I want to meet you gumi mis

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i want to meet you gumi mis

GL DiscussionWhat I really want from Gumi (self. RNG is RNG, when you mix the good and bad times together they will average out. Aitai no End. Song title. "アイタイノエンド" Romaji: Aitai no Endo English: I Want to Meet You: End. Original Upload Date. May Singer. GUMI. Producer(s). English: Star Song. Original Upload Date. Jan Singer. GUMI. Producer(s) . buzzG (music) Yori (illust) ke-sanβ (movie) buzzG, Tomodachiboshuu-P (mix, mastering). Views. ,+ 君に会いたいよ, kimi ni aitai yo, I want to meet you.

Suddenly, she felt someone poke her from behind. She immediately turned behind to see her green haired best friend smiling at her. She had been friends with her since they were 1st years in junior high, and now they're still friends when their 1st year high school students. Unfortunately, when they introduced themselves, she didn't tell Miku her surname. All she said was "I'm Gumi. But she can't help but wonder which family Gumi belonged to. Then, Gumi pointed to the clock to 'inform' her that it was almost the end of class.

She nodded her head and packed all her things into her bag. While she was packing, she realised her classmates already packed was ready to dash out of the classroom.

Both of them would usually just calmly walk out of the classroom unlike the others. Last time they asked their classmates why they were in a hurry, they replied "We have important business to attend to. Miku glanced at the clock once more, just 1 more minute. The watched the second hand move every second, she wanted it to move faster but it won't. She felt as if the hand was mocking her.

Tick,Tock,tick,Tock… 10… All the students gripped tightly onto their bags. All the students made a run for it out of the class prison. A huge gush of wind blew past and the teacher quickly pulled down a skirt to prevent it from flipping up.

i want to meet you gumi mis

The moment the female history teacher looked like up, all of them were gone, only tables and chairs. She was surprised Miku and Gumi didn't stay and help, maybe that had something urgent that they needed to attend to.

She sighed as she turned towards her desk. A huge stack of books sat there, waiting for her to carry it. From the outside view, it looked like their teal hair and green hair was like fish out of water inside the dust cloud forming as they ran.

Today, was a very special day, but it had to be during the weekday, when there is school and other things that you should know.

Thursday, January 03 - 15:04 JST

If you don't know, get a life or watch more anime. Anyway, the dust cloud split up at a traffic junction, where half went straight ahead while the other half went in the train station. Miku and Gumi went along with the half that into the train station.

They climbed down the flight of stairs as the students in front of them cleared the way. Not for them, but it was a race to catch the train, so they had to push whoever stood in their path.

They pushed and shoved their way through and managed to get a ticket. They entered the train platform where the train was about to depart. Despite their aching legs, they dashed towards the train and jumped in just before the door closed. Miku collapsed on her knees and catched her breath while Gumi leaned against the train doors. Both had perspiration trickling down their foreheads and had a hard time regaining back their stamina, but they managed to find two seats. The best friends sat down on their hard deserved seats and rested for a while.

I thought you must attend them. The only thing Miku knows is that she must attend meetings and must do her 'work' 1 hour after school. That's the only thing she knows, Gumi wouldn't even tell her the name of the mysterious company.

Despite not knowing so many things about her Best Friend, they still got along just fine. But it made Gumi even more mysterious than ever. Miku replied with a bright smile and took out her song sheet.

i want to meet you gumi mis

Both placed their earphones in their ears and cleared their throats. Miku's face lit up, it has been quite sometime since Gumi heard her sing. The last time was about… 2 months ago or more. She cleared her throat once more and sang out the lyrics "Sono ichi itsumo to chigau kamigata ni ki ga tsuku koto sono ni chanto kutsu made miru koto iine? Out of the blue, she felt as if she shot something out of her hand.

Before she could react, the train exploded. She saw the train explode into bits and pieces in front of her as the flames ingulf the train. She shielded her face with her hands as a she felt a strong gush of wind from in front of her.

I'm inside the train too right? Then, she felt someone carry her bridal style and ran off with her. She looked up to see Gumi carrying her to safety, but they were going at unbelievable speeds. Miku didn't know Gumi could run that fast. The train was slowly exploding from behind them and it was catching up.

Gummy Bear - Czekolada Po Polsku

Miku knew her mysterious Best Friend was tired since she was slowing down, are they going to die like this? When she was tossed into the air, someone caught her and the person brought her to a hospital.

i want to meet you gumi mis

Miku realised her left arm she used to shield herself was scalded and it was beginning to hurt. She looked up at her new saviour and it was… Gumi?

I saw Gumi throw me up and she would be inside the exploding train, how could Gumi catch me again? Perhaps there's two of her. But the speed she ran at was incredible, it was so fast…' Miku thought as Gumi brought her in the hospital. Miku wanted to thank Gumi but her body was aching and ended up passing out. After he is done with Omnislash and you hit him immediatly after, he will teleport and use DHA.

I recommend you do this for some free hits. The best way to beat him at Phase 2 is using Strike Raid while he is running around, using combos on him when he uses DHA, and hitting him when he slashes and misses you. Okay, when his health bar turns green, he will summon a green and black vortex around him.

Welcome to the last and final phase. Sephiroth will eventually start glowing whitish blue. He will begin the phase by taunting you again and saying, "Come on! When he says this, he will summon darkness balls around you, just jump up to dodge them. Sephiroth will then teleport, appear in the middle of the arena, and say, "I will lead you to the Promised Land.

The meteors will now circle around, I suggest you cast Aerora or Aeroga The meteors hurt by a lot and just try to dodge the Meteors by using dodge roll. After this, Sephiroth will send the Meteors into a black hole and throw a HUGE blast of energy at you, to dodge this, just dodge roll or SuperGlide toward Sephiroth go behind him.

After the Meteor Shower is over, Sephiroth will say "That was true power! In Phase 3, Sephiroth runs around like in phase 2, but with one exception, he will now leave darkness balls everywhere he goes. You obviously get hurt if you touch them, so you cannot chase Sephiroth anymore.

Not only this, but he also likes surrounding you with Darkness balls or throwing streams of them at you. Yes, now you cannot barely hear when he says "Descend heartless Angel", so you might need to be more aware than ever! This is the phase where you might want to use MP items like Ether or Elixer as well.

The strategy to this phase is to stay far away from Sephiroth and memorize his dialouge. When he says "Dodge this! When he says "Come on! The best strategy to use in this phase is staying away from Sephiroth and using Strike Raid. When he uses T. Sword Slashes, just try to dodge it and use Arcs arcanum. When he summons a circle of D.

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Balls at you, just jump up and attack him. When he says "The Planet You will only have 3-hit Combos, so Sephiroth will not teleport and attack after you combo him, he will instead be pushed back Unless you hit him in the air while jumping twice, land, and then hit him two more times. The overall fight is longer and your attacks will do less damage. Since your combos are so short, the probability of you not completing your combos increases.

This means that Sephiroth might actually hit you with Flame Pillar a lot. Try to have long ranged Keyblades equipped if you are going to fight Sephiroth without Air Combo pluses Like Metal Chocobo or Ultima Weapon in order to make combos easier to complete. Attacks Here's a list of Sephiroth's Attacks and how to dodge them: Basic Sword Slash - This attack is his most common one, he just tries to slice you with his sword.

If you fight him in your 50's, you will be impressed by seeing how his most common attack reduces your HP by half. There are many ways to dodge this and here they are: Dodge Roll away from the attack. Parry this attack with your Keyblade.

Gummy (singer)

If you do this and have CounterAttack Equipped, you will be able to gain a free combo on Sephiroth I like doing this. To dodge this, you may: Dodge roll to your left or right when he appears behind you.

He basically says "Out of my way" and then summons a huge pillar of fire around him, and if you are near, you might get burned. Dodge roll in time. If you get stuck in the middle of it, you WILL get hurt twice if you don't act quick, so use Arcs Arcanum or Strike Raid on Sephiroth if you get stuck inside the flames.

Descend Heartless Angel - Ah yes, I think you all know what this attack is. Sephiroth will teleport during the Second or Third phase, appear somewhere in the arena, chant "Descend Heartless Angel", and then hit you with an attack that reduces your HP to 1 and MP to 0. After he is done with this, he will teleport behind you and finish you off.

Run to him if he is too far away and then use Strike Raid.