Llanelly swap meet 2015

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llanelly swap meet 2015

Llanelly Public Hall site fee $10 Donation entry $5 camping on site $5pp Rex Jones completed by August according to a meeting of the railway proprietors, and .. On 7 May, was swapped for on the Ashchurch shunt, whilst 10 May //badz.info html .. the following day and then left, having been reallocated to 87F, Llanelly. BHMCC Inc Bike Swap Meet · December 6, all day – Tarnagulla VIC Llanelly Public Hall Reserve between Newbridge & Tarnagulla, via St Arnauds Rds.

Next day saw the first visits by the side window cab and cab door fitted Fowler Ts with on the There was a report that crews had complained about draughty cabs when working bunker-first on the line with the earlier type of Fowler T, so these later version engines were brought in from various depots.

This problem had been noted as long ago as in an LMS report and led to the construction of the side window 'limousine' cab engines from Saltley gained seven of them in exchange for the seven T which had worked onto Tewkesbury shed during this survey.

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The new arrivals became regulars on the Redditch - Evesham - Ashchurch service. On 10 August, coal on hand at the shed was shown as 40 tons 10 hundredweight.

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Noteworthy on this date was the passage through Ashchurch of ex Midland Railway T being towed from Bath to Gorton Works for scrap; a type familiar in the area and at Tewkesbury shed for many years. Also on this date at Ashchurch was a more recent class in the area, B1which came up from Barnwood shed to work the 2pm freight from Evesham to Water Orton.

Fowler 3F T were well to the fore from 10 to 15 August with local duties being covered by andboth of 85E. The book records that the three locos at the shed on Sunday 14 August, were 'all worked' and there is a published photo of standing wrong line at Ashchurch on engineers train duties possibly on this date. Probably a story to tell here, two locos on this movement, though not sure what happened. The date is 17 August when 'Jinty' was working Upton trains, whilst 3F had the Evesham pick up freight.

The train is coming off the main line onto the Tewkesbury branch - may be just a shunting movement.

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It might be significant that was only around for two days according to the Ashpit book, this and the previous day. Perhaps it had a problem and was returned to Gloucester for attention. It appears to have worked Upton trains on 26 August, otherwise it was on the Evesham turn until 29 August, being replaced the next day.

One of the 'new' T,put in just one appearance at Tewkesbury shed, on 2 September from the It was withdrawn in November The cessation of the summer timetable saw the end of locos coming to Tewkesbury shed off the 7. The final week saw Saltley's on 5, 6 and 9 September with of 15C Leicester on 7 September.

Over the months of this review, the working had produced quite a variety of engines from a number of depots. Monday 12 September saw the first appearance of PTnewly transferred to Barnwood from 81D, Reading, which took over from in working the Evesham pick-up turn. One distinctive feature of was the legend 'GWR' clearly visible on the tanks.

GW PT passes Hatherley box on 12 September heading for its first tour of duty on the branches from Ashchurch.

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It replaced the withdrawn and became one of the two regular members of the type on Tewkesbury shed, the other being Photo Robin Stanton Gloucester's T is seen at Upton on 15 September with the usual one-coach passenger train.

On this tour of duty was based at Tewkesbury shed from 30 August to 17 September, sometimes on the Upton, sometimes on the Evesham freight. Photo John Mudge copyright NA3T An interesting picture on 15 September looking back from Tewkesbury station towards the signal box and the Quay branch on the right.

A T,can be seen by the box on its way to the loco shed off the morning Redditch service.

llanelly swap meet 2015

This would be around 1pm. The loco was fit for duty again on 28 August, but today was its first appearance at Tewkesbury shed. A note on 10 October indicates that on the A Fowler T powered the The loco did not go to Tewkesbury shed, due to a quick turnaround, leaving with the Saturdays only 1. The use of and its shedmate on these Saturday workings became quite common, they were Bromsgrove, 85F, engines sub-shedded at Redditch during the week for shunting duties.

Appearances by Ivatt Class 4 s made a change from the side window cab Fowler tanks on the Evesham branch passenger workings. There was no sign of a T at Tewkesbury on 17 October with on the Barnwood had two working pannier tanks, but still needed to swap them for 3F s, with or putting in regular appearances along with the occasional 4F Barnwood produced its own for the turn on 30 November and 3 December, with on the intervening days, so there was still some variety and a continuing Midland Railway presence with the aforementioned pre-grouping locos.

The final entries in the, by now, full 'Ashpit' book were for Thursday 15 December with from the This picture on 28 July shows the dominance of ex-GW motive power, with two PTa recent transfer from Worcester, and doing the Upton and Evesham turns. Note the broken water column, probably the result of leaving the bag in a loco's tank and driving off It was still broken when the shed shut.

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Photo Bill Potter A view from the late s which repays close study, showing so much steam era equipment, with a fine array of fire irons along the wall and a shovel leaning against the shed door. It's all neat and tidy, a credit to the staff at this small shed. The loco is veteran 3Fwhich appropriately hauled the last passenger train into Tewkesbury. The 'Gloucestershire Echo' report on the last train is nicely descriptive, particularly mentioning the engine is not to be 'retired' but will remain in service in Gloucester.

The leaving of Ashchurch on 12 August The erstwhile double track had already been reduced to a single line. From Ashchurch being a railway junction out in the countryside,progress meant big shiny modern factories and, in a few short years, the M5 motorway bisecting the track to Tewkesbury and destroying the railway infrastructure near here - though ironically a new railway bridge was built on the branch a few miles away near Ripple when the M50 motorway was constructed not long before the line closed - it was not used for very long.

Withdrawal of the service sounded the death knell for the depot, which had been in use since or even earlier, over years. The former date was immediately after cessation of Upton passenger services, and was when remaining crews transferred to other depots, as alluded to in the 'Echo' report. If that was the case, then presumably no locos were stabled overnight, going instead to Cheltenham Malvern Road.

The shed may have retained a daytime role as a servicing point for locos off the Upton goods and Evesham branch for a while longer. Copy of a BR listing of total shed staff numbers dated 2 September shows no staff on the Tewkesbury shed establishment, though 'actual staff' numbers are shown as 6 drivers and 3 firemen.

By 11 Septemberwhen a new timetable came into being, the loco off the 5. If this was the first time it happened, there remains the question of where the loco stabled overnight between 12 August and 10 September - possibly still at Tewkesbury?

This probably applied to locos working the branch goods services as well. On and from 17 December one engine in steam working replaced the electric train token between Upton and Ashchurch. Tewkesbury Signal Box closed, replaced by a ground frame controlling access to the Quay Branch, which was cut back, with the Chance Street to Oldbury Road section closed.

This meant access to Tewkesbury shed was no longer possible, casting doubt on the closure date. I would welcome more precise information if anyone has it.

The shed building survived until when it was demolished. Full list of locos recorded on Tewkesbury shed from 5 May to 15 December Bold - locos off 7. Fowler tank was on shed 29 times, the first being 13 August The engine on the last branch passenger,was only recorded on 22 occasions, the first being on 6 October as it received a general repair at Derby Works in the earlier part of this period, though was back at Gloucester by 18 August.

He dusted himself off, dragged the bike up to the road with some assistance and continued the journey to Bright without a clutch lever. Then there are the big restoration projects: Motorcycle components are redesigned and manufactured in their workshops, machined and copied from old parts. Wiring has been authentically replaced with original materials like waxed cotton.

There are also stories of the collectors: Such are the legends and stories of motorcycling that bring together members of the Bendigo Historic Motorcycling club. It provides a vibrant forum for exchanging information about motorcycling restoration and repairs with its own library and experts. Women are front and centre in the work, both on the committee of management and in the organisation of events. This club prides itself on being inclusive, welcoming and friendly.

At the centre of the BHMCC is a dedicated core group of women who organise and cater for all club events, and make these events special by the legendary hospitality and the fellowship demonstrated. Boasting more than members with an average age well into the 60s, it has an abiding and ecumenical interest in all makes of historic motorcycles. The preserved letter informing of the school closure.

The framed letters of closure referred to in the history text. The sign that is mentioned in the history text. Historic external site pictures of Llanelly Tarnagulla. The Names highlighted have signed their names under the lid of the teachers desk and in brackets what is actually written, which adds detail to the list. The photo in the Dunolly museum collection, which does not include the reverse side, is dated Wallace Not on Museum list.

A couple of photocopied pages from what appears to be a Victorian Education Department book, Vol. Blake titled Visualisation and Realisation has some early history of the hall at Llanelly as a school. This summary is restricted to the club building, as there was an earlier school. A point to make is the town was known as Maiden Town and to confuse matters further the original name was New Chum.

The origins are gold discoveries and the local Government area was Tarnagulla. Blake writes that in there were children of school age in the area and it was decided to erect a new Common School.

llanelly swap meet 2015

The result was school Noa building 66ft long by 18ft wide and 12ft high with a slate roof erected on the 1 acre of Allotment 7 Section E of Llanelly Township. In the School was renamed Llanelly, which matched the Post Office name. The fortunes of Llanelly slowly faded away over the decades leaving a few residents and a farming community increasingly serviced by other towns.

Blake notes there were 47 children attending in but in there were only 6 children. The school closed on the 24th of October On a wall inside the hall and framed under glass are the letters and postage envelope regarding the school being closed. Copies are available in the Newbridge General Store. The opening was to be on May 24th Also noted was the donation of a new school bell in May Before we move on, in this rather disjointed narrative, there is a copied set of reports of the School Committee There is not a great deal to be found but interestingly the stated first meeting was held in the Llanelly School on August 12 Not individually noted but often arising are social nights, Euchre nights, picnic days, distribution of lollies before each holidays and at the end of each year a Christmas tree and toys although the tree possibly reads as an event rather than literally a tree.

There are mystery references to a birdcage, garden and a tennis court. There are also are several references to door locks being changed and numerous references to glass being replaced. Some selections from the book. In late September and again in early October an undefined complaint from Miss Tuit, as head teacher, about the behaviour of two students who were sisters appears to have been resolved by transferring the students to Newbridge.

Many schools had a war trophy. Decades later and in another school not terribly far away, a Maxim machine gun that had been mounted on a wall was found to be fully operational December 4th It was not until July 3rd that sugar rationing was abolished. After we have a blank period up to In keeping with other sites that have officially closed there would still be a history of use.

llanelly swap meet 2015