Last time there were 2 popes meet

Vatican to house two Popes for first time as Benedict returns - Telegraph

last time there were 2 popes meet

The Western Schism, also called Papal Schism, Great Occidental Schism and Schism of , was a split within the Catholic Church lasting from to in which two, since even three, men simultaneously claimed to be the true pope, . Gregory XII's resignation (in ) was the last time a pope resigned, until. Pope Francis met Friday with Patriarch Kirill in the first-ever papal meeting The two church leaders then proceeded to a pair of straight-backed chairs turned at angles. This isn't the first time a pope has sported a sombrero. according to the latest polls, although only a fraction say they are observant. Where will he stay? and more questions answered. smaller crowds than the last papal trip to Ireland by John Paul II nearly 40 years ago. The one-time nightclub bouncer in his native Buenos Aires is widely seen as a reformer Then , it is over to Dublin Castle where the Pope will meet Taoiseach Leo.

The Council elected Pope Martin V inessentially ending the schism. The line of Roman popes is now recognized as the legitimate line, but confusion on this point continued until the 19th century. Pope Pius II died decreed that no appeal could be made from pope to council, to avoid any future attempts to undo a papal election by anyone but the elected pope.

No such crisis has arisen since the 15th century, and so there has been no need to revisit this decision. The alternate papal claimants have become known in history as antipopes.

Those of Avignon were dismissed by Rome early on, but the Pisan popes were included in the Annuario Pontificio as popes well into the 20th century. Aftermath[ edit ] After its resolution, the Western Schism still affected the Catholic Church for years to come. One of the most significant of these involved the emergence of the theory called conciliarismfounded on the success of the Council of Constancewhich effectively ended the conflict. This new reform movement held that a general council is superior to the pope on the strength of its capability to settle things even in the early church such as the case in when Pope Honorius was condemned by a council called Constantinople III.

In its latest annual report, the watchdog noted a "significant increase" in the number of new claims and concerns about child abuse. It recorded new allegations inmost of them historical, compared with a total of 86 the previous year. The board's spokesman said when a clerical abuse story gets significant national media coverage, it often prompts more victims to come forward.

Vatican to house two Popes for first time as Benedict returns

Earlier this year, several victims of the late paedophile priest Malachy Finegan broke decades of silence to say he had sexually abused them at a school in Newry, County Down, and in the nearby parish of Clonduff, Hilltown. More than 30 people say they were abused by Malachy Finegan The Police Service of Northern Ireland has since set up a dedicated team to investigate Finegan's crimes.

More than 30 people have come forward to say they were abused. Almost a quarter of a century after the Brendan Smyth case, the Church still has sins to confess. Inthe Church began to set up dedicated helplines and cross-border counselling services for victims who suffered at the hands of priests and members of Catholic orders.

Over the last two decades, Towards Healing and its predecessor, Faoiseamh Counselling Service, have supported 5, people and providedcounselling sessions. Mr Healy welcomes the efforts made, but argues that much more must be done for those who were robbed of their childhood.

last time there were 2 popes meet

I want to see far better, lifelong support for those who are abused, because their trauma doesn't end. Today, in a country where the prime minister is an openly gay man, a high-profile figure declaring their homosexuality would not merit much controversy. Somebody offered her a vodka to calm her nerves.

last time there were 2 popes meet

This was an Ireland where people could be treated with electroconvulsive therapy ECT to "cure" them of homosexuality. A night out for anyone who was gay or lesbian could end in a beating. Homosexuality was a crime. Ms Crone's decision to speak out was prompted by the despairing women who rang the lesbian helpline.

She knew that coming out to a million viewers on the Late Late Show was risky. She had friends lined up to whisk her out of the country, if things turned nasty. Byrne pulled no punches. She thought she was coming on to promote the lesbian helpline, but he stuck with personal questions.

He asked if her parents saw her as "somehow mentally deficient, sinful or culpably ignorant? The following Monday, in work, the youngest man in the office came to shake her hand. The managing director praised her courage. Two years later, inyear-old Declan Flynn was kicked and beaten to death with sticks in Fairview Park, Dublin, by a gang of "queer-bashing teenagers". The youths pleaded guilty to manslaughter and were sentenced to between one and five years - the sentences were suspended.

Mr Justice Sean Gannon, the presiding judge, said: His ruling caused public outrage and led to one of the first big gay rights demonstrations in Dublin.

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The switch in attitudes came slowly, says Ms Crone. We kept talking in small ways to maybe 20 people at a time. It was like a pebble in a pond. It would be before consensual homosexual acts between adults were decriminalised in Ireland.

last time there were 2 popes meet

In Maythe Republic of Ireland became the first in the world to legalise same-sex civil marriage by popular vote. Last year, Leo Varadkar was appointed Taoiseach - Irish prime minister. He is the son of an immigrant and openly gay - a symbol of a new Ireland. Earlier this year, the Irish voted by Dublin was like a ghost town. Everybody was there," says Ms Crone. With Pope Francis, it feels like he's coming to bolster the old guard.

It's no surprise after the two referendums that he's here. Now gay and lesbian people are integrated into Irish culture.

At this year's Pride celebrations, bus driver fathers picked up their gay sons and drove them joyfully in a rainbow bus through the streets of Dublin. Within the Church, change is in the air. The Jesuit scholar is known for his liberal views on homosexuality and Pope Francis has appointed him to the Vatican's Secretariat for Communication. I think that's brilliant. In Tuam, Galway, in the s and 60s, the clatter of hobnail boots on the road was the signal the "home babies" were passing.

They were poor, their hair clipped short. They lived in the mother-and-baby home run by the Catholic Bon Secours sisters. Their badge of shame was that they had been born "out of wedlock".

These were the children of "fallen women". The mother-and-baby homes and the Magdalene Laundries were institutions run by the Irish state and the Catholic Church for such women. The regime was cruel.

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There are stories of women being forced to give birth without pain relief and in silence and then having the baby whisked away for adoption. Many of the women ended up in the laundries - Catholic-run workhouses where 10, women and girls were forced to do unpaid, manual labour between and The last Magdalene asylum in Ireland closed in Waterford in A report found the Irish state was involved in the scandal.

As a little girl growing up in County Galway in the s, Catherine Corless shared the classroom with the "home babies". The town children were not encouraged to mix with them. Once she saw another girl offer a fake sweet to a home baby. Does Benedict still seek to wield influence in the Church? He does not, except in minor ways see below.

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Perhaps he has resisted prompting to do so. The Pope Emeritus has promised the actual Pope not to interfere in the life of the Church and he is a man of his word. But let us ask a slightly different question. Is Benedict XVI anxious to preserve his legacy? There are two clues that the answer to this is yes. In JulyBenedict gave an address at Castel Gandolfo on the subject of music and its relationship to the divine.

This was his way of reminding us that Summorum Pontificum remains the law of the Church under Francis. Does Benedict approve of the direction in which Pope Francis is taking the Church? The ecclesiology of Pope Francis is strikingly divergent from that of his predecessor. Did Benedict seek to influence the outcome of the synod on the family? Does the retired Benedict have any influence on the Catholic Church, even if he does not seek to wield it?

He does, but this influence is difficult to summarise. Among the senior prelates who were once his strongest allies, the Pope Emeritus provokes mixed feelings. Some of them feel he left them in the lurch by resigning, having previously failed to promote them with the vigour with which Francis has promoted his allies. The current Holy Father is an old man in a hurry; his predecessor was not.

Some of them wish Benedict would break his silence in order to preserve the integrity of the Eucharist, as they see it. Others feel this would involve breaking a solemn promise and would in any case be counterproductive.

last time there were 2 popes meet

But let us step aside from immediate controversies.