Lets meet up meme disney

Animated GIFs Plop Nigel Thornberry's Face on Disney Princesses

lets meet up meme disney

We've all seen at least a couple of Disney movies throughout our lifetime, and we have Let's fight boredom together! . Take a look at these memes yourself, and we promise, you won't be able to look at . 50 Times Cats Cracked Us Up . So She 'Fixes' It · Meet Tango, The Stupidest Horse Ever Whose Stupidity Is Going. So let's explore all the real thoughts these "angelic" Disney This is the classic " all dressed up with nowhere to go meme" and we have been . Who doesn't want to meet their Prince Charming and live happily ever after?. A new GIF meme — swapping Disney characters' faces with Nigel (voiced by Tim Curry) was mashed up with popular songs by Adele, Katy.

The only way Pixar could go deeper is if they asked what if feelings had feelings had feelings? Better yet ask what if feelings could manifest outside your body Persona style. Hey Pixar, make that movie! Seeing a weird digital critter next to something serious, or mundane is pretty funny.

Time to reach for the skies and open up for a Woody surprise. This figure in particular launched in and since then has become a meme empire. The thing that makes the Revoltech Woody so special is his interchangeable faceplates.

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Just Google Japanese Woody for a real treat. There were just too many examples to chose from, but I thought this meme was a nice complement to the Ekans one. A more obscure inspiration seems to come from the Watchmen. What if the Watchmen were cuter and made by Pixar? For those unaware Watchmen is a comic that takes place in an alternate reality where super heroes emerged around the s. After tension starting rising toward World War III in the s, the world made masked vigilantism a crime.

Now with The Incredibles it was marked as a crime because of people suing Mr. Incredible and other heroes for various scandals. How they got there may be different, but the sentiment is the same. Ha, and the jokes keep on coming. Seriously though how much longer is Mr. Fredricksen going to be around post Up? Is that the cheat code to avoid the Grim Reaper?

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For that matter, the dog, Dug, is probably next. Imagine it in the future where Russell is now a young adult and trying to go on adventures. Then he meets his love along the way.

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While they mean Woody no harm, they always freaked me out as a kid. I'm still unnerved as an adult. The baby is definitely the worst of the bunch though. That thing is an abomination. I had a nightmare, long after I saw this movie, where one of my stuffed animals came to life and started crawling toward me on my bad like a zombie. Somehow I want to blame Toy Story for that one off nightmare.

However, like video games, early 3D animated movies have some glaring holes in terms of quality. Shaq is even in these ads now. Not sure why though.

lets meet up meme disney

Without a lot of channels dedicated to cartoons, I had to settle for a lot of sitcoms. Their strength lies in original ideas. Well anyway in the original Monsters Inc. How could they meet for the first time in the prequel then? Sure you could say they knew each other in elementary school, but never really talked. Of all the retcons out there this one is pretty mild.

It was a throwaway line in Monsters Inc. No idea, but what I do know is Toy Story 3 is great. In the Sunnyside Daycare, there is an observation room where seemingly a security guard is supposed to be stationed. For that matter how have toys not been captured in a world where everything has a camera on it?

Well and all of humanity probably.

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Usually only happens when you are intoxicated and subsequently pretty uncoordinated. Also not that exciting. Sure, they keep you warm but so does peeing while you swim. And if you come up here, you have to start dealing with things like pollution, discrimination, politics, and a scary number of reality TV stars who we all can't get enough of.

Just stay down there. You don't want to be a part of this world. Via Pinterest Someone really wasn't thinking on this one. Don't say something clever if you can't back it up. Especially to your mortal enemy!

And certainly don't give him permission to ruin your whole plan. So when you have one measly little fire going on, and you're all proud of yourself, think twice. Did you need to make that fire right in front of the baddie? Couldn't you have gone a little farther away to have given yourself a fighting chance?

lets meet up meme disney

And if you are going to make your fire right in his face and taunt him with your victory, at least ensure the fire has served its purpose before running away.

Will all of China see your one tiny fire? In fact, your troops probably can't even see it and they're right behind you. And definitely don't leave the bad guy with options to call your bluff. Via Pinterest Chief Powhatan knew what was up. He knew the foreigners were going to make a huge mess out of everything and be fairly destructive to his people and their land.

Likewise, the Chief also knows a good catch when he sees one. And he sees one in Kocoum and so do we. That guy had it going on even for a cartoon.

He was good looking. He was a warrior. And if Pocahontas doesn't want to wake up and see that, you better believe Chief Powhatan is going to make his move. Watch out Pocahontas, with John Smith on a boat back to England, you might want to take Kocoum up on his proposal. But it might be too late if dad is already making his play. He decided to go after Belle because she was the only woman in town who didn't care what size his biceps were.

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And he didn't think twice before selling out Belle's dad, Maurice, to a loony bin. And finally, he was pretty much the driving force behind the whole "grab your pitchforks, we're killing the Beast" thing that seemed a bit unnecessary. In fact, given his lack of intelligence, Belle's booty might have been the only thing he had on the brain the whole movie. That would explain a lot of his terrible decisions She is living in the real world. Sure, true love would be nice.

Who doesn't want to meet their Prince Charming and live happily ever after? To fall head over heels in love with someone you can't live without and who can't live without you? Sure, that sounds pretty good-sign us up!

But that doesn't always happen. Not in the real world anyway.