Jdm meet sydney 2014 super

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jdm meet sydney 2014 super

gtr honda japan jdm lamborghini lexus meet meets melbourne nissan nsw party porsche qr queensland queensland raceway skyline subaru supercar sydney. Melbourne Honda club mini meet. Public. · Hosted Sunday, March 23, at PM UTC+11 pin. Super Amart sydney Rd, Campbellfield VIC JDM car meet docklands melbourne. JDM:: Docklands Meet Held at Moorabbin Super Centre this Facebook only event had huge numbers confirming their.

jdm meet sydney 2014 super

However, rain or not, DownshiftTuned. With only a couple of days of organization, the teams absolutely knocked it out of the park to ensure nobody had a wasted weekend in the wonderful land of Sydney. Awake bright and early to get my camera gear together and travel down to Sydney Motorsport Park for a 9am entrance, I was pleasantly surprised by the sunny weather, seeing no clouds in the sky. With moods up and the weather looking good, I was excited to not only bring out the camera, but to bring the car out for the first time in months!

When first rolling past the entry gates, i was instantly gobsmacked by the incredible location for which this event was housed in for the day. Underneath the grandstand of the raceway provided the perfect environment, giving everyone shelter from the intermittent, but light rain and the harsh sun and aided in bringing everyone together for a super friendly and social day!

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Watching the cars arrive, filling in the undercover area, reminded me of the events you see in the states hosted at stadiums. It was a long needed change of scenery to the usual event locations in Sydney, which I believe should definitely return! I can say this with no doubt in my mind, that the quality of cars at United 2, was absolutely outstanding!

Boasting incredible cars, not only from Sydney, but many from Victoria and Queenslandthe main area of the event was riddled with absolute beauty! The mixture of interstate cars and those closer to home provided a refreshing view to the crowds, and the other end of my camera.

Secrets Of The Japanese Car Scene

Most tuning shops are open to visitors, but some smaller companies are more private, and might get a surprise if you show up with cameras flashing. You could even print out a message or have text translated and ready on your phone, explaining who you are and the reason for your visit.

It was time to venture into the night… Hot Tokyo Nights Tokyo might not be the car capital of Japan, but plenty of car enthusiasts live here. Late night parking area meet-ups to hang out with friends are a ritual, and Daikoku-futo PA in Yokohama is the sacred ground most famously known for this.

A group of about 10 minivans were having a sound-off battle, each taking turns to blast their sound systems on full.

jdm meet sydney 2014 super

The interior of this neon-ridden Honda Stream was absolutely mental! Breaking the norm here is expected, and welcomed.

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Sure, there are still purists out there, but the majority of car guys love injecting creativity and personal style into their cars, whether that means following unusual styling movements, breaking trends, or starting their own. This group of Nissan-loving friends had parked up their rides to take some photos, so I sneakily crashed their shoot.

What a beautiful sight. In recent years the police have become more strict with cracking down on people having organised meets at Daikoku PA, and as a result, other parking areas have started to gain popularity as the meeting spots of choice.

jdm meet sydney 2014 super

These were the first cars that caught my eye: They made for a great pair with their matching glossy gunmetal and bronze paint schemes. The sound install was seriously impressive, but before I had the chance to closer admire it, I was distracted by something large and bright pink.

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Why do this to a perfectly good family van, you ask? On one hand, the wheels were super-wide with a whole lot of negative camber, but the factory fenders had been pulled out and left rough and uneven.

The interior was stripped out and fully caged, with a kanjo mask slung over the front seat. These cars look so damn good with boxy retro overfenders. Talk about a grand entrance!

jdm meet sydney 2014 super

Luckily, while I was dorking around on the other side of the parking lot, Pedey managed to capture it on video. And then, I saw it: As another car pulled into the parking area off the expressway and shone its headlights, the mystery machine was lit up for me to photograph in all its Kaido Racer-style glory. The original body lines of the car were almost unidentifiable, but I could roughly recognise a GX71 Chaser somewhere underneath the alien panels.

And I was obsessed with it. Trust me, events like this are worth it! All track days in Japan seem to have such a happy and relaxed vibe about them, and the idlers Games day is no different. This year there was a certain air of excitement floating about, as for the first time they were running a drift class amongst the grip sessions. Watching 10 cars manji down this middle section then drift in tandem around the corner all together put a huge smile on my face!

One of the cars laying down the most rubber was this little NB MX-5, which put an even bigger smile on my face. As I watched the cars drifting past in my sleep-deprived state, I started to daze off into a daydream where I stayed in Japan forever, bought a JZX and became a badass girl drifter. For some people though, this is actually is their life.

He actually spends hours underneath a railway bridge in his designated public parking space, working on his car into the wee hours of the morning.