Huron valley swim club meet results app

Rigorous training schedule the driving force behind Dexter boys swimming success -

huron valley swim club meet results app

On the communication front, we will be launching a mobile app for. Barton Hills. Finally, our Membership Committee continues to meet with new member prospects. . CHAMPIONSHIP RESULTS. Cile Cissel . Racquet Club, Travis Pointe, Georgetown and Huron Valley Swim Club. The following players. Huron Valley Swim Club defended its Washtenaw County Interclub Swim Interclub Swim Conference championship dive meet on Wednesday, July 27, at the Huron See full results here. Mobile apps | Tablet apps. Huron Valley Swim Club took day one of the Washtenaw Interclub Related: Day one swim results for the WISC Championships (13 and up) The WISC Championship is an annual contest in its 55th year, marking the conclusion of the summer's friendly meet season. . Mobile apps | Tablet apps.

What facilities do you have? There is no snack bar. We offer swim, dive, trampoline, tennis lessons and water aerobics. Swim, dive, and tennis teams are also available. There is an additional fee for these activities. How old do my children have to be in order to stay at the club without an adult? Children under 12 need to be directly supervised by a parent or sitter at all times.

Can a babysitter watch my kids at the club? Summer babysitter passes are available. Registration forms are available at the club after opening day or under the "Forms" link above.

Can an adult child over the age of 25, no longer living at home, use the club? Yes, with the appropriate guest fee and prior permission from the manager. Can I have a party at the club? Approval for a party needs to be submitted in writing 10 days in advance of the proposed party and is subject to availability, staffing, limitations noted in other FAQ's and is at the discretion of the club manager.

We do not accept requests for parties until opening day. Can I reserve the pavilion? Parties may use a section or a portion of the pavilion on a first come basis. What is the policy regarding severe weather? The staff monitors the weather radar and announcements are made if a storm is approaching.

In severe weather, the pool and facilities are closed until the weather passes or a minimum of 30 minutes after lightning has been sighted or thunder heard. Can I have a sports drink or small snack in the pool area? The health department does not allow food or drink in pool area. Please be aware that some of our members and guests have severe allergies to nuts and do not expect to have to worry when they are in the pool area.

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For this reason, all coolers, picnic baskets or bags must be left in the picnic area. Do I need to pay for my guest if they are not using the pool? Yes, all guests on the property need to be signed in and the proper guest fee paid. Is there a Lost and Found? Please label all clothing, towels, etc and every effort will be made to return your items to you. At the end of each month, unclaimed items are donated to charity. Where do I park if the lot is full?

The overflow parking is the large grassy area on the east side of the drive as you enter the club.

  • Rigorous training schedule the driving force behind Dexter boys swimming success

Please try not to park under the pine trees on the west side- they are dying. Is there an orientation for parties or people unfamiliar with the club? A manager or staff member would be happy to meet your party, give a brief description of the rules, and answer any questions your guests might have. Is it okay to play in the creek? The creek is a beautiful resource and a potentially dangerous situation.

Everyone playing in or near the creek MUST take a soap shower before entering the pool area after playing in the sandbox, too! Can I have a bon fire in the evening? Yes, we have a small fire pit in the picnic area that is for member use. You must alert the manager on duty if you wish to have a fire and an adult must supervise during the bon fire and extinguish the fire completely afterward.

If the weather is particularly dry or in periods of ozone alert days, fires will not be allowed. Do I have to share a lane in the lane pool? Yes, during busy times, especially after work hours pm many people want to use the lane pool at once. The pattern of circle swimming, staying to the right side of the lane, will allow more than one person to enjoy the lane at a time.

Can I buy guest passes? Discounted packs of ten guest passes are sold beginning Opening Day and are available until June After that time, guest passes are sold at the regular guest rate.

huron valley swim club meet results app

Guest passes are not refundable and do not carry over at the end of the season. Is it okay to swim if I have been sick recently? Do not swim if you have had flu-like symptoms, diarrhea or vomiting in the past 24 hours. There are certain bacteria that are resistant to chlorine. Can my child use a lifejacket or swim suit with floats in it? No, Personal flotation devices and artificial means of support are not permitted. They give parents and non swimmers and beginners a false sense of security.

Children and Adults are not allowed in swim areas that are above their abilities. Basic Excel is a necessary skill for office workers will be paid at class. Students d class and satisfies all requirements I at the end will be who attend both class of the Michigan sort, filter, subtota left off. Conditional formatt such as. Recommended pre-req ing and using The certificate is also to have a Michigan Boating Safety Certificate.

Anyone born on or after in Excel I. Same book used as personal watercraft. Cash or Check 8: Patrons now have easy access to information on all our programs, plus information about our membership options too! Additionally, the facility includes strength equipment, To schedule your FREE appointment with one of our including free weights and stations. Wellness Coordinators, email us at Lia.

Times below indicate when the fitness center is open to Members and Day Pass Users. Child Watch is available for children ages 6 months— 12 years old, and preregistration is required.

Request your space and date online. Wait for confirmation and we will help you plan it all out. Relax and bring your party people over on the big day to have a splashing good time!

We provide everything you need to ensure your party is the best it can be! Make sure you ask about adding on special visitors to your party including mermaids and Dan the Creature Man! To get started, head to HuronValleyRec. Discounts apply to many programs. Must provide proof of previous employment. No adult participation is required. For swimmers who need some assistance with basic swimming. No prerequisites and no adult scooping, blowing bubbles and safely entering and exiting the participation is required.

Adult participation is required. Introduction to breaststroke and butterfly. Front crawl at least 15 feet. A great class incorporate rotary breathing, streamlined body position, to increase independence and confidence before trying Puffer butterfly, breaststroke and flip turns.

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Student must be Fish. September 10—October 20 8: September 11—October 20 Session 2: Swim like a mermaid or party like a pirate! Join us for this great event where you can try on a mer-tail and make some mermaid and pirate friends, too!

All new this year, we are adding a pirate ship race, more details coming soon. Registration Deadline is Septmber Course Activity Fee: In this introduction to a recreational kayak you will learn how to safely enter and exit a kayak. You will practice the basics of paddles, paddling, paddle grip and simple strokes along with proper balance in the boat.

All equipment is included. Dual meets Offered in partnership with Heavner Canoe Rental. The Refine your boat control by optimizing your paddle strokes for propulsion. Test your skills with our obstacle esteem. Swimmers should be able to swim at least 25 yards freestyle with rhythmic breathing course! Contact us and starting August 1, pre-register for tryouts at www.

Begins September 4 for returning swimmers. All courses meet from 8: Saturday, September 15; 9: Here is your opportunity to try it free! Evaluations take about would like to work on special skills or are in need of individualized attention.

This is a great 10 minutes each. Swimmers are then invited to swim in a practice group for free during the week opportunity for adults as we do have a certified Adult Swim Lesson instructor who can work of the September 10— Tryouts will also continue on Saturdays throughout the year. Swimmers with your needs.

These lessons are available in blocks of five, half-hour lessons that are should be able to swim at least 25 yards freestyle with rhythmic breathing and backstroke, also scheduled ahead of time. Absences must be communicated ahead of time, and any absences be able to perform a shallow dive from the side of the pool in deep end. For more information, please visit us on line at www. Sometimes this service has a waitlist and we will schedule lessons in the order ability levels.

At each practice, lanes will be designated for beginners through advanced. We appreciate your patience while we get back to you in A workout will be posted for each lane.

All lanes will begin swimming sets together, although a timely fashion. Swimmers will be encouraged to work together. Practices are coached by certified coaches. Coaches will provide online resources, professional videos demonstrating stroke techniques, articles detailing nutrition, stroke and fitness training methods. In addition your stroke will be recorded and evaluated. Masters Visit Pass, valid for 20 practices. Bubblemakers is as fun as it sounds—a chance for kids to blow bubbles by scuba diving.

All courses meet from 9: If you want to find out but are enjoying the sport. Focus is on the latest techniques in stand-up paddle boarding that will make not quite ready to take the plunge into a certification course, Try Scuba will allow you to learn you a better paddler, while giving you a great core workout. Skill building, balance exercises and more about scuba diving, and experience scuba to see if you like it. All classes are 60 minutes, unless otherwise stated.

Schedule is subject to change; LHS Call: Young athletes will pursue and attain personal goals while learning the sport of competitive diving.

huron valley swim club meet results app

Focus is on quality dive techniques, sportsmanship, team work, strong work ethic, and love of competition. Will not be offered this session. Able to perform a proper hurdle and front and back dive. The purpose of the American Red Cross Lifeguarding course is to provide entry-level lifeguard participants with the knowledge and skills to prevent, recognize, and respond to aquatic emergencies.

Registration deadline is 1 week before the course start date, and 7 hours of online training must be completed before the first day of class. Details and prerequisites may be found online at HuronValleyRec. Please join us for an afternoon social as we launch our Thursday, August 9 ; Tuesday—Wednesday, September 11—12; 8: Thursday, September 13; Tuesday, August 21; Noon—2: Saturday—Sunday, October 27—28; 8: All classes are 55 minutes, unless otherwise stated.

You will be surprised Highway to Health. Our guts AKA gastrointestinal system is often overlooked in the role to learn that a lighter version of Caesar salad, homemade ravioli, and tiramisu could taste so it plays in our overall health; especially our immune system. Join us as we discuss the basic good! To cover the meal supplies a fee will be charged for everyone attending this class.

Bring a non-member friend at no charge! As we age, especially after 40, muscle strength is essential to maintain balance, prevent falls, support the HOME DETOX spine and back, and keeps your metabolism functioning. Bring a non-member friend at no Join us as we discuss the effects chemical exposure can have on our bodies, and simple ways to charge!

FREE on how to read labels, where to receive information on products being consumed and simple Tuesday, September 25; Noon—1: Games are played in South Lyon, Whitmore Lake and other surrounding area school. Our program focuses on skill development, teamwork, sportsmanship and FUN! This instructional program utilizes parent volunteers for coaching.

Practices and Games are held at Huron Valley Schools. Schedules will be sent out prior to the NEW! This is a new Quad-City recreational league that will focus on learning and having fun. This instructional program utilizes 1 Date of Registration 4 School attending parent volunteers for coaching.

Fall 2018 Activity Guide

Begin week of September 17 3 Preferred practice night Games: Saturdays, October 6—December 1 Practices: Using silly games, balls, bean bags, frisbees, hula hoops and sports equipment, Designed to introduce children to the game of basketball, space is limited so sign up early! We will make sure your kids have a positive learning each session followed by a minute game. Volunteer coaches are needed; coaching resources experience. Class emphasis is on participation, effort and FUN! Kids must be three by the first will be made available.

Schedules will be sent out prior to the start of the season.

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Saturdays, January 12—February 23 Course Fee: Course Fridays, September 21—October 26; 9: Course Fridays, November 2—December 14; 9: Fun, skill-oriented games and drills guide your youngsters through the basics of shooting, passing and dribbling.

Kids progress at their own pace and will scrimmage during class time. We are partnering with LPGA Girls Golf Course Tuesdays, October 30—December 11 no class November 6 to provide a course designed to introduce girls to the fundamentals of the game while also emphasizing team-building and fun activities outside the game.

Jump into the fast-paced game of basketball. Using progressive drills and games, players will LPGA Girls Golf is the only national junior golf program that specializes in providing girl-friendly learn dribbling, passing, positions, shooting techniques, offenses and defenses.

Players will environments for juniors to learn the game. The goal is to help prepare girls for a lifetime of fun scrimmage during class time. Emphasis is on effort and teamwork. All courses are held at Country Oaks - Gym from 7: It is appropriate for both figure skaters and hockey players. Time on the ice will be for 25 minutes. Skate rentals are available skates must be single blades. Helmets are recommended, bike or hockey helmets work well.

Monday, November 26 Course Sat. Tuesday, November 27 Course Sat. Thursday, November 29 Season: To register for tryouts and for additional information, Kids learn the beginning fundamentals including trapping, dribbling, kicking, passing, throw- visit www.

Fun and humor make this a positive learning experience. We cover player positions, offense, defense, rules, and strategy.

Fun Early Bird Fee: Drills are fun and progressive and evolve All courses are held at Lakeland Ice Arena. Course Thursdays, September 6—October 18; 5: All courses are held at Country Oaks - Gym from 6: Course Thursdays, Oct. The classes are taught in a clinic setting, skaters divided by skill levels determined by dribbling, various kicks, throw-ins, passing and shooting.

We cover player positions, offense, coaching staff with skaters moving to different groups according to their skill level.

Please defense, rules and strategy. Drills are fun and progressive and evolve into scrimmages. Course Ages 4—9 Tues. Course Ages 4—10 Sat.

We cover player positions, offense, Early Bird Fee: Learn the fundamentals of soccer as well as the importance of teamwork through youth soccer. Everyone plays and everyone is part of the team. Kids develop important soccer skills, including passing, dribbling, shooting and working as a team in a fun and supportive environment. Dedicated volunteer coaches are trained to set expectations and help kids find their strengths and improve.

Each player will receive a jersey, a pair of shorts and soccer socks. Tiny Tots will concentrate on hand-eye coordination basic tennis movement, and stroke basics. Little or no experience necessary. Offered in partnership with Sanchin Systems. Course Sundays, September 16—October 14; This program is set in a fun, yet structured, environment which will give your child a positive Early Bird Fee: Participants will achieve great self-confidence and leadership Course Tuesdays, September 18—October 9; 5: Course Thursdays, September 20—October 11; 5: Course Kurtz - Cafeteria Mondays, November 12—December 17 Students will continue practicing the basics of stroke production forehands, backhands, volleys Course White Lake MS - Cafeteria Tuesdays, September 25—October 30 and serves and movement using exciting games and activities in a fun atmosphere.

Must have previous experience necessary. Course Saturdays, September 15—October 13; A parent and child program for all ages!