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ingress double ap ends meet

(o) Steel wire ropes should properly be cleaned and protected with a double coat of ensis (p) Copper and copper alloys must be protected against ingress of economic conditions pilfering comes in handy to make ends meet in the lives of. Ingress Medals/Badges are an achievement system rewarding agents for You currently have enough AP and seven gold medals, but don't yet have 23 October The Innovator medal is announced to celebrate Ingress's second year, . Originally, they were obtained by meeting a character in person at an Ingress. If you play in a lot of areas, you'll eventually end up somewhere less . First, for two weeks, everyone gets double AP points for everything they do . the form letter text that the submitted portal doesn't meet the requirements.

For a while, I dominated a small stretch of Denver, and took pride in keeping it blue and linked.

Level 8 Day - Double AP & Double Deploy on L7 / L8 - GO NOW | Agent Academy Podcast

The only way that stays up is if you keep recharging the portals. That, plus, I use a technique where I keep my scanner running while I drive to fill up with XM, and then recharge portals while at red lights, or whatever. Do not play Ingress while driving, but there is nothing wrong with playing while stopped. Today, I have over 45 million in recharged XM, almost enough for double black. Long story short, having one Platinum Badge was never a barrier to Level 13 for me.

In order to reach Level 14 you need two Platinum Badges.

ingress double ap ends meet

As I mentioned above, getting a Platinum Badge requires either years of play, or many, many long days playing Ingress. The one way to get another Platinum badge without losing your job and family was to get the Guardian Badge. The Guardian is kind of a weird badge for Ingress. While a field of shield portals can be difficult and time consuming to bring down, especially if they are being recharged during the attack, a single portal really has no chance against a player that wants to bring it down.

Thus, the Guardian Badge is less about you guarding anything and more about you hiding something, and remembering to recharge it. There are two kinds of people. Many look for those where maybe only one carrier even has service, or better yet, maybe a portal where you would need special equipment like signal boosters, or even a satellite phone.

I had a portal inside the Denver Botanic Gardens, a not very popular attraction with an entrance fee. It made it to Day I also had a Guardian in a not remote area, but some distance from main roads, unlinked, and not near any other portals. It was taken down on Day 89 by deliberate Guardian hunting. Unlike many others I have no problem with Guardian hunting. No Platinum Guardian, no Level However, thanks to the new Ingress badgesI am already Level Make it super rare, but worth it.

Or something to turn a field to your color. We need a key icon next to the portals you have keys at for better planning. A cleaner scanner outlook would be wonderful as the fields and portal are hazy. The advantage to living rurally is that no one attacks what you have so I have several badges for keeping portals, fields and links active.

INGRESS 37.000 AP mit einfachem portalabriss, make 37.000 AP with one portal destruction.

I was a suburban player with a good density of portals, but we were relatively unchallenged by the other faction. I can definitely relate to your frustration, but I think one of the things I might like to have seen are better portal defenses.

People have figured out a way to scrape the COMM channel since it can go back daysand programmatically aggregate portal age based on that information furnished. Apparently I had a single resonator on one portal that someone was keeping charged for me in hopes I would return to the game and it got knocked down at 87 days.

ingress double ap ends meet

This is problematic because scanner updates have been extremely slow in later releases, and often times, a portal will fall before I would even get notification of attack. Almost two most later, and I am sitting here at 3 AM on a Friday morning because my day just slowed down 18 hours later. Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts and opinions with me! Bethany November 22, at 4: Things have been more active since the Enlightened has figured out that rural areas make really large control fields.

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They come up every weekend to make portals, links and fields. Some Resistance guys come through every so often on a weekend and even drive down through my town making my portals level up more. I know the game is supposed to be a community thing, but I do better on my own. The only time I had to work for a portal was someone was smart enough to make one of the resonators be in a store and it was a level 8. There are a couple of hot spots, but everyone seems to do their own thing on different parts of the city.

Find a way to play on your terms and when you want. I still have a decent amount of inventory and could take out anything if someone really needed to in a pinch.

The game just has no appeal or incentive for me in regard to leveling now. HylianK November 21, at 6: The reddit post and the war tactics doc you linked were equally interesting. Finally a fellow introvert! I do love staring at the intel map, as I mentioned. I can finally relate to people who watch sports now. I live right in the residential area inside a big city, and the serendipity of having cleared an enemy farm right before a low-level teammate gets off the subway from work and reclaims it, is rewarding to me.

Lastly, I apologize if this comes off as bitchy environmentalist: Thanks for not burning fuel and pumping CO2 into the atmosphere in order to capture virtual objects anymore! I will say that I fully agree with you about the environmentalist aspect. But my ex-boyfriend does play ingress and he is so addictive to it. Ingress is taking much of his time. Fortunately, he can still do his responsibilities at work I hope so. His mom even told me about the changes on him. He spends much of his time and money with ingress.

He gets his sleep of 4hrs per day because he needs to look around for portals at night. Some of ingress players are too demanding for his presence and time before he let me see messages on hangouts and slack… Because of giving too much attention to ingress, he got a cold and fever for almost a week due to lack of sleep and stresses with the game.

But he even pushed me away. If you are as irresponsible as my ex-boyfriend,better yet leave ingress.

Ingress 5 Year Event

Thanks for stopping by, and best of luck to you! RecoveringXMaholic December 14, at 9: I started playing 6 months after the game first came out it was still in closed beta.

It took me 5 months to get to Level 8 because we had so few portals here I live in a semi-rural town.

ingress double ap ends meet

They played all hours. I managed to get my Level 8 thanks to them because there was finally some activity rather than watching my blue portals and fields decay and once in a while, a L8 ENL from out of town would come in and take stuff.

Since the game opened up, and the 2 hyperactive green players appeared. The game became unfun to play. My portals had a lifespan of maybe half an hour tops. I would lose interest, stop playing for weeks, come back, and start doing it all over again.

I would try to recruit blues in the area, or try to help those starting out in private comms. They would leave and never come back. It became nasty with the 2 green players. One of them started saying: This in front of a new blue player I was helping level. Finally, after a drinking session I went out to take a few portals, only two have that nasty green player and his friend also green start replacing resonators on a portal I was taking.

Words were exchanged and not nice ones, I decided the game was just not for me. The last straw was one of the greens taking out my guardian which I thought was fairly safe.

Niantic refuses to address these imbalances.

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It hits those reward centers of the brain which is why it appeals to that mindset. L10 RES player signing out for good. Our entire county remained blue during my gameplay because I ran cleanup for at least an hour in the middle of the night. I even almost drove one player to flip out of sheer frustration.

One instance of this was when our portal!!!! R8 farm was getting knocked down. The ENL agent was glued to his screen, easy to spot, and I just quietly kept placing resos as they clear cut.

He knocked it all down, but probably burned 3 times as much in gear as originally intended. This was usually only when I was running at gear capacity and needed to make room before my farming run in the morning, which was about every day. What you have described in your gameplay scenarios is pretty synonymous with what is listed there in Chapter The real question at that point is more or less, can you enjoy the game in a manner where you just become a casual player that upsets the balance for the diehards and causes them grief?