Make ends meet or meat

Team Blacksheep: Making Ends Meat or Meet?

make ends meet or meat

make ends meet definition: 1. to have just enough money to pay for the things that you need 2. to have enough money to buy what you need to live. Learn more. You've all heard someone say "We're just trying to make ends meet." But where did it come from: A sausage maker during the depression, or is. Perhaps originally referred to the ends of rope meeting, signifying continuity and attempt at making money last from one pay period to the next (i.e. the ends).

Коммандер, - напомнила Сьюзан, - Хейл однажды уже чуть не угробил нас - с Попрыгунчиком.

make ends meet or meat

Танкадо имел основания ему верить. Стратмор замялся, не зная, что ответить.

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- Отключите ТРАНСТЕКСТ, - взмолилась Сьюзан.