Jdm cars meet planes

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jdm cars meet planes

Noriyaro explores one of Japan's strangest facets of car culture. buy a plane ticket to Japan so you can experience the JDM culture you saw on the big arriving at a parking lot for one of the strangest car meets we've seen. Bright lights, loud noises, and old meeting new. Tokyo is all those At night it transforms into a mecca for Japanese car culture. And not just on. East Meets West: A Peek At Hellaflush Kansai Nissan Infiniti, Jdm, Japanese Domestic RX. Jdm, Cars Motorcycles, Plane, Automobile, Car, Cars Motorcycles.

The entire business of importing JDM cars is very new and there are lots of companies looking to take advantage of excited gearheads.

jdm cars meet planes

Make sure that you ask around to see if the importer that you're working with has a reputable history. Even if the business seems legit, there are a few things in the buying process to be wary of. If the importer is asking you to pay the full amount for the car before you have even seen it, something is probably wrong. Less reputable companies may show you pictures of what appears to be a pristine car but then in-person the car is an absolute mess. One way to avoid this is to get a written guarantee from the importer.

This would be an agreement that makes sure that you get the car that you discussed and not one that is in far worse condition. Like buying any used car, you can get an idea of the car's condition from the auction report or certified appraisal. You should always ask to see one of these documents before you buy.

jdm cars meet planes

In Japan, cars are scored from one to five, with five being the highest. Typically a score of five is only reserved for brand-new cars.

jdm cars meet planes

Four is the highest grade that you can expect to see on an auction report and scores go down depending on condition. Black Ops recommends only buying cars that receive at least a three, so that you don't have a ton of issues to deal with. Even if the car seems perfect, you will still want to have a basic inspection done by a mechanic. Buying a JDM car is not like owning a typical used car, and making sure that you buy a good one is especially important.


However, you may not be able to find a mechanic who specializes in JDM vehicles. Once you make sure everything is solid, owning a JDM car still isn't like owning a normal car. You should be aware of whether your car had a US counterpart that it shares parts with.

If you buy a car like the Nissan Skyline, which was never sold in the US, you may have trouble finding something like a bumper for example. You can't exactly drive to the local junkyard to get parts. Nakai and to help Dino shoot this beautiful IROC-inspired build, which you can check out more of here.

Most tuning shops are open to visitors, but some smaller companies are more private, and might get a surprise if you show up with cameras flashing.

jdm cars meet planes

You could even print out a message or have text translated and ready on your phone, explaining who you are and the reason for your visit.

It was time to venture into the night… Hot Tokyo Nights Tokyo might not be the car capital of Japan, but plenty of car enthusiasts live here.

Late night parking area meet-ups to hang out with friends are a ritual, and Daikoku-futo PA in Yokohama is the sacred ground most famously known for this. A group of about 10 minivans were having a sound-off battle, each taking turns to blast their sound systems on full. The interior of this neon-ridden Honda Stream was absolutely mental!

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  • Here's Everything You Need To Know About Importing A JDM Car Into The US
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Breaking the norm here is expected, and welcomed. Sure, there are still purists out there, but the majority of car guys love injecting creativity and personal style into their cars, whether that means following unusual styling movements, breaking trends, or starting their own. This group of Nissan-loving friends had parked up their rides to take some photos, so I sneakily crashed their shoot.

What a beautiful sight. In recent years the police have become more strict with cracking down on people having organised meets at Daikoku PA, and as a result, other parking areas have started to gain popularity as the meeting spots of choice. These were the first cars that caught my eye: They made for a great pair with their matching glossy gunmetal and bronze paint schemes.

This Is NYC Car Life

The sound install was seriously impressive, but before I had the chance to closer admire it, I was distracted by something large and bright pink.

Why do this to a perfectly good family van, you ask? On one hand, the wheels were super-wide with a whole lot of negative camber, but the factory fenders had been pulled out and left rough and uneven. The interior was stripped out and fully caged, with a kanjo mask slung over the front seat.

These cars look so damn good with boxy retro overfenders. Talk about a grand entrance!

Secrets Of The Japanese Car Scene

Luckily, while I was dorking around on the other side of the parking lot, Pedey managed to capture it on video. And then, I saw it: As another car pulled into the parking area off the expressway and shone its headlights, the mystery machine was lit up for me to photograph in all its Kaido Racer-style glory.

The original body lines of the car were almost unidentifiable, but I could roughly recognise a GX71 Chaser somewhere underneath the alien panels.

And I was obsessed with it. Trust me, events like this are worth it!

Secrets Of The Japanese Car Scene - Speedhunters

All track days in Japan seem to have such a happy and relaxed vibe about them, and the idlers Games day is no different. This year there was a certain air of excitement floating about, as for the first time they were running a drift class amongst the grip sessions.

Watching 10 cars manji down this middle section then drift in tandem around the corner all together put a huge smile on my face! One of the cars laying down the most rubber was this little NB MX-5, which put an even bigger smile on my face.

jdm cars meet planes

As I watched the cars drifting past in my sleep-deprived state, I started to daze off into a daydream where I stayed in Japan forever, bought a JZX and became a badass girl drifter. For some people though, this is actually is their life.