Magier guide 3 5a district track meet

ICC DPS analysis by spec

magier guide 3 5a district track meet

McDonogh #35 · McKinley · McMain, Eleanor · Minden · Morgan City · Mt Carmel · Natchitoches Central · Neville · New Iberia · New Orleans Military & Maritime. Show More Results . Suggested leveling spec 33/5/3. Playing an arcane mage early on is all about Arcane Barrage. Suggested leveling spec 3/35/3 . beginner's guide to being a mage, then check out our three-part State of the Mage columns on NPR-led system will track podcast listening behavior. Hello everyone and welcome to my mage guide. reserved the top comment slot in which you can track the progress and updates of the guide.

As such my recommendation would stand between the following: In conclusion I would recommend going with Tailoring paired with either Enchanting or Engineering, or Tailoring paired with Herbalism or Skinning for gold purposes.

magier guide 3 5a district track meet

Self-sufficiency with food and transformations. Some cooking recipes, especially the Savory Deviate Delight, that transforms you into either a ninja or a pirate, can be sold a quite a profit if you are willing to both fish them and cook them yourself. First Aid "Physicians save lives in the dangerous world of Azeroth by using bandages and antidotes to heal injuries and remove poisons. Enables you to use bandages to get out of sticky situations.

Various PvP, leveling and world content. Fishing Fishers relax and feed themselves by catching the bounty of Azeroth's lakes and seas.

Fishing fish to be used with cooking or sold at the Auction House. The arcane magic available to magi is both great and dangerous, and thus is revealed only to the most devoted practitioners. Spoiler Arcane Subtlety Effect: Viable filler for reaching further into the Arcane Tree.

For a frost mage this talent is almost entirely useless as the only arcane spell we will ever use is Arcane Explosion, which in itself is a rarity in raids and dungeons. It is, however, still superior to Improved Arcane Missiles. Improved Arcane Missiles Effect: Arcane Missiles is not a great damaging spell and will as a result rarely be used.

Your wand should always be your very last resort and it is therefore unwise to spend talent points in something that is ideally never used. Some extra mana regeneration never hurts. This is a viable filler to reach further into the Arcane Tree.

magier guide 3 5a district track meet

This spell can be hugely beneficial during AoE farming, but will also save you some mana over the duration of a fight, as well as being cheesed by purposely using mana heavy spells during a proc. This talent is best used in solo PvP scenarios as it lowers magic damage taken as well as adding a layer that needs to be dispelled.

But serves as a decent filler for the PvE scene. Improved Arcane Explosion Effect: Blizzard is our go-to AoE spells and carries the advantage of being cast at range, so this will have little to no use in a PvE scenario. Adds around armor, which in itself is decent for one talent point, but it simply not useful for non-PvP scenarios. Improved Mana Shield Effect: You will never be using this talent in a raiding scenario as mana is a precious resource that you will be focusing entirely on DPS.

It does carry some use in PvP. One of the greatest PvP talents in the game, but unfortunately not very useful for raiding. This talent is a must for raiding, I cannot underline the importance of maintaining your mana pool. Presence of Mind Effect: When activated, your next Mage spell with a casting time less than 10 sec becomes an instant cast spell.

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Immensely strong PvP talent. More mana is always great, and if you're this deep in the Arcane tree this talent is a great place to spend some points. A very solid talent that applies to ALL spells, not just Arcane ones. This effect lasts 15 sec. Whilst it does provide great burst, especially paired with Presence of Mind, it only really increases your DPS on short encounters as you will often find yourself oom as a result of using this, ultimately removing the previously attained DPS edge.

Reduces the casting time of your Fireball spell by 0. This talent is an incredibly powerful PvP talent, but it serves little to no purpose in PvE as most bosses are immune to stun. Extra range is always attractive to a caster and as such this talent is a must for every Fire mage, in PvP and PvE alike. Improved Fire Blast Effect: Reduces the cooldown of your Fire Blast spell by 0. This talent is exceptional for PvP, but it's strength is greatly diminished in PvE as Fire Blast is not used and as Scorch is only used to apply 5 stacks and thereafter only once every 30 seconds to reapply Improved Scorch.

This talent is a decent PvP talent for cluster situations, it is however useless for PvE. Every time you stop casting to move or blink is a dps loss. Student of the Mind: The question I ask myself is if it is worth using 3 talent points for 0. Arcane is not crit dependant. There's also Earth Shock Shaman but only Enhancement will ever use it.

magier guide 3 5a district track meet

Invisibility, if properly scripted, will never drop boss encounter combat. You will be "withhold" on the threat table and come back on it once the Invisibility is either over or broken. As mentioned, it doesn't work on well scripted servers, such as Agranthar, so you can forget it here. Your Ward spells scale with spell power and the more they can absorb, the more spellpower you gain.

If your ward can absorb 6k damage, you will get more spellpower for 10 seconds. This talent can increase your damage output on fights where you get hit by fire and frost spell schools; be it direct damage e.

Bosses are immune to it.

ICC DPS analysis by spec

Most adds are not. Then again, you might need it during the progression with your group. Avoid using this in your dps rotation. The thing is, you lose on dps output the more haste you have. And additionally, now you can do some damage while moving. It's far more powerful with an Arcane Blast stack active, so typically, your AOE rotation is to get in close, cast as many Arcane Blasts as you feel appropriate, then spam Arcane Explosion until the stack expires, then repeat.

Fireball's the cornerstone upon which your rotation is built, and everything else procs from it. You piece together that rotation gradually as you level, from Fire Blast at level 5, to Pyroblast at 10, to Hot Streak at 29 at the earliestto Living Bomb at Fire's also the best mage spec for multiple-target situations.

Arcane Brilliance: Guide to leveling a mage in Cataclysm

Fireball is you main nuke and should be cast whenever standing still and Hot Streak isn't up. Pyroblast is a spell you can open with when you have time to do so, but due to its long cast time, it should only be cast during an onging fight when Hot Streak procs. But man, does it pack a punch. Scorch is your movement spell -- at least, it is once you can take Firestarter at level Add in Improved Scorch totally optional and you have a movement spell that's also completely mana-free and spammable.

Very handy when leveling.

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Fire Blast is also great for movement, but its cooldown limits it. Use it at close range and whenever you need an instant-cast. At level 21 you gain access to Impactwhich makes Fire Blast useful for spreading your DoT effects like Ignite to additional targets.

Arcane Brilliance: Guide to leveling a mage in Cataclysm

They vary in range, radius, cast time, and cooldown, so experiment a bit to find the best uses for each. Just know that when confronted with multiple enemies, you have numerous options at your disposal. Living Bomb, once gained at level 69 at the earliest, is a godsend. Put it on everything you'll be fighting for any longer than a few seconds.