How to meet project milestones

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how to meet project milestones

Just as highway travelers can see how far they've traveled by watching for mile markers along the side of the road, project teams can use. Learn what milestones are for project management, plus how to define them wants to pore over your beautiful project plan to find key dates. If a milestone focuses on major progress points in a project, you can see how it is useful in scheduling. Just as tasks break a larger project into.

The completion of any highly significant task, event, occurrence or decision.

how to meet project milestones

Reaching a significant checkpoint or phase in the project lifecycle. Achieving a specific "percentage complete" for any given amount of work.

The production of one or more planned project or process deliverables. The usage of a specific amount of funding, the passage of a specific amount of time, or the utilization of a specific number of resource hours.

How to Set Milestones

And, above all, any significant circumstance or event unique to a given project. But milestones are more than events and circumstances. From a more strategic perspective, milestones also serve as "management metrics", providing the means to define project priorities, monitor progress and tell a more meaningful "status story".

how to meet project milestones

These milestone metrics are managed through a series of three 3 sequential stages: Defining Project Milestones The key to milestone use and identification is meaning and significance. By definition, every task and result cannot be a milestone. To warrant that designation, tasks and results must be of such significance that they tell the "status story" in and of themselves, even without any details relating to the specific, underlying work elements.

For example - if you are developing a new software product, daily coding tasks will not be milestones, but having sufficient code for usability testing would be.

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Project milestones are used to manage the project work effort, monitor results, and report meaningful status to project stakeholders. Here's the questions you need to ask and answer: How important is this task, decision or event to the execution of the overall project?

If your answer is "highly important", that's a milestone. What is the likely impact if this task, decision or event is not met on time or as needed? If your your answer is "serious impact", that's a milestone. Can this task, decision or event be used as an indicator of project success? If your answer is "yes, it's an indicator", that's a milestone.

In fact, milestone definition occurs throughout the project management lifecycle.

how to meet project milestones

Change is a fact of life in every project, and as project terms and circumstances change while the project unfoldsmilestones must change as well. Some milestones may be eliminated, some may be modified and new ones may appear. For internal projects, this milestone often comes in the form of an approval from a department director or other high-level stakeholder. For other projects, this milestone is usually marked by the completion of a sales contract and scope of work.

Once the project is approved, project managers begin inputting elements of the project into their chosen project management tool. Requirements Review Most enterprise projects involve a lengthy process in which the project requirements are defined and gathered through a series of meetings, review sessions, and document exchanges.

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The project team then typically interprets and consolidates their notes and presents the client with a detailed description of the requirements as they understand them. When the client or customer agrees that the requirements are accurately documented, another major project milestone has been reached.

how to meet project milestones

When the initial design is complete which often takes months or even years for large projectsthe customer needs to review the proposed solution and confirm that it will satisfy the project objectives. We encounter milestones in all aspects of our lives, as an individual striving to achieve our life goals, as an employee working to advance an organization's mission, and as a member of the human race trying to expand our collective knowledge and understanding about the world and beyond.

How to Create a Milestone (Timeline) Chart in Excel

Astronaut Neil Armstrong summed up the concept of a milestone perfectly as he stepped onto the lunar surface and enthusiastically declared, "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. In its basic form, a milestone is an important event marked on a timeline and recognized when successfully reached.

how to meet project milestones

Milestones are the building blocks for the project's schedule and often create forward momentum to propel the project along to completion. They can also be used effectively as primary checkpoints to see how well your project is doing and whether the project is on schedule and on budget.

Guidelines for Setting Milestones When embarking on project milestone planning, you will first need to create a work breakdown structure to get an overview of all the tasks in a manageable outline or diagram. With this overview in hand begin to look for opportunities to setup milestones around the completion of key tasks and activities. Try to visualize a timeline of the important events that will advance the project to the next level.

For example, in NASA's "Race to the Moon" that began with President Kennedy's pledge in to put a man on the moon by the end of the decade, there were several significant milestones achieved before the Apollo 11 mission, including the successful missions of the Ranger series of unmanned probes that photographed, studied, and soft landed on the Moon.