Keene nh motorcycle swap meet 2015

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keene nh motorcycle swap meet 2015

Last post by tofeather on Sun Jul 17, pm am. Keene Motorcycle Swap Meet pm. Salem N.H. Bike Show. The Event Calendar lists major motorcycle meets, rallies and shows The 44th annual Motorcycle Swap Meet in Keene, NH – 9 a.m. to 5. Contact Us · Rides and Events · Women Riders · Event Calendar · Read Testimonials Yamaha; Shop Indian Motorcycle® at MOMS Manchester selection of products and accessories, throughout New Hampshire and Massachusetts to better serve you. . Indian Motorcycle®Chieftain® Star Silver and Thunder Black.

Tristam — Coffee for Sale — Yummie Stuff! See link above in announcements to sign up to volunteer. Participants can choose from several rides to satisfy every cyclist level: Plus, a challenging Gravel Grinder for back-road cyclists. Post-ride party with live music and BBQ.

keene nh motorcycle swap meet 2015

Check with Toni if you have any upcoming weekend ideas or plans that would be fun to include Lucy in. Alisa — who guiltily admits to still owing the dollar for this brag — oops! Valerie — Celebrating her Anniversary with hubby John. Also they traveled to Aruba to enjoy nuptials Venezuelan-style. They were witness to the bad shape the country is currently in… for instance, the bride rode her procession in an armored car.

However, it was still beautiful and despite the turmoil there, the people can still party! While delivering training in India to Madrassa teachers a month ago, she had an accident on the stairs and pulled a tendon in her foot. But a brag for her — she still finished the training with a wobbly walker! Then a brag for son Eric who was recently promoted to manager, complete with a raise and a company car! Torin posting a 4th place finish and Aidan came in 6th … out of boys total!

Another for Ali for watching over her little babies — Ava and Shoshanna --between small delays in parent swaps, so the girls can feel safe.

Josh — Disc Golf volunteers needed — See Josh for more details. Also, a brag about successfully completing a roller skating development project in California that has been his focus for the past 3 years! They began taking over the garden at Turning Point. Their current goal is to raise their profile and increase community awareness of their efforts. It gets cold and here over the winter, so I usually only use about one tank of gas between December and April.

Seriously, I've never used Stabil in my Ts.

Walneck's Motorcycle Swap Meet Springfield, Ohio

I'm with Tom, drain it and put it in your daily driver. Put in fresh fuel in the spring. Some of you deprive yourselves of the pleasure of winter Model T motoring? I did not trailer it to the meet, I drove from Keene. The temperature was 10 above zero when I left the storage unit and had warmed to a balmy 30 when I arrived. I fill the tank and use Stabil.

It is a backup source of fuel for my generator when the power goes out. Cheshire on Monday, October 05, - Please explain that concept, why not drive it all year long? For stabilizing fuel I just use Marine Stabil. Seems to always do a good job in stuff that gets seasonal storage like cars, outboards, snowmobiles.

No problems so far. I've always thought that with side curtains, my touring would be fairly comfortable to drive in winter. However the copious amounts of road salt that is ever-present on our winter roads persuades me that the car is better off in the garage until spring.

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Like a couple of others I fill the tank and add Stabile. Works great for the T ssnowmobile, snowblower, emergency generator, and sailboat diesel engine. If it ran when you drained it it'll start when you put fresh fuel back in.

Plus you're not spending hard earned cash on an additive that does nothing. I leave in the tank whatever gas was there the last time I drove it. No additives, no problems ever. I've never added anything and want the T available if there is a nice day to drive during the winter. I don't use a battery tender and the engine always starts fine.

I empty the tank and carb. With gravity feed, you will get an instant start in the spring anyway. Hello All, I wasn't helpful with my earlier post and I offer a lukewarm apology tongue in cheek. I suppose that what you need to do relates to how long the car will sit unused.

keene nh motorcycle swap meet 2015

Those of you who lay up the car in mid October and do not revive it until late April may need to do more that those whose car sits for only two or three months. I think that most of us have heard horror stories of carburetors that get "all gummed up" from sitting unused for many months at a time; this especially on seasonally used small engines such as snow throwers, lawn mowers and the like.

keene nh motorcycle swap meet 2015

With my seasonal use equipment I shut off the fuel and run the carb until empty, then drain the tank. My Model Ts would not sit unused long enough to develop problems related to fuel aging.

I have never used any of the fuel stabilizers that are on the market and therefore can not comment on them. I do the same as Jerry and have never had an issue. Batteries pulled and a mix in the radiators. By Dan B on Monday, October 05, - Buy ethanol free gas like we all used to, and you won't have to worry about it. This is just one of its many benefits. By Gustaf in Idaho on Monday, October 05, - Dan B posted the link before I could find it.

Alcohol free gas will not break down as fast as gasohol, but I still add a bit of Bel Ray MC-1 2 cycle oil, There are people here who would never try it and wish you would never try it either because they can not believe it works. I find it hard to believe it works too, but I have seen it help too many times to not believe.

I add it at a rate of to 1 to every gallon of gas I use, and when I have an engine that has a carburetor problem or an engine that will not be run over the winter, I put a 50 to 1 mix in the tank and run it through the carb and leave the remainder in the tank.

I drain gas from the Ts cause it's easy to do. Put some stabil in the 31 and the 55 with what ever gas they have as they don't have an easy way to drain. Keep a battery maintainer on the 55 and put a charger on the others once a month to top off the charge. • View forum - Upcoming Rides, and events “Let’s Ride”

Even the cars with gasohol. Not arguin' but not buyin' either. Gustaf knows what he is talking about. I have 3 year old gas on one of my T's and as a result of this thread I went out to the shop and started it. It started right up without any problem. Last time I started it was about a year ago. I looked into the tank and the gas was clear as glass with a slight blue tint.

By Bob Coiro on Monday, October 05, - A partly filled tank is problematic because as winter temperatures go down, the humidity in however much air is in the tank will condense and drip down to the bottom because water is heavier than gasoline.

keene nh motorcycle swap meet 2015

There's no question that empty is best, but how to achieve such emptiness? For winter storage, I keep my tank almost completely full and add Star-Tron to the tank as I'm filling it at the gas station. Being of an aviation background, I've been trained and indoctrinated in a healthy respect for and the avoidance of fire. I got to thinking about it and the gas in that T is 4 years old. It is alcohol free gas treated as Gustaf mentioned.

By bob middleton on Monday, October 05, - I don't drive my T's that much summer or winter mainly because of the cost of gas. I always leave the tank empty. I put gas in one a couple weeks ago after at least a year and it fired right up. I drained the excess, put it back in a can. No gas in tank or carb. Charley, you will never try it because you already know that it will not work, I would have doubted it too, but I would not call some one a liar with out doing some fact checking.

Now what would you do with a 5 gallon can of 14 year old gas that was brown and stinky? I dumped 12 oz of Bel Ray MC1 into it and put it in a pickup that had set for 10 years with out being run and started driving it with out a sputter. The only down side I have had, in two cases, the varnish in the tank has dissolved so that the hole rusted through the bottom of the tank started to leak with in a couple of weeks. By Jason Given - St. Paul, MN on Monday, October 05, - I run ethanol free fuel all year.

At the end of the season I drain the tank and run the T to ensure the carb is dry. Your the only one that said liar. I only said I don't believe it. And since you asked: I'd take that can to an oil recycler and get rid of it. Throwback from my old boating days Case in point would be my '94 T-bird.