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PUPPY SWAPMEET NOW AT HAWAII FEED ON SUNDAYS Orders placed will take 24 hours to process and be available for pick up Friday, Saturday or. Posts - See Instagram photos and videos taken at 'Petland Kahala'. Hours: Mon. . I have shopped at Petland Kahala for various dog items over the last 12 years, but only 2 weeks ago did . The Puppy SWap meet is AWESOME.

I wasn't keen on going back there again, so asked if I could take it in on Wednesday and was told that there was a limit of two days. By the end of the week, 5 of the six fish had died. I called to vent my displeasure and was given no satisfaction. I shall not be patronising Petland any more for anything, despite their being so close to where I live. I learned that at another store where fish were sold, the replacement period was two weeks. Petland imports their guppies from a foreign country China?

The owner of this pet store created a plume of dust and dustballs while cleaning a vent in the ceiling, with a shop full of customers. There were no warning signs, verbal warnings, nor any waiting until we left the immediate area. When I pointed out that we had a right to breath clean air in a store he became very angry, rude, and was shouting defiantly claiming he saw the vent dusty and wanted to clean it right then! It looked like months' worth of dust, why he could not wait a couple of hours until closing time to do it is beyond me!

I took a lungful of this stuff and was quite uncomfortable with my asthma, and there were also young children in the store.

Zero customer service, complete lack of concern for customers' well being, no expression of remorse, and hostility to top it up, I would not go back there if this was the last pet store on O'ahu! I LOVE their puppy swap meet. Well they have good service but once I saw a employee giving me the eye.

Almost like he thought I was going to steal somethingand that made me very uncomfortable and not wanting to buy anything. But its okay 4 liz z. But its okay Was this review helpful to you?

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I agree with what I have read here. I only grudgingly go to Petland. The staff is distracted and never knows anything about the pets they are selling!!

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You basically have to sell yourself the pet if you want it! They have NO customer service whatsoever.

we will be at kahala petland today july 2...

On the upside, I have bought healthy pets there that I still cherish and go there because they have a large selection of species and supplies. I'm always amazed at the lack of custormer service however!!! They only stay in business because they are in Hawaii and they can get away with it. It's interesting to see that I'm not the only one with the same experiences there.

I hope the management reads these reviews because with that retail space, they have such great potential. They could probably 4X their profits if they would pay attention. The Advertiser readers voted this the best pet store? I'd like to see the other pet stores that were in the running. We have never been notified by the society about any problem breeders, even though the society has police powers that we lack, and is well-paid by taxpayers to provide these services.

Both the society and pet stores share the difficult problem of identifying dogs that are not provided adequate care. Some breeders use other people to sell for them, disguising the quantity of the puppies they breed. We have banned breeders suspected of having too many dogs. In the past, we have explored other ways to work with the Hawaiian Humane Society. The society was offered space at our puppy swap meet on Saturdays to display the society's adoptable pets at no charge.

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The society declined, citing a desire to eliminate the free puppy swap meet, which competes with the society's services. Despite this, we still have agreed to help the society prevent the inadequate care of puppies by sending the society the lists of breeders who participated in our puppy swap meet.

We hope to continue these efforts into the future. Petland's main concern is the health of the pups available at the puppy swap meet. We require that all puppies be examined by a licensed veterinarian and to be in apparent good health within two weeks from their reservation date. Puppies are required to have current shots and a fecal check to test if intestinal worms or parasites are present. The breeder must have a record of the shots. The veterinarian verifies that the breeder took the puppies to get examined.

We also require all breeders to bring the original receipt from the vet examination.