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ifo car meet

Event Details. LOCATION: Houston Raceway Park in Baytown, TX www. badz.info DATE AND TIMES: 10/21/ Car show. Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing, car and outdoor. Image may contain: 6 people, Don't miss the next Ohio IFO on april 14th www. Car show registration from 9am to noon, absolute latest 3pm. Car/truck/bike show, 1/4 mile drag racing, stereo crank it up contest, burnout contest (time.

Designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, you could have put almost any Italian badge on it. While theoretically most events are held rain or shine, the reality is that many owners treat their classic cars as if they are made of marzipan. The forecast called for showers mixed with intermittent downpours in the morning, with clearing skies by the time the show opened. I drove through some near-biblical rain on the way, which made me doubt what I would encounter on arrival.

ifo car meet

I was surprised to see any cars there at all, frankly, but the turnout was impressive considering the skies. Nevertheless, those who drove through the downpour simply dried off their cars on arrival.


Cliff Wallace is the man behind the Import Face-Off phenomenon. His passion for participating in events for modified imports drove him to start IFO at 22 years old, specifically when his local track had no interest in such an event. It became such a success that IFO now produces 42 events annually — basically one every non-holiday weekend of the year — across the country.

ifo car meet

This is truly a committed bunch. Another key difference between an IFO event and a concours, cars and coffee, or track day is that this competition comes not only with trophies, but cash prizes. Try also to imagine a single spot on the Monterey Peninsula where you could find a concours with street cars, custom cars, competition cars and trucks, all at one race track, complete with on-track competition events, a contest for entertainment systems, a push-up challenge but with gifts for the winner and models wearing as little as possible while remaining appropriate for a family event.

The one very real thing about IFO is the deep level of enthusiasm and commitment to cars I found in everyone I encountered.

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All the participants have spent thousands of hours and dollars to create their personal visions on wheels. Without exception, every car I saw, no matter how many times it may have been shown or the number of trophies it had already won, was still a work in progress.

From national show winners to obvious driveway-built first efforts, all are accepted and appreciated for what they are right now — and for what they might become in the future. This is used as an innovationpolicy argument for introducing the contemplated ban. We analyse the track record of innovative investments by the German automotive industry using patent data for combustion engines and alternative technologies over the periodcomparing Germany's patent output to those of its major competitors.

Among German combustion engine patents, we find that over two-thirds of all inventions focus on making engines more fuel-efficient.

CORRECTED-(OFFICIAL)-Car engine bans in Germany would put 600,000 jobs at risk -Ifo

Therefore there is no evidence of any lack of innovation incentives in the area of alternative propulsion technologies compared to competing countries. Overall, the technology base for alternative propulsion systems in Germany is sufficient. Focusing on the required infrastructure and demand-oriented policymeasures, however, could accelerate the diffusion of innovative products in this field. From the perspective of innovation policy, therefore, the rationale for banning cars and light trucks with combustion engines appears weak.

Effects on the environment Our study focuses on CO2 emissions. In addition, we provide a qualitative assessment of the potential effects on local emissions and consumption of land and resources. For CO2 emissions, we develop a model predicting the well to wheel WTW emissions of cars and light trucks through The expected results for local emissions are analogous. Disadvantages of electric vehicles are associated with their production amount and composition of materialsthe required resources including water-usage, as well as adverse effects on the environment acid impact, particulates.

ifo car meet

These findings are associated with a very substantial adjustment with regard to the composition of new vehicle registrations as ofwhich underlines that the contemplated policy represents a major intervention in the market. In the first year of the ban, instead of the predictednew electric vehicles in the BAU scenario, 3. Clearly, this would put enormous pressure on charging infrastructure, for which a recent study proposes a ratio of about 1 charger for 30 electric vehicles. A similar picture emerges in the electricity market.

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By as early as the registration ban would lead to an additional 1. This additional renewable electricity demand shock increase would amount to around 7.

This would result in an increase in average electricity prices of around 0.

ifo car meet

The high intensity of this measure is reflected in the requirements with regard to vehicle numbers and electricity generation. On the other hand, the technology that would be subject to the ban plays an important role for value-added and employment for manufacturing in Germany and Europe. International studies by leading researchers show that measures targeting relative prices — i. Taking these observations into account, the registration ban is not the best policy for achieving environmental and innovation goals.

ifo car meet