Jim loy matchstick puzzles meet

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jim loy matchstick puzzles meet

Magnetic; Logic Puzzles; Vanish Puzzles and Geometric Paradoxes; Paper and Card . Jim Loy also discusses the Monty Hall problem. It was great meeting Allard and several other puzzlers at IPP32 for the first time in person. . s - Matchstick Puzzles; - Icosian Puzzle (W. Hamilton) - tour the 12 vertices of. Dec 3, Up first, if you like you can read all about Jim Loy (and just about could pull out some toothpicks or spaghetti and try these matchstick puzzles. Drexel dragon. The Math Forum Internet Mathematics Library. Jim Loy's Puzzle Page. Library Home || Full Table of Contents || Library Help. Sorry, there is no.

I bought it at Torito. Use 3 pieces and build a 1x2x3 showing 7 fish.

jim loy matchstick puzzles meet

Use all 4 pieces and build a 2x2x2 showing 9 fish. It is also possible to show only 8 or 7. Use all 4 pieces and build a 2x2x2 showing only 6 fish with none turning any corner. The Dodeca Nona puzzle comprises a dodecahedral magnetic body, and 12 2-sided pentagonal tiles.

The tiles are numbered at their vertices in all possible orderings. The objective is to arrange the tiles around the dodecahedron so that the 3 numbers that meet at each vertex add up to nine. Wood Mind Challenge series. Arrange the 8 cubes into a larger cube such that only complete circles show on the sides - no semicircles or lines can be visible.

Here is a solution for Integr8: It consists of six plastic pieces, each with four color spots on the sides. Twist the blocks to ensure that at each intersection, there are three different or same colored spots.

Pieces are paired by elastic cords threaded through the narrow end and anchored inside on hooks molded on the back plates. The elastic cords had long since worn out, but you can easily pop out the back plate by poking an unbent paper clip through the hole.

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I replaced the cords with rubber bands. If any of the internal plastic hooks are broken, just anchor the band with a paper clip.

This Matchstick Puzzle Is "Extremely Hard" For Adults

Mental Misery aka Double Trouble - Lakeside A transparent box, a frame which fits inside the box and will hold four cards vertically against the box sides, and five cards each colored with four colors front and back. The four colors are red, yellow, green, and blue.

Arrange the cards on five sides of the cube so that edges match inside and outside the cube. The instructions are marked: Copyright Leisure Dynamics, Inc. The box is marked: Made in Hong Kong.

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The frame is marked: The Great Pyramid Pocket Puzzle, by Eliot Inventions Walesis a tetrahedron with 4 equilateral triangular tiles pegged to each side.

The triangles are printed on one side only with a series of radiating wedges of different widths. The objective is to arrange the triangles so the edge patterns on all adjacent triangles match. The larger version with 9 triangles per side carried a 25, GBP prize for the first solver. I have no idea if it was ever awarded.

jim loy matchstick puzzles meet

The small case is a mini-puzzle in itself - a 2-piece trick box. Another oldie but goodie is On-the-level by Mag Nif. Fit 9 multi-level pieces into a 3x3 grid such that wherever 2 pieces meet along an edge it is at the same level. In addition, the solution must be "toroidal" - i. The puzzle gives 13 arrangements to make and requires that all adjoining edges match.

Southport England Edgematching triangular tiles on the faces of an icosahedron. Alternative challenges include total 15 on every pentagon of five triangular faces, or show a 5-letter word on every pentagon. Designed by Jerry Langin-Hooper 12 magnetic pentagonal pyramid pieces form a dodecahedron. The edges of each pentagonal face have a color one of fiveand a small black shape one of rectangle, semicircle, triangle.

jim loy matchstick puzzles meet

Try to assemble the dodecahedron such that the colors match at face edges only one solutionthen such that the small shapes match 47 solutions, but much more difficult to find. Sam Loyd, the premier American Puzzlist of the 19th century, created a series of vanish puzzles, now classics, including Get Off the Earth.

In one position, there are 13 Chinamen.

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Move the knob to rotate the inner disk, and one vanishes - now there are twelve! Patented and Copyrighted by Sam Loyd My copy was published as an art supplement to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Sunday July 12th Gardner informs us that more than 10 million copies were sold during Loyd's lifetime. Click the image to make a Chinaman vanish! Shown next is a th anniversary commemorative edition of Get Off the Earth. You can buy copies of Sam Loyd's vanish puzzles, and try them online here and here.

The magician Theodore L. It was printed in various forms, including "La Mysterieuse" which I do not have. Gardner calls this the DeLand Paradox. The Vanishing Leprechaun is another classic. It was designed by Ms. Cut the card into three pieces - a long strip on the bottom, and the top into two sections. If you exchange the positions of the two top sections, there are 15 instead of 14 leprechauns.

There is an explanation of the Vanishing Leprechaun at this site. The card should be cut into four pieces along specific lines. The pieces can be rearranged in a rectangle so that 8, 9, or 10 eggs appear. The directions, however, also suggest that it is possible to arrange the pieces so that 6, 7, 11, or 12 eggs are shown.

Try the Magic Egg Puzzle on-line requires Shockwave plug-in. That site also has an explanation of how these puzzles work. It also mentions a criminal use of the vanish: William Hooper in his book Rational Recreations, published indescribed the paradox as 'Geometric Money.

To foil this method, the two numbers on all U. In this way, counterfeit bills using this method are easy to detect since their numbers will not match correctly. In fact, ina man in London was sentenced to eight years in prison for using this scheme on British five-pound notes. Here is a modern variant of the vanish, called Who Turned to Doggie Doo?

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You can see it on John Rausch's site hereand at Debreuil's site where you can download a free printable version.

Geometricks is a beautiful small folio of five different and multi-faceted dissection puzzles, copyright by M. It's in great shape for its age. Each page describing one of the puzzles is an envelope and encloses a card containing the corresponding puzzle pieces. The puzzle pieces are on good stock punch-out cardboard - all of the pieces are present and intact, including the frames.

Join the 4 red tiles to form a square. Join the 4 red tiles and the black tile to form a square. Join the 4 red tiles and the shaded tile to form a rectangle.

jim loy matchstick puzzles meet

Join the 4 red tiles to form a lozenge. A classic geometric vanish. Biform Square Form a square using the 3 red tiles, 3 black tiles, and the tile marked 6. Form a square using the 3 red tiles, 3 black tiles, and the tile marked 7. The Tormenter Combine the 4 red tiles and 4 black tiles to form a square.

Use 3 of the red tiles, the shaded tile, and the 4 black tiles to form a square. Ha-Cho Form various silhouettes from the seven tiles. John's version uses eight pieces - there are two copies of the smallest block, which measures 35 x 23 x 15mm.

The box can apparently be filled either with only one, or both of them. John's improved design has only two solutions each for the 7- and 8-piece fillings.