How to meet nollywood producers

List Of Nollywood Producers/Directors And Their Contacts

how to meet nollywood producers

Frontline Nollywood Movie Director Address: 7 Salvation Road. Opebi, Ikeja, Lagos State. Phone: + 1 , (0) , ; Fax: + of some Members · Meet Our Mr. Mbamara has been a long standing member of the Nigerian Lawyers Association (USA) and has served in various Nigerian Promoters Association (USA) “Best Movie Producer of the Year Award,”. This is the fastest way to meet producers and directors who will see your talent. Remember that you should attend only legitimate Nollywood.

PREPARE YOUR OWN NOLLYWOOD BUDGET – How to Film in Nigeria and still be human by Niyi Akinmolayan

Still, it is important that I warn you about the inherent danger associated with quests like this. While you go about looking for the phone numbers of actors and actresses to call to help you gain entry into Nollywood, fraudsters are aware of it and are capitalizing on this to give out fake numbers on various websites through which they defraud, rape or lure ladies into inhuman sexual activities. Even some of the actors themselves are said to have used the opportunity to take advantage of ladies too.

Some are said to have even sent their nude pictures to male celebrities actors in effort to seduce them, hoping that will help them get a role in a movies. This article may not be for these ones.

how to meet nollywood producers

However, if you are looking for straight forward means to become a Nollywood actress or actor, pay attention to this post. The process is not difficult as long as you already have the talent because talent is what make a great star.

Therefore, one would expect the glamour and wealth that flows in Nollywood. Average Nigerian movie stars earn between N, to N, per role, while the big names in the industry earn between N1 million to N5 million depending on the name and the movie production budget. If you earn N, per role as a new and upcoming star and get ten roles in a year, that will amount to a whooping N1, Remember you are still upcoming, your earning is bound to grow even bigger as you grow bigger and more popularity.

At the beginning, you should focus more on getting your roles right rather than the cash.


How To Apply For Jobs Online In Nigeria Apart from the take home from movie roles, the real money actually comes from products endorsements and contracts that will come your way when you become popular. Some popular stars are currently being signed up for products endorsement by some of the Telecom and other big companies in Nigeria. That is where the big bucks will come from. Lifestyle — There is huge glamour and seemingly enjoyment going on in the entertainment industry all over the world.

You will have the opportunity to attend some of the finest events in the country, travel to places, I mean some of the places you can only dream about now and get to meet great people in the society.

To most people, this aspect is the most attractive of it all. Red carpet events, awards, and other stuffs like that you used to watch on TV. You get to be in all of them and enjoy yourself to the fullest, at least as it seems. Opportunity — Many celebrities have been able to get political appointments in their states or at the national level due to the popularity acquired through the entertainment industry.

People get to see you perform on TV including government officials and policy makers and see what you are capable of doing through the way you act. For the sake of this post, we will look at Low and High budget films.

how to meet nollywood producers

It helps their ego…lol. Village witches are real o.

how to meet nollywood producers

It will make it look expensive. Get a music producer to create a song for you. Hire a good location guy and a good writer. You will get a good award winning script for this amount.

how to meet nollywood producers

You should be willing to spend even more. Also make sure you have a cast and crew meeting ahead of the shoot. Very good for fighting the sun and cool night exteriors. Your Gaffer should be able to arrange a deal specifically for days you need the HMIs.

You will need it. The real difference between cinema and small screen is the world in which the story is told.

We tell that story all the time but tell that story on a sinking feet long Ship and you have Oscar winning Cinema. If you are doing low budget, give us a story to die for.

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Even if everything happens in one room, people will love it. He should be very proactive and know where to be smart with cost. For low budget films, crew members can share hotel rooms. You can also be smart as a producer and make your home comfortable for some key crew.

With games and jollof rice, who needs hotels. So stop using your immediate family members or that chic you had an affair with and left her for her hotter friend as crew members o.

She might be an evil edo girl o. Even if you want to use family member, do not use them for key roles — Plan all your Locations around a region. Nothing delays a shoot as much as moving from one location to another. Look for locations close to each other and find a hotel close by too.

Cinema distributors too, the same. So you ask, how do new people now enter. Remember i said, use a star. They just need to be there to give the film some credibility. Subconsciously, distributors will think, if this star agreed to be in this movie, it must be a good one.

Again, stop putting your friend as cast in a movie you want to make money from. Those of you that like putting your actor girlfriends in your films …who you epp. I have plenty producers owing my studio money. They all come crying that all the money finished while shooting. Before you start shoot, keep the money for post and marketing aside. Your zeal to sell a film can disappear when it spends forever in post.

how to meet nollywood producers

Bad things too can happen like missing files, editor disappearing…etc. If you are serious about making money from a film, please high a director who is willing to work with your budget, your team and with you.

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