How did kirk meet spocks father

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how did kirk meet spocks father

Sarek was also in three out of the six original films, in which he briefly mind- melded with Captain Kirk and apologized to Spock for giving him so. By Sarek's suggestion, he was named after one of Vulcan's early society . prime reality and that Kirk also met Spock at a hearing, after he cheated on the test. The real issue is about bringing Spock from Genesis to Vulcan. What Sarek actually said was that Kirk had to bring both McCoy and Spock to.

The Final Frontierwith a voice-over provided by Lenard. The scene is in reference to Spock's birth and Sarek remarking he is "so human.

The Undiscovered Country This film was recorded after, but released before, his last broadcast appearance in The Next Generation. It takes place in the time period of the original series, in the year Sarek is once again shown as a diplomat participating in the Khitomer Conference, the first diplomatic meeting between the Klingons and the Federation.

In the first, in an episode named after himSarek suffers from Bendii Syndrome, an incurable and terminal neurological degenerative illness that makes him lose control of his emotions. Having established a mind meld with Captain Jean-Luc PicardSarek is able to continue with an important diplomatic mission, but his emotions are expressed privately through Picard, among them his deep love for Amanda, Spock, and his current human wife Perrin.

Though respectful of Spock's ability to make his own choices, Sarek clearly encourages him to maintain his logical Vulcan nature. Sarek maintains that he married Amanda because it was logical to do so, since as the Vulcan ambassador, it would of course fall upon Sarek to observe human behavior.

Later, Sarek is on the board of the Vulcan Science Academy, and is disappointed to learn that his son has turned down admission in favor of joining Starfleet. When the vengeful Romulan captain, Neromakes clear his intention to destroy Vulcan, Spock arrives to transport Sarek, Amanda, and the rest of the Vulcan council to safety; however, Amanda is lost in the attempt.

When Spock leaves the bridge, Sarek is clearly displeased by the events and follows him. Sarek advises Spock that if he feels anger at Vulcan's destruction and Amanda's deaththen he should not try to hide it. Sarek also admits to his son: I married her because I loved her.

At this moment, father and son have reconciled as they grieve together over the losses of their world and loved ones, before Spock leaves to stop Nero from destroying Earth and to avenge his mother's untimely death. Discovery[ edit ] Family relationships[ edit ] Spock's ongoing conflict between emotion and logic is countered by his parents, Sarek and human Amanda Graysona seemingly loving and devoted couple.

The character of Sarek and his relationship with Spock and Amanda have been explored in depth in amateur fictionseveral authorized novels, and in the animated episode " Yesteryear ". Movies and episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation have also added to background on these relationships. Spock and Sarek's relationship is formal and respectful, but strained. Captain Jean-Luc Picardwho mind melded with Sarek before he died, also mind melds with Spock in order to share Sarek's thoughts and feelings about his son.

Little is known about Sarek's relationship with his oldest son Sybokbut presumably it was a difficult one since Sybok rejected Vulcan ways and was banished from the planet. Sarek's adoptive daughter Michael Burnham was added in Star Trek: Sarek in many ways is closer to Burnham because he shared part of his Katra with her.

Still, when forced to choose between Spock and Burnham, Sarek favored his biological son.

how did kirk meet spocks father

This is a central theme of the Discovery episode " Lethe ", in which Sarek attempts to have both of his children accepted to the Vulcan Expeditionary Group, but is told that only one could be chosen. Kirkis transporting Federation ambassadors to the Babel Conference to discuss the admission of the Coridan system into the Federation.

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The system is a prime source of dilithium crystals but is underpopulated and unprotected, a situation that some would prefer to maintain by keeping Coridan out of the Federation. Ambassador Sarek of Vulcan boards with his human wife Amanda, ignoring Spock's greetings. Captain Kirk learns that he is in fact Spock's father, estranged from Spock because of his decision to join Starfleet rather than the Vulcan Science Academy.

how did kirk meet spocks father

During a reception for the passengers, the Tellarite ambassador, Gav, demands to know Sarek's position on Coridan. Pushed for a response, Sarek refers to the need to protect Coridan from unauthorized mining operations, with which Tellarite ships have been involved.

Journey to Babel

Gav takes offense at the allegation and the confrontation briefly becomes physical before Kirk intervenes, warning all parties to keep order on his ship. Meanwhile, Communications Officer Lt. Uhura has detected an encoded transmission beamed from the Enterprise to a fast-moving vessel at the extreme edge of sensor range. Shortly afterward, Ambassador Gav is found murdered, his neck broken by what Spock describes as an ancient Vulcan method of execution called Tal-Shaya, casting suspicion on Sarek.

how did kirk meet spocks father

During questioning, Sarek suffers a cardiovascular event, and is rushed to sickbaywhere Chief Medical Officer McCoy determines that he requires immediate surgery.

Because there is a shortage of his rare T-negative-type blood, Spock volunteers to donate some of his own blood for the operation, using an experimental stimulant for increased blood production. Plans for the procedure come to a halt when Thelev, a member of the Andorian delegation, stabs Captain Kirk. Kirk subdues Thelev but is seriously wounded and taken to sickbay, while Thelev is imprisoned in the brig.

In accordance with regulations, and despite Amanda's emotional plea, Spock refuses to continue the blood donation and turn command of the Enterprise over to anyone else, as the situation is too critical.

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Hearing of Spock's refusal to relinquish command, and having recovered sufficiently to be able to walk, Kirk returns to the bridge to relieve Spock and order him to the sickbay, intending to turn command over to Mr. When Uhura picks up another encoded transmission from the Enterprise and traces the source to the brig, Kirk decides to stay on the bridge.

how did kirk meet spocks father

When Thelev is searched, it is discovered that one of his antennae is fake and conceals a small transceiver.