexander the Great came to Taxila. Chandragupta Maurya (reign: c–c. BCE) was the founder of the Maurya Empire in . They state that Chandragupta was a student of Chanakya (also called Chandragupta ("Androcottus") met with Alexander the Great when he was a young .. 49; ^ Schwartzberg, Joseph E. A Historical Atlas of South Asia, 2nd ed. Jan 7, According to some sources, Chanakya was a Brahmin from North India, scholar in Chanakya and Chandragupta have been credited with defeating the powerful After some years, he returned to Pataliputra to meet his mother, only to learn that she was dead. .. Jainism in South India by P. M. Joseph.

The note declared that anybody who smelled this perfume will have to either become a monk or face death. Subandhu tested the perfume on another man, and then fed him luxurious food something that the monks abstain from. The man died, and then Subandhu was forced to become a monk to avoid death.

how did chandragupta and chanakya meet joe

Both are based on a now-lost Prakrit-language Brihatkatha-Sarit-Sagara, which itself is based on the now-lost Paishachi language Brihatkatha by Gunadhya. Vararuchi identified with KatyayanaIndradatta and Vyadi were three disciples of the sage Varsha. Once, on behalf of their guru Varsha, they traveled to Ayodhya to seek a gurudakshina guru's fee from king Nanda. As they arrived to meet Nanda, the king died. Using his yogic powers, Indradatta entered Nanda's body, and granted Vararuchi's request for 10 million dinars gold coins.

The royal minister Shakatala realized what was happening, and had Indradatta's body burnt. But before he could take any action against the fake king Indradatta in Nanda's body, also called Yoganandathe king had him arrested. Shakatala and his sons were imprisoned, and were given food sufficient only for one person.

Shakatala's sons starved to death, so that their father could live to take revenge. As the king's character kept deteriorating, a disgusted Vararuchi retired to a forest as an ascetic. Shakatala was then restored as the minister, but kept planning his revenge. One day, Shakatala came across Chanakya, a Brahmin who was uprooting all the grass in his path, because one blade of the grass had pricked his foot. Shakatala realized that he could use a man so vengeful to destroy the fake king.

He invited Chanakya to the king's assembly, promising himgold coins for presiding over a ritual ceremony. But the day Chanakya arrived at the king's court, Shakatala got another Brahmin named Subandhu to preside over the ceremony. Chanakya felt insulted, but Shakatala blamed the king for this dishonour. Chanakya then untied his topknot sikhaand vowed not to re-tie it until the king was destroyed. The king ordered his arrest, but he escaped to Shakatala's house.

There, using materials supplied by Shakatala, he performed a magic ritual which made the king sick.

Time travel: When Alexander the Great met Chanakya

The king died of fever after 7 days. He anointed Chandragupta, the son of the real king Nanda, as the new king in Kshemendra's version, it is Chanakya who installs Chandragupta as the new king. Shakatala also appointed Chanakya as the royal priest purohita. Having achieved his revenge, he then retired to the forest as an ascetic. Its date is uncertain, but it anachronistically mentions the Hunaswho invaded northern India during the Gupta period. Therefore, it could not have been composed before the Gupta era.

Therefore, most of it appears to be pure fiction, without any historical basis. For this reason, Chanakya vowed not to tie his top knot shikha until the complete destruction of Nanda. Chanakya made a plan to dethrone Nanda, and replace him with Chandragupta, his son by a lesser queen. Chanakya engineered Chandragupta's alliance with another powerful king Parvateshvara or Parvataand the two rulers agreed to divide Nanda's territory after subjugating him. The army invaded Pataliputra Kusumapura and defeated the Nandas.

He sent a vishakanya poison girl to assassinate Chandragupta. Chanakya had this girl assassinate Parvata instead, with the blame going to Rakshasa. However, Parvata's son Malayaketu learned the truth about his father's death, and defected to Rakshasa's camp.

Chanakya's spy Bhagurayana accompanied Malayaketu, pretending to be his friend. For example, once Rakshasa arranged for assassins to be transported to Chandragupta's bedroom via an underground tunnel. Chanakya became aware of them by noticing a trail of ants carrying the leftovers of their food.

He then arranged for the assassins to be burned to death. Chanakya convinced him that Rakshasa was responsible for killing his brother, and agreed to share half of Nanda's kingdom with him. Secretly, however, Chanakya hatched a plan to get Vairodhaka killed. He knew that the chief architect of Pataliputra was a Rakshasa loyalist.

He asked this architect to build a triumphal arch for Chandragupta's procession to the royal palace. He arranged the procession to be held at midnight citing astrological reasons, but actually to ensure poor visibility. He then invited Vairodhaka to lead the procession on Chandragupta's elephant, and accompanied by Chandragupta's bodyguards. As expected, Rakshasa's loyalists arranged for the arch to fall on who they thought was Chandragupta.

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Vairodhaka was killed, and once again, the assassination was blamed on Rakshasa. Of these, Jiva-siddhi was actually a spy of Chanakya, unknown to his other spies. Chandana-dasa sheltered Rakshasa's wife, who once unknowingly dropped her husband's signet-ring mudra. Chanakya's agent got hold of this signet-ring, and brought it to Chanakya.

Using this signet ring, Chanakya sent a letter to Malayaketu warning him that his allies were treacherous. Chanakya also asked some of Chandragupta's princes to fake defection to Malayaketu's camp. In addition, Chanakya ordered Shakata-dasa's murder, but had him 'rescued' by Siddharthaka, a spy pretending to be an agent of Chandana-dasa.

Chanakya's spy then took Shakata-dasa to Rakshasa. As a reward, Rakshasa gave him some jewels that Malayaketu had gifted him. Sometime after this, another of Chanakya's agents, disguised as a jeweler, sold Parvata's jewels to Rakshasa.

But Chanakya knew all about Rakshasa's plans thanks to his spies. In front of Rakshasa's spies, Chanakya and Chandragupta feigned an angry argument.

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Chandragupta pretended to dismiss Chanakya, and declared that Rakshasa would make a better minister. Meanwhile, Malayaketu had a conversation with Chanakya's spy Bhagurayana while approaching Rakshasa's house. Bhagurayana made Malayaketu distrustful of Rakshasa, by saying that Rakshasa hated only Chanakya, and would be willing to serve Nanda's son Chandragupta.

Shortly after this, a messenger came to Rakshasa's house, and informed him that Chandragupta had dismissed Chanakya while praising him. This convinced Malayaketu that Rakashasa could not be trusted. He consulted the Jain monk Jiva-siddhi to decide an auspicious time for beginning the march.

Jiva-siddhi, a spy of Chanakya, told him that he could start immediately. Shortly after, Chanakya's spy Siddharthaka pretended to get caught with a fake letter addressed to Chandragupta by Rakshasa. Wearing the jewels given by Rakshasa, he pretended to be an agent of Rakshasa. The letter, sealed with Rakshasa's signet-ring, informed Chandragupta that Rakshasa only wished to replace Chanakya as the prime minister. It also stated that five of Malayaketu's allies were willing to defect to Chandragupta in return for land and wealth.

An angry Malayaketu summoned Rakshasa, who arrived wearing Parvata's jewels that Chanakya's agent had sold him. When Malayaketu saw Rakshasa wearing his father's jewels, he was convinced that there was indeed a treacherous plan against him. He executed his five allies in a brutal manner. The whole region from Phrygia to the Indus was subject to Seleucus.

how did chandragupta and chanakya meet joe

He crossed the Indus and waged war with Sandrocottus [Maurya], king of the Indians, who dwelt on the banks of that stream, until they came to an understanding with each other and contracted a marriage relationship. Some of these exploits were performed before the death of Antigonus and some afterward. Kosambi, Seleucus appears to have fared poorly, having ceded large territories west of the Indus to Chandragupta. Alexander deprived the Ariani of them, and established there settlements of his own.

But Seleucus Nicator gave them to Sandrocottus in consequence of a marriage contract EpigamiaGreek: He ruled for 60 years. From him, Vindusara was born and ruled for the same number of years as his father.

how did chandragupta and chanakya meet joe

His son was Ashoka. In a return gesture, Chandragupta sent war elephantswhich played a key role in the victory of Seleucus at the Battle of Ipsus.

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Classical sources have recorded that following their treaty, Chandragupta and Seleucus exchanged presents, such as when Chandragupta sent various aphrodisiacs to Seleucus: And Phylarchus confirms him, by reference to some of the presents which Sandrakottus, the king of the Indians, sent to Seleucus; which were to act like charms in producing a wonderful degree of affection, while some, on the contrary, were to banish love" Athenaeus of Naucratis" The deipnosophists " Book I, chapter 32 [81] [72] Southern conquest[ edit ] The extent of Chandragupta's empire is unclear.

If Jain texts are correct, it may have included the Deccan regions. Chandragupta then began expanding his empire further south beyond the barrier of the Vindhya Range and into the Deccan Plateau. Their initial attempts at conquering Magadha were unsuccessful. Once, Chanakya came across a mother scolding her child for burning himself by eating from the middle of a bowl of porridge rather than the cooler edge. Chanakya realized his initial strategic error: He then changed his strategy and focused on capturing the areas located at the peripharies of the Nanda empire.

With help from Suvashini, he drove a wedge between the king and Rakshasa. Finally, he defeated the last Nanda king and established a new empire with Chandragupta Maurya as the emperor. After the establishment of the Maurya Empire Chanakya continued to serve as an advisor to Chandragupta after the establishment of the Maurya Empire. According to a popular legend mentioned in Jain textsChanakya used to add small doses of poison to the food eaten by Emperor Chandragupta Maurya mithridatism in order to make him immune to the poisoning attempts by the enemies.

The queen, not immune to the poison, collapsed and died within a few minutes. In order to save the heir to the throne, Chanakya cut the queen's belly open and extracted the foetus just as she died. The baby was named Bindusarabecause he was touched by a drop bindu of blood having poison.

Death According to one legend, Chanakya retired to the jungle and starved himself to death. Subandhu, who did not like Chanakya, told Bindusara that Chanakya was responsible for the murder of his mother. Bindusara asked the nurses, who confirmed the story of his birth. Bindusara was horrified and enraged. When Chanakya, who was an old man by this time, learned that the King was angry with him, he decided to end his life.

In accordance with the Jain tradition, he decided to starve himself to death. By this time, the King had found out the full story which was that Chanakya was not responsible for his mother's death, which was an accident.

He asked Subandhu to convince Chanakya to give up his plan to kill himself. However, Subandhu instead conducted a ceremony for Chanakya only to burn him alive. Arthashastra and Chanakya Niti, also known as Chanakya Neeti-shastra.

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The text also outlines the duties of a ruler. It is not just a normative text but a realist description of the art of running a state.