Ill meet you there goodreads

I'll Take You There by Wally Lamb

ill meet you there goodreads

Best books like I'll Meet You There: #1 The Start of Me and You (The Start of Me and You, #1) #2 Play On (Lewis Creek, #1) #3 The Summer of Chasing Merm. A Goodreads Choice Award Nominee Gritty, romantic, and ultimately hopeful, I' LL MEET YOU THERE explores the complicated lives of an unforgettable cast. I'll Meet You There has ratings and reviews. Sasha said: PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME THERE IS A SECOND BOOK. This one was so good but I.

ill meet you there goodreads

The three fit so well together. Having everything from secret eye conversations to the pact that they formed, it was just great. There's one scene in the book where all three of them are in the car and get into a fight, and it just felt so real.

ill meet you there goodreads

It's an argument I could easily see so many people having, and it plays out just how it would in real life. The setting of this story was another huge plus. It felt like it started becoming its own person. This living breathing thing. The motel really feels like it becomes this own private secret hide out for Skylar and Josh.

LOVED I'll meet you there and was — Heather Demetrios Q&A

Even the quirky rundown town has this certain warm feeling and really sets the mood for this book. I liked that there were so many little places for these characters to go, and it gives the story a little something extra.

ill meet you there goodreads

The message, romance, and plot completely sold me. Knowing all the hard work, research, and time that went into this book really shows. This is a simple book that found it's own way to stand out.

It's a book with a slower pacing, that manages to never be boring. You would think with a book that weighs so heavily on being character driven that it would miss a beat on other aspect, and it just doesn't.

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It was twee in the most banal way, with a dearth of organic material. Lamb took no risks, and the exposition sections were stilted with what read like borrowed enactments, and read like a Wikipedia research reconstruction. I even felt insulted on occasion that the author was so lazy about drawing us in, with stale buzzwords and overused truisms, sketching cut-out characters and boilerplate scenes.

As a youth, we saw the drama unfold with his parents and sisters, but in a hackneyed way.

ill meet you there goodreads

As an adult, we know he is divorced with an adult daughter who is too facilely healthy and balanced. The scenes with his ex were trite, as their issues were too shallow. The problems they DID have, such as Felix not appreciating feminism really? It had its moments. But the feminist angle was just too antiquated. He is in version 1. By the end, I saw what Lamb set out to do—to reveal how the past presses on the present, and how it affects our future.

Too, he attempted to bring up the age-old Venus and Mars arguments between men and women. They were powerful women in media, nevertheless, before being quashed one way or another. There was just nothing fresh or invigorating to this novel.

It was a corny book, and perhaps it was partially autobiographical.

ill meet you there goodreads

It seems possible, because the author was trying too hard to make a statement via platitudes. It is difficult, I have heard, for some fiction writers to stand back from a quasi-fictional memoir about their own histories. It appeared that he wrestled with how to advance truth-in-fact vs.